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Posted by Bruce on August 12, 2018
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There is a service that many people, young and old, rich and famous, and some with none of those titles at all that enjoy the talents of a stylist to help create their perfect image for any business to casual lifestyle. Although the word stylist gets over used these days at places like Holt Renfrew, there really is a talent that’s required to pull this task off with finesse and artistry. Don’t be fooled by the difference between a sales shark and a talented stylist. I met such a woman this month at a concert for one of my favourite music artist. I had to know more about this talented fashion artist and so with further ado here is my one on one with Nelly Akbari.
Bruce: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. I loved Lydia’s look at her show recently and really felt your influence of style really marriaged with her music perfectly. Are you a local stylist?
Nelly: Well thank you. I am a fashion stylist in Toronto yes.
Bruce: Did you always call Toronto home?
Nelly: No, actually I am originally from a suburb north of the city
Bruce: What brought you to the big city?
Nelly: I attended Ryerson University for their fashion communication program.
Bruce: I’ve never heard of that before. What were you hoping to do with your professional life by taking this program?
Nelly: Well specifically with the dream of becoming a fashion stylist.
Bruce: You’ve always dreamed of doing this then.
Nelly: Yes, for sure.
Bruce: What are some of your biggest accomplishments so far?
Nelly: Well throughout my time in school I landed an internship with Flare Magazine, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and my current agency.
Bruce: Wow not a bad resume straight out of the gate!
Nelly: Thank you and these internships helped me make amazing connections that helped me build my career and make all of this possible.
Bruce: That’s very impressive!
Nelly: Thanks and in 2016 I relocated to New York City for 5 months and there I was able to be a part of amazing projects for Vogue Italia, Zara, and Interview Magazine.
Bruce: That’s Fabulous! I love New York. I write for a magazine there. Everything is everything is New York! But I digress! How
lucky is Toronto to have you back! Are you back?
Nelly: Yes, currently I am back in Toronto.
Bruce: Excellent! You seem like you have a pretty full calendar.
Nelly: Definitely. I’m working full-time as a fashion stylist consulting on wardrobe for fashion, commercial, T.V., and music clients.
Bruce: I know getting this interview was a bit of a challenge because of your long days and late nights. Working with music artists specifically, what’s that like?
Nelly: Personally, I love the experience working with musicians – that collaboration process with another creative individual creates the most amazing looks.
Bruce: Well you’re very talented and I’m very happy you agreed to chat with me. I know you’re running off to another event so all the best and I can’t wait until we cross paths again.
Nelly: Thank you Bruce.
Bruce: My pleasure.

You can find Nelly on her Instagram @nellyakbari or her website @ https://www.nellyakbari.com/

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A Woman in Red

Posted by Bruce on August 05, 2018
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Hey Brucesters

What a week! I was planning on beginning my month break from my blog when of course a bunch of cool stuff starts happening and bam, I want to write about it! I met a new friend at an event I was doing an article on and we seem to hit it off. Since then we’ve gotten together a few times and it’s really been a tonne of fun. A few of our outings are chronicled on my Instagram (@bruceinthecity). I was planning on going to my cousin’s for a family BBQ but the morning I was to go I wasn’t feeling very well. I felt bad but I’m not the type of guy to pass around bugs to my peeps.
Luckily the stomach thing that was bumming out my Saturday morning passed and later in the afternoon I took a stroll around the city. My new chum contacted me and we decided to stroll together.
As the evening arrived he suggested we stop by Dundas Square. There was some outdoor concerts going on and so we stopped by to check it out. A good crowd was gathered and from a distance we could see a young woman (Lydia Ainsworth) was dressed in a beautiful red sheer ensemble. The designers name is Nelly Akbari. You can find her designs on Instagram @nellyakbari There was some sexy beats coming from her midi gear supported by four classically trained musicians and two modern dance artists on either side as she vocalized. I went from, “Hey this is pretty cool” to “This is very good” to “Damn she’s really talented” to “Okay this is awesome and she is brilliant”. If I were to describe her music I’d have to say I heard some really interesting influences possibly from Enigma, Sarah Brightman, Enya and maybe even some Tori Amos in there. Very sexy, spiritual, and creative not to mention very easy to move to and somewhat hypnotic. I’m personally so tired of what’s going on in the music industry at the moment. Diversity in musical style is dead. Sorry but it all sounds like one long mashup. I enjoy moments of it but why is everyone so afraid to be an individual. Where did that music message go? I was encouraged to see this stunning and obviously talented artist embrace a unique yet relevant style taking from some enjoyable pop grooves and spinning her own hypnotic grooves. I have to get an interview with this artist. She has two CDs available for sale and I’ve ordered both! This is the moment in an artist’s life that thrills me because they’re just raw and true to their craft before success and industry can rob the soul. I’ll be doing a review of her latest album in a couple of weeks and who knows maybe I can bag me a one on one interview. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?! Check her out today.



