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Posted by Bruce on May 01, 2016
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I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with all of the fallout still spilling onto the gay community.  It seems like everyday I am bombarded by anti rhetoric.  We like to believe we have come a long way, but I don’t feel we have.
I have to ask first, “Why is everyone so obsessed with what is happening in the bedroom of people anyway?  Are we living in the dark ages?”  I don’t spend my time and energy thinking about what “straight” people are doing in their bedrooms!  Aw yeck!  It’s just gross and weird when you think about it with a logical mind.  I don’t want people other than my partner (and maybe a few flirting guys) thinking about me in that way.  It’s absurd and I think rather perverted!

Plus it is more and more obvious that money and acceptance seem to go hand in hand.  If you have the money, you can get excepted into the “I’m normal club”.

We hear all the time now about the corporate world and how it folds to the demands of the gay community if we threaten to pull our funding support or threaten not to buy your clothes or whatever.  But is this really getting acceptance?

I’m not saying these strong handed motions are not a good thing, but I don’t think we should mistake this response as acceptance because it isn’t.  It’s the money factor.  I think it’s a sham really how corporate the Pride Parade has become.  I don’t care if the BMO accepts me or if the local church floats down the street waving it’s rainbow banner.  These things are a good thing but more needs to be done.  The conversation needs to get real.

All over the world gay people of every walk are being thrown off of buildings, having their heads cut off, thrown out of churches and denied basic humans rights.  Sadly, the real underlying factor behind most of these cruelties is religion.

That bites right?  I go to church.  I have gone my whole life and there are good people there trying to make a difference.  But if the people ruling the schools don’t get their heads out of their asses, our attempt to live  an authentic life doesn’t really exist.
We can kid ourselves all we want and play equal rights but it’s still a pipe dream until we say, “screw it” to all these labels we constantly give each other and just start calling us who we are “The Human Race”.  As Pride Day approaches, let’s not forget as we sit on our perfectly sculpted patios and our lovely decorated homes, that for the most part we are living in a bubble created by the corporate world and the government to appease us into silence.

Speak out, your lover could be on the other side of life feeling the cool blade of intolerance.


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Good-bye 2013!

Posted by Bruce on December 29, 2013
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Holy crap! What a week! Where was I? Oh ya, trying to find my way in the ice and snow! I can’t believe the week my city has had. First Rob Ford and then the ice storm of the century. Then more Rob Ford and his bleeding heart. Argh!

I found it so irritating that he found this horrific time for photo ops and instead of calling a state of emergency, Why? Because then he would have to surrender that much desired power to the Deputy Mayor! Dick head! So as the city and surrounding areas froze and continue to freeze their asses off, the Mayor bleeds for us all to get our power back on. It was funny his family was out for one day and he was on the news looking like he lost his most trusted pet.

The other thing that drove me nuts was that all the news and Ford appearances were all like “Get to a shelter near you. Don’t do this and don’t do that!!

PEOPLE, THE POWER IS OFF! THEY ARE NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE! Were the announcements for the benefit of the people with power so it looked like Rob Ford and The Wynn people were getting the job done! Where the freak was that idiot “Dictator” of ours “Harper” I watched the news! Did I miss it?

Still a big shout out to all the folks that came from everywhere to help and continue to help us all out of this Christmas chaos!  Hey maybe if Ford didn’t slash slash slash! We could have helped ourselves but what do I know, the only news I truly enjoy watching is Sue’s Corner cuz “That’s how Sue sees it.”

On the brighter side of the holiday season, this damn year 2013 is finally coming to and end. Allot of good things happened this year……..OK so 2013 is coming to and end and with it, hopefully, an end to the Ford bullshit and an end to personal poverty brought on by my amazing dog Agnetha. Who cost me a small fortune this year. Thankfully she is doing much better!

What else happened! Oh yes the Senate Scandal! That’s all I have to say in regards to that.

We lost some good ones along the way! Corey Monteith, James Gandolfini, Margaret Pellegrini, Roger Ebert and Paul Walker just to name a few.  They will all be missed by the world.

As for me. I think I’m finally going to crawl out of my Torontocoma and see the city on New Year’s Eve.  Maybe I’ll bump into a few of you!

It’s amazing to believe I am going into the fourth year of my blog “Bruce in the City” Have I learned anything? Not really but I have had one hell of a time writing for you all.  I still get a thrill knowing someone out there is reading the stuff I write!

This year I am adding a new header called “Caught in the Act” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going out looking for bad behaviour but if it does cross my path, I’ll be snapping a pic and writing about it on my blog spot!

