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Hot Buns! Most Impressive!

OMG!  My second last blog for 2016!  I actually can’t believe another year has flown by.  It’s ridiculous.  The year went too fast.  I’m going to have to reread my own blog to remember everything I did. Drum roll please!  Who is going to get my last shout out for 2016?  I visit so many […]

Arwen made me do it!!

Hey Brucesters! I was nominated today by Actress Arwen Humphreys to participate in the 22 days! 22 Pushups!! Please check out these links and cheer me on! I did my 22 pushups today! 21 days to go! Arwen is pushing along getting the job done!! Amazing cause and an amazing Actor and a rebel with […]

The Piper & The Cubs

I have been so enjoying the weather the last few days.  It’s hard to believe it’s only February.  Last year at this time in the 6 we were hiding indoors escaping -40 degree temperatures and ice attached to our noses.  Yesterday and today in the city I am looking to the sky getting some much […]

A Little Bodacious

Bold, Rich, Juicy, Full-Bodied.  At first I thought I was reading an advertisement about me, but alas it was a bottle of wine I was reading about!  Of course I had to pick up a bottle of that to see just what I might taste like if I were in fact a red wine. The bottle […]


Hey everyone!  Another Sunday is here and once again I have a little buzzy buzz for you.  The one thing I love about my blog is getting the chance to tell you about the people and places that inspire me in some way. The last few weeks I have been introducing you to some wonderful […]

The Man with a Drum

Who is – The Man with a Drum? With a Hybridized background of Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Pop experience On the Drum kit, mixed with different types of Cuban, African ,and Brazilian percussion; Toronto, Ontario born and raised Chris Romano has a plethora of music, and musical styles that caters to many different types […]

Cop A Squat

Yes, bring on the January thaw!  What better way to do that but to call up some buddies and find a quaint café to enjoy some lunch and then take in a good movie.  But who was I to call?  Spending time with friends is a complicated matter.  Especially when investigating a new place to cop a squat.  Some […]

All a “Glow”

As promised here is my one on one with Alexandra Moore-Gibson of Honey & Glow.  She was part of a wonderful event that was held at the Royal York Toronto!  I was so impressed I just had to know more!  B.I.T.C “Hey Alexandra, amazing to get to chat with you today.  Please tell me about […]

Bite & Sip

Happy Autumn Everyone!!! The one great thing about my city is all the great biting that’s going on!  I mean honestly, on almost every corner of this fascinating city is a pit stop of pleasure for the mouth.  There are too many to talk about on my blog but one has jumped out and bit me […]

Basking in Robbins!

I woke today and almost found the frost perched on the town (Ode to Joni)!  Thank God that wasn’t quite the case.  For the second last week of August it sure has been cool.  It hasn’t been an overly hot summer at all has it?  Not that I’m complaining, but after that unusually cold and […]