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Bruce News! Holiday update

Hey Brucesters and B.I.T.C’s!

Whats the Buzz?

Looks like I’m not taking August off as I originally planned! There’s just too much stuff I want to write about! One in particular is an artist who’s music has literally blown my mind, both spiritually and physically and I’m going to review her latest album this coming Sunday!

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A Deep Breath

Posted by Bruce on July 29, 2018
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This week was not an easy one in my city. Someone took what was left of our innocence away. My Instagram was flooded with typical Bruce in the City rants as I tried to come to terms at what took place. I’m certain I won’t, but I will move forward as most people will. After we’ve all gone home however, there are families that will never be able to forget what happened that day. The horrific memories and for some the horrific loss. As one insignificant man writing what amounts to a few notable words here and there.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about this week so I decided to offer you a moment of calm and an introduction to a very dear friend of mine who inspired me spiritually many years ago. I’m not sure she knows she was the beginning of an amazing transformation in my life and though I lose my way from time to time her words of peace and wisdom always return to me. I’d like you to meet Janet….

Meet Rev. Janet Fotheringham mediums/clairvoyant/psychic

Janet has the ability to connect with loved ones who have crossed over, help you with past, present, and future.

Janet typically connects with a number of spirits, and through the use of images, smell, and sound, Janet is able to communicate to the best of her ability.

The best way to explain Janet’s ability is she acts as a telephone line between spirits, guides, and angels, which allows client to ask questions and provide answers.

Janet’s ability allows her to see, smell, taste, and hear spirit. Janet is often given images and/or symbols of events/objects that may have taken place. This is where Janet will provide what she has been given to you.

Janet Fotheringham discovered at a very young age that she had a special gift, “The gift of spirit and mediumship”. Janet grew up having exposure to spirit and understanding the spiritual ways of living at a young age.

Janet’s true passion is helping those in need, whatever that need may consist of. Janet has over 16 years of experience working in the field of addiction, mental health, life coaching, and counselling in the vulnerable sector. Janet has discovered her deepest desire of the natural methods of healing those in need.

Janet offers empowerment workshops, meditation to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Janet is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, a Spiritual Healer, certified in HypnoBirthing®, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, Certified in 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy &
Certified 7-PATH® Self- Hypnosis Instructor.

To some her spiritual journey is unique and maybe even strange but I’ve experienced first hand the calm in which Janet’s life is directed.

There are so many ways to achieve spiritual awakening, sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to clear your mind.

I encourage you to reach out to Ms. Fotheringham. The worse thing you have to lose is your spirit of negativity.

