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Inspiration Point part one

Hey Brucesters! As Women’s Month winds down I feel it is the perfect time to spotlight an author/wealth/financial advisor because her story is simply inspiring. So sit back, relax, enjoy your cup of joe and get ready to be inspired! Ladies and Gents my guest this week! Ruth Mead. Bruce: Before we really get going […]

The Joy of Fashion

In honour of International Woman’s Day on March 8th, here is my very special guest writer Joy Grossman. Enjoy her story. It all started at a very young age when i was about 5years old, my parents took me to a family wedding and I was wearing a beautiful dress with a white fur bolero […]

Grin and Bear it!

The city is a big old place and it can certainly feel like that from time to time, but then something fabulous happens. You run into an old pal from high school days. We never spoke a lot in high school. We kind of ran with different social groups. I was a glee kid and […]

Force of Will

Hey Brucesters! To keep with the spirit of my love for beards and my love for artists, here is one sexy fellow you just have to meet. Will Wilson is a 30-year-old Queer artist based in Toronto. He has worked in the photography world for a decade, previously volunteering with TIFVA and TIFF. He has […]

3,2,1 Launch!

Brucesters! Tonights the night! I hope you tune in to a fabulous new show on CTV! Oh so Canadian and oh so exciting! I got a golden ticket to one of the hottest shows hitting the small screen. The Launch! Of course I say nothing about what I saw and all it’s exciting details but […]

Bearded Fur Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve in the city and around the world. A lot of hustle and bustle today. Then the quiet of one of the most significant nights on the planet. The year is closing in and family and friends gather to take a moment to forget the crazy of world politics and of wars and […]

2018 at a Glance!

Hey Bruce in the City readers! Christmas is just around the corner isn’t it?!? I still get excited about the whole thing even though for the most part I’m always longing for what it was, than is. I got a few cool things going on in 2018 at “Bruce in the City-What’s the Buzz?”, my […]

The Men’s Room

Brucesters! I kind of assume that most people know places that I blog about exist, like sushi restaurants, pubs, bear bars, leather clubs and such. But really, when you live in a place like Toronto you do tend to forget that some of these places are not the norm, as fun as they are. I’m […]

Journey with Germani Fall Kick Off!

Hello B.I.T.C Readers! Happy Fall! I miss our Summer days but now we have cozy layers, hot drinks, and hearty food to enjoy! I wanted to set out and find a recipe I hadn’t tried before, using seasonal and affordable ingredients. Which led me to Brussels sprouts and McIntosh apples. Yum! While doing some research […]

Totally Folked Up!

Did I ever mention I worked for a dinner theatre company a few years back? I had been managing in retail for what felt like 100 years and I just felt like doing something different. It was a crazy gig and it was during that time I met a really adorable girl who mentioned her […]