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Honestly Ed

If you follow my Instagram you will know I love wondering around my city. I have no real plan and I just walk. It’s a great way to get in some cardio and what better way to find a story but to walk into it. The past six months have been a pretty crazy time […]

A Matter of Trust

A Poem: A Matter of Trust A lifetime of loves The most sensitive of actions The darkest moments of lust A city was calling your name so many dreams and victims and blames You loved him and loved him and that one to You loved him and loved him and loved just a few A […]

Grow Up!

Didn’t we laugh? All we did was laugh. That season couldn’t last forever. Didn’t our stomachs ache because of the crazy things you said? You said everything. Then the cold wind came didn’t it? You were so young. You wanted so much to be out there. Doing it. Were you ready? The strength you had. […]


In the darkness he sits in silence wind is blowing past the window Sunlight is forsaken He longs for daylight Blanket of nightfall across his body Eyes wide open to see the night Nerves on edge Waiting for daybreak Fall he must into lonely sleep Darkness and haunting the creepers creep Apparition visits and all […]

“7 year Itch?”

“7 Year Itch” by Bruce Christopher You were my breath of fresh air. My confidant. My friend, my lover We shared stories. Too many to repeat. Then you hid away at night. Where did you go? What were you doing? You got the itch. You were never the same. You never failed to need me. […]

The Years Fly By

Another year Flying by, like the wind that refuses to calm. The Moon rises on another memory. The Children, clap their hands in anticipation The balloons are blown The shadows of yesterday are gone. Kids, they gather from far and near. All shades, All backgrounds, imaginations running wild. They come to celebrate. They come to […]

“Unemployed in the City”

Crowded streets, decorated windows. Foot tracks in the snow, city lights mark your way. Wallets full, shopping for gifts. Cold wind, chilled wanderer. Hopeful dreamer, empty wallet. People passing, frozen tears. Christmas arriving, stars on trees. Children laughing, he closes his eyes. Why me? He sighs. Unemployed in the city, frost bitten. Dies.

your home, my home, our home

Grey day Stillness in the barren trees The wash of white Snow laying quiet Everything and nothing Then you Quickly looking everywhere Up then down Making me feel hopeful Bringing me the message You warm my thoughts I think of green Noticing me  You fly off Red Cardinal Welcomed visit Out my window Your home My home […]