Janet Fotheringham

Blissful Beginnings Spiritual & Wellness

1 Division Street
Bowmanville ON

905 767 8629

Message anytime


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The Stone Maidens

Posted by Bruce on July 22, 2018
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The Toronto summer hisses like a slithering Canadian rattler. Long days of heat and drought cause beaches and maples to be respites for the weary. Still, with each growing day of sunlight, our bodies are again filled with joy and laughter.
The winter is a distant memory and we dare to complain about the sun’s hostile take over. Soon enough the longest day of the year comes and goes but we revel in our ability to touch the earth free from its winter cocoon. Being close to the gifts of the earth are so important for our well being and positive energy flow. Let’s take the mineral lepidolite. It is a mineral of the Mica group. A “stone of transition”, lepidolite assists in the release and reorganisation of old behavioural and psychological patterns, gently inducing change. It brings deep emotional healing, soothing, and reducing stress and depression. What about amethyst? It is to some the most useful of healing crystals. Amethyst is also excellent for lucid dreaming. Additionally, fluorite protects against computer and electromagnetic stress, place a fluorite crystal at your work station to improve mental clarity and efficiency. Of course finding these earthly treasures is not always an easy task. Until these magical women popped onto the jewelry scene. Working with semi precious materials these women have created an entire labyrinth of home decor, body embellishments and mystical items of beauty to unleash the wondrous spirit in all who are empowered by the feminine mind. I met them. Very unintentionally and was immediately drawn to their hand decorative and sterling silver adornments. I was drawn to something else quite remarkable, their positive energy. It literally cascaded off them like a waterfall. I had to comment on their wares and knew immediately that these were entrepreneurs of a different calibre. Traditional and non traditional jewelry and home decor designs. Something for every woman to bring them closer to Mother Earth and embolden inner strength and beauty from within and from without. The sun may be slowly retreating but these earthly gifts from the Stone Maidens are only growing in strength and beauty all year through. May Lammas be a time of preparation for the coming days of autumn and what better way to that but to visit The Stone Maidens and awaken the magical within you.

Bruce in the City

edited by: Mary Ellen Monk

For those of you who wish to know more about the stones The Stone Maidens Work with Here is a magical list they’ve been kind enough to share with us right here on Bruce in the City!

Clear Quartz
Quartz is a power stone that has been called a “Universal Crystal” because of its many uses. This crystal is very useful for meditation and can help you think more clearly and activate psychic energy.
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is said to be the love crystal, attracting love, happiness, and healing broken hearts. Rose Quartz raises self-esteem and teaches us to love ourselves. While this quartz is associated with love and romance it stimulates a sense of calm for the holder/wearer. Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love while clearing out negative emotions including jealousy. CHAKRA: Heart ♥ ELEMENT: Water
Labradorite is a highly protective stone. This stone helps blocks other people’s projections, by removing mental or other hooks from your aura. Labradorite is also useful in the workplace; it brings out the best in people making the atmosphere more pleasant. Intuition and intellect are balanced by Labradorite, illusions are dismissed and true intentions are seen more easily with its use. It is believed that it is beneficial for inflammatory conditions. Labradorite focuses on improving the negative side of our personality, traits and actions, which usually rob our energy.
Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, activates spiritual awareness, helps to relieve stress and tension, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm, stress and ill wishes from others. It has strong healing and cleansing powers while also opens intuition.
Amethyst encourages sobriety, having a sobering effect on overindulgence of alcohol, drugs or other addictions.
Selenite is a stone of mental clarity. When there are a lot of things going on in your head and it’s starting to affect your sense of peace and quiet, selenite is a good stone to have to help you quiet your mind. It is also a stone of truth and honesty. Selenite is associated with the moon.
Blue Goldstone
“The Stone of Ambition”
Blue Goldstone provides one with wisdom, energy and courage. Assisting with learning and communication, it teaches one to see the light at the end of the darkness.
Blue Goldstone is one of the best stones for Empaths, people dealing with hypersensitivity. Associated with the Throat Chakra, it encourages acceptance of who we are.
Black Onyx
Onyx is known to separate. It can help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. It is used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships. Onyx jewelry is worn to defend against negativity that is directed at you. Black stones have protective energies in the sense that black is the absence of light, and therefore, can be used to create invisibility.
Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds as well as being a strong grounding stone. This stone will help you to release stress and if you are prone to obsessive behaviour, this stone can help you disconnect from these activities. Black Tourmaline cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.
Black Obsidian
Moonstone is known for its high feminine energy. It helps to strengthen intuition, enhances creativity, compassion, and inner confidence. Moonstone helps find a balance between the mind and heart without losing the compassion needed within the wearer. This stone is protective especially of those who travel at night or by sea, when the moon is shining.
Black Moonstone
Black Moonstone has a very strong Divine Feminine energy. The energy from the dark flashes of silver and black are grounding to each individual. This stone is an emotional stone, in the sense of understanding deep emotions. Whether it is a past trauma or a fresh thought, Black Moonstone helps one understand the true meaning behind the feeling.


