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BJ Cinema… Our reviews will blow you away! “Call me by your name.”

Finally John and I were able to get out of our cocoon of flu to review another movie for you guys. It’s a weird time of year for reviews because the year is just beginning and many of the movies…

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Bruce News!!!!!

The BJ Cinema… Our Reviews Will Blow You Away! I’m very enthusiastic to announce a paring not seen since the days of Siskel & Ebert! The BJ Cinema! Films in review and preview. The first and third week (Monday) of…

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Movie reviews by B.I.T.C

Hey B.I.T.C’s! What’s the Buzz at the theater? Here’s my review of some films you may want to check out or not? Me Before You starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin 4 kisses out of 5 Heartfelt. Thought Provoking. Nice…

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Cop A Squat

Yes, bring on the January thaw!  What better way to do that but to call up some buddies and find a quaint café to enjoy some lunch and then take in a good movie.  But who was I to call?  Spending time with…

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Skipping out on Santa!

I know the Christmas season has begun in Toronto when I can see the river of cars rolling down the DVP into the downtown core.  They are all on their merry way to the 110th celebration of the Santa Claus parade….

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Silver City, Ruby Slippers?

I leaped exuberantly from the right side of my bed.  I love mornings in the city when all your energy is in the right place!  The sun was rising in the east and it’s reflection beamed onto the rentables across…

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