More Than Meets the Eye

Posted by Bruce on July 15, 2018
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I always say the best part of writing my blog is meeting all you really interesting people, from all walks of life. My blog is neither straight nor gay. Black or white. It’s just my little space in the world I truly feel I can call my own. For a few minutes each week I get to stop the work and sit down to write to all of you. It’s more than just the building I may enter but the relationships I end up entering as well. When I discovered one of my favourite pubs last year, I met this guy. His name is Aaron and he’s not just another handsome bar tender but an amazing listener. I don’t always enjoy going out with a bunch of people. Sometimes I love the solitude of oneness. I’m always ready to meet that new person and make a new acquaintance. Well I happened upon this bearded fellow and fellow bear and I discovered this.
Just as I was getting to know Aaron I learned he was heading off to Ottawa. I was so bummed but I’m used to that in a big city. People come and go all the time in the big city. Before he left he shared with me one of his personal passions. We all have them.
This is Aaron’s:
At about the age of six, he and those around him noticed he liked to draw on walls and, well, everything.
Throughout Aaron’s younger years, being a bigger boy, didn’t leave him with many friends. Kids can be so cruel. This gave Aaron more time to experiment with drawing and painting. He never went to art school to advance his knowledge of art. I never pressed why but I concluded Aaron is self taught. He mostly works in acrylic paint and has a passion for doing abstract pieces, big or small, doesn’t matter the size. It’s nice to know he’s not a size queen.
When the mood strikes Aaron, he is compelled to put on music and paint (he always need music). ”It breaks your focus so you don’t think about the painting, you just do it.”
Aaron works long hours (usually 12 hours) at his regular job. It leaves little time to paint so mostly it’s done on days off or during odd hours. His painting is always done at home. He sets up his easel, grabs a canvas and brush and goes to town.

Aaron’s ultimate dream is to host his own art show and have people see his works. If you want to check out more of Aaron’s beautiful work or contribute to his dream and purchase his art here are a couple contacts for him.

I wish Aaron all the best and look forward to attending the opening of his first art exhibit.



@aaroncustomart (Instagram)

Bruce in the City

Editor Mary Ellen Monk

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A Proud Understatement!

Posted by Bruce on June 22, 2018
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Brucesters! It’s Pride!

For the past 20 years Cafe California has played host to an annual event unlike no other. The event has brought many shapes and sizes but I still like my medium sized white ones! Don’t get me wrong, I have tons of yellow, black, and tan in array of sizes but I just keep my hands on that old reliable. Those white boxer briefs! Cafe California has been an important part of the backbone of the Church Street strip. Their underwear fashion show has brought the boys to the yard year after year. This week’s two day extravaganza stopped traffic and brought the house down. The community sadly lost an incredible drag queen, Chris Edwards, and I can’t imagine being the next female impersonator to step into Chris’s high heels. I think everyone would agree her shoes only fit one Queen, her supreme self. However I’m saying that you can’t mourn a loss forever and some brilliant Queen would have to step up to lead the pack. In sashays Sofonda Cox! A brilliantly funny female impersonator that brings it to the stage at every performance. Sofonda will be my special guest in the coming weeks to share her story with us. Today however I’m gonna focus on the boys! The underwear fashions for the show were courtesy of my favourite men’s shop in town, The Men’s Room, the prize destination for my Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest.
Jay is the new owner of Cafe California. Also, no easy understanding after the retirement of Latisha. The community loved her. People wonder in the dark corners of the gay ghetto whether this community go to would survive. After all Latisha WAS Cafe California. I always told her it should have been called Latisha’s! But then the old girl retired. I’m not sure we ever forgave her for leaving us but we understood.
So now Jay. I have to admit I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to change. I’m a loyal guy and I’m also very careful who I support in the village because it’s a sacred place to me and to many and the idea of someone running a business in the village just to empty our wallets alone doesn’t interest me at all. It’s one reason why I won’t eat at the burger shacks that have taken over. I’m not even convince they’re in it to support the community. I mean how many burgers can one homo eat. I digress. I stopped going to the cafe. I just wasn’t sure what this new owner’s motives were. What has he done to prove he is a supporter of the gay community? After a year of not eating at the Cafe I decided with a group of mates that we would attend the ever infamous Underwear Fashion show. The menu for the event was excellent. Though on revealing who I was Jay decided to offer me something special that was not on the evenings menu with some white wine. Okay, he had me at chicken souvlaki. I thought you sneaky little fellow. Tempting me with food. As if a bearded bear can be swayed by a delicious plate of Greek fare. I was still going to watch this man closely. Could I see it in his eyes? That sparkle Latisha used to have as Chris Edwards commanded the stage. It wasn’t the wine talking. He really seemed to be enjoying the sites and sounds of his business. Working the bar and being a significant presence in the restaurant. No hiding in the back like so many owners do. He was very generous all evening and made my little group of homos happy! It was there; the passion and the heart. I can honestly say I’ve been converted. I’ll always miss Latisha but I think she would be happy to see how Jay and his motley crew continue the legacy of a friend who even at this event many years later was on the lips of patrons. It was a great show. I think you got it Jay! Keep up the great work. The food was stellar. The wine divine and the laughs a dozen barrels! On a quick side note my partner said his Filet Mignon from your events menu was outstanding (though he did steal some of my chicken souvlaki).

Happy Pride


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

Make Em Laugh

Hey Whazzzuuuuuup Brucesters!

My shits and giggles on funny dudes continues with this guy, Jeewan Gill. Now I gotta say he was all in my funny books until I learned he doesn’t really like Toronto. Stop me in my tracks! I mean, I love Toronto. The reason I got this blog going in 2010 was my love affair with this incredibly diverse city. And now I’m reviewing Jeewan funny guy to find out he disdains my city. As Madonna would sing, “Where do we go from here?” This is where I put my personal opinion aside and just tell you how funny this guy is. Jeewan? Does it mean funny man? No, in fact it doesn’t! However it does mean “Bringer of Life” so really it could mean funny guy! Being funny brings life to those sitting in the bell jar. His comedy was sharp and relevant. He was incredibly disarming and I even thought he would be even better with a larger audience. Jeewan is a west coast boy. He truly believes he was bred from birth to disdain Toronto. A city that seems to be doing good by him. Maybe he’ll change his tune on that one. He’s a Border City Comedy Festival finalist. He seems to enjoy creating humour out of incidences that normally find it missing. Of course that means touching on subject matter that may cause the squeamish to squirm.
I thought his stand up was good and solid. I’d go check him out again if given the opportunity. Hey wait! He’s opening for Chris Robinson May 13th at comedy bar and apparently the show is being taped. I might just have to crash that party! You can find him on twitter for more info @jeewangill2

4 kisses out of 5


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They Call Him Mr. Tornado Jizz!

Posted by Bruce on May 06, 2018
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People are often saying I’m a funny guy. I’ve even been told that by people I admire in the comedy world, seriously, to my surprise. I think it’s safe to say most people think they’re funny. I think I have my moments, but I honestly don’t know if I could ever brave up and do stand up. The idea of being up there on your own with people just waiting for you to make them laugh. To literally alter the mood of an entire room or even a stadium seems like the scariest business transaction ever signed. I was invited to a restaurant/club Thursday night for a comedy show and I had nothing overly pressing to do so I took John with me and decided with an open mind that I would be ready to laugh my balls off. Between ball jokes and pot jokes and the Jew telling Jew jokes, most of the night was awkward and uncomfortable at best. There were some high moments for sure but only a couple of comedians honestly made me laugh out loud for all to hear. I’m going to share the bios of those fellows with you over the month! I mean it is May Madness! Some of these boys were definitely mad! I just seriously think that people need to laugh more; at themselves, at each other, and certainly at our genitalia. How can we take ourselves that seriously with body parts that act like that?

Ladies and Fellows this is Che!

Che Durena was born and raised in British Columbia. He decided to make the trip to Toronto when he discovered his love for stand up comedy.

Since then he’s been hustling the GTA comedy scene to become one of the city’s best up and comers. I think his Instagram says it all! Tornado Jizz! If that doesn’t make you want to laugh, swallow, gag, sniff, inhale, or wipe I’m not sure you’re looking to laugh at all!

He came runner up in Sirius XM’s Next Top Comic, had headlining shows at JFL42, and has appeared on JFL All Access on Comedy Central.

His comedy touches on his ridiculous life living abroad and his perception of more serious matters like race, relationship, and drugs. Always finding an absurd angle to create a fresh and hilarious perspective.

Certainly his good looks and self confidence doesn’t hurt him either, but he’s got the goods and aside from that cocky demeanour he’s a realist and gracious to be sure.

It’s important to connect with people as a stand up comic. You’ve got only fleeting moments to hook, line, and sinker and that’s some hard core truth. As much as the audience is hoping to enjoy some shits and giggles, they’re secretly edging for a cliff walk.

Che balances that cliff like a tight rope walker and left us all hanging for more!

Check him out on Instagram for @tornadojizz near you!

4 kisses out of 5


A note from the Editor:  I love comedy. David and I went to a few late night comedy shows when we went on our anniversary cruise and I was crying, laughing so hard!

Mary Ellen Monk

Inspiration Point part 2

Posted by Bruce on April 01, 2018
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Hey Brucesters!

Before I get started this week. I wanted to first wish everyone a Happy Easter!

And now As promised part two of Inspiration Point, my blog on Ruth Mead Author and Finance Exec who has inspired many in her field and beyond. I wanted to spend a bit more time on her best selling book, though to be clear it’s not Ruth’s main focus currently as she now runs her very own business venture in Financial Consulting and Planning.

In fact, Ruth has managed to transition herself into a seasoned leader of the ilk she once sat alongside for over two decades! Head of her own Wealth Management Practice and mentor to other Consultants; she puts into full force the power of all her past international experience in business coupled with the operational swiss-like efficiency capability borne from her years as UK’s award winning Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff. The combination and effect of all this has catapulted her success to the almost “unheard of” category leaving many pondering her “secret sauce”

In Ruth Mead’s international bestseller Jewel in the LEADER’s Crown, Ruth shares her over two decades of experience working with some of the highest-ranking leaders of global industry. This includes FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 corporations in the UK, Europe, Middle East and North America including some global businesses you may know quite well: PepsiCo, McDonald’s, O2 plc, Canadian Tire, and BMO Financial Group.
What Ruth offers in her book is an up close and professional look at what she describes as lessons from her own highs and lows that helped Ruth discern the secret of her success. The catalyst being politicians, members of royalty, and executives the world over. If your goal is this type of success, these would be most definitely the people to pay attention to.
“It’s often hard to detect the many layers of unspoken traits.” she explains. Ruth asks how and why the finest gems sparkle. “It’s that “aha” moment as you break down the science behind the workings of magnificence”. Ruth adds.
In a world where being successful, even for a glimpse of a moment is more difficult then ever before, Ruth’s book seems to be the bright light of inspiration to those who may find themselves business bruised.
You’ll find a treasure trove of tools from practical tips to prepare you for those unwanted negative surprises in your day. This read just may be the guide to living your best life. There is no doubt Ruth is one of the most positive women I’ve spoken to in years. She’s open, strong, commands a room I’ve no doubt, and yet with all her ability and talent, surprisingly gracious and approachable. Here’s a quote from one of her previous UK “bosses”, a “Sir” no less! which I found most impressive.

“….there has been little attention paid to the role of the executive assistant in lifting organizational performance. Jewel in the LEADER’s CROWN rectifies this omission….”
Sir David Varney, Former Permanent Secretary HM Treasury, London UK

Not a bad resume I’d say! Certainly this book is a gift worth taking a look at.

The executive assistant role and how it can be the stepping stone to some of business greater achievements seems to be the silver lining here. Anyone looking to climb their own personal business or personal mountain should check out this jewel.

“…to this profession, I gave my lifetime – it gave me, the time of my life. ~Ruth Mead

Perhaps a further clue to figuring out her own fine personal brand, she says:

“Be the Picasso of your art, the Ferrari of your field.
Be the exclusive, Hermes Birkin of your industry and
As distinctive as Christian Louboutin red soles”!

…and those very fabulous red soles have become her signature and claim to fame – perhaps it’s no wonder she was first in line to meet their maker during his visit to Toronto’s Holt Renfrew!

And that my friends is simply, Ruth Mead!




Edited by: Mary Ellen Monk


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