I wish I had my camera the day that person left her dogs in the snow pile!

Well “Bruceters” Until 2014 have a safe and happy new year!!! I promise to continue to entertain you with my words and this year, I’m planning to get back out, onto that stage again to.  I’m looking forward to this new year. Lord knows 2013 was not a friend of mine!

Hugs and Licks




The Gutter King

Ok hold everything! Well, accept the Santa Claus parade. Which of course is happening today.  I am so excited! This year I am watching from the warmth of my soft leather sofa. It’s on at 4:30 this afternoon. For those of you willing to stand outside for hours and be kicked off business’s property and treated like a loiterer by the owners on that grand holiday trail. I say good luck and it starts at 12:30pm!  Feel free to be late. it never starts on time! Last seasons blog post https://bwcmanagement.com/2012/11/19/thanks-canadian-opera-company-there-was-no-santa-clause/

Unfortunately there is another hefty fellow in town that isn’t receiving the accolades Mr. Claus receives each year.  In fact he has been asked to stay in a galaxy far far away (Star Wars reference)

I know, I know your wondering why my sudden interest in the “BIG” guy. I wrote about him last week.  Yep, I sure did, in my naïve hope that this political moron would stop sticking his —- (insert any object you wish) in his mouth. But it wasn’t that meat that got him in scalding hot water this week! No, it was that horrific comment he made about how much “Pussy” he can eat at home!!! Now I have four cat’s of my own and I would never, I mean never. think of eating them!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. He dragged out his poor embarrassed wife to his press meeting where he apologized, yet again, for his crude and indecent behaviour and comments. He never did say he doesn’t eat “Pussy” I called the animal control to see what could be done!

I feel like marching straight up to city hall and relieving Mr. Ford of all his “Princess Points” I could do it to. I am a witch and I will use my voodoo!

I can tell you this when “Blob Ford” made that terrible, terrible comment, every gay man in this fabulous city threw up a little in their own mouth!  And that is very bad for our well polished teeth. I will be sending “The Gutter King” my next dentist bill!

Well kids in a world where you can now say pussy, eat and meat all in the same paragraph to describe your private time with your significant other, at a press conference at Toronto City Hall I am going to stop feeling so bad about farting on the bus.  Why say your sorry hasn’t everyone smoked a little crack now and then?



Wanna buy a Ford?

Posted by Bruce on November 10, 2013
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I am not really the type of guy who feels the need to add comment to what is happening politically in and around my city.  Oddly enough, this week, I feel ignoring the obvious “Ford” overtones would be irresponsible of me.  Not really for political reasons really but for the pure interest in the human condition.

I, like many in Toronto and around the world, have watched obsessively with the comes and going’s of Mayor Ford. From the start it seemed there was some sort of weird shake down happening to and against “Ford Nation” and more personally Rob Ford.  I don’t follow politics very well I have to admit but I do try my best to know what is going on.

I never voted for Ford and I never really disliked him either but that didn’t seem to be the case for many who were waist deep in the waters of the political world. He never really made sense to me when I saw him trying to speak to his city and that fire red face of his always made me feel like he was moments away from having a heart attack, heaven forbid!

I myself have struggled with weight so I did sympathize at times with him but then could not seem to understand the photo’s of him grazing on just about anything and everything.  He did try for a moment to shed that fat only to fail embarrassingly in front of the city and the world.

He did try to keep some of his promises regarding his stay in office but his very noticeable condition clouded any good he may have felt he achieved. He just never rang true to me. Not even from the very beginning. I can’t relate to anyone who’s position starts from a place of anger and he did seem angry all the time didn’t he. Not to mention wound up, high strung, annoyed, sketchy even when trying to deal with any opposition.

All of the his antics were confusing to everyone and I think even his own supporters, if they were honest, couldn’t help but shake their heads at his very poor ability to communicate affectively.  Was Ford a complete idiot?  I don’t think so. How could a person so unhinged inside manage to rise to the top. High enough to lead an entire city?

What was going on inside the mind of a man that clearly struggled silently with some serious demons.  Let’s forget for just a moment that Rob is our Mayor.  Indulge me for just a moment if you can.  The real question is How does a person such as Rob Ford end up where he finds himself today.  Broken, and spilled out like a used up rock star.  What kind of people influenced his life and what really were his dreams long before he found himself posturing to be “King”.

I would personally like to know.  If I had the chance to sit down with Mr. Ford I would want to know what happened?  One thing is very clear to me. It’s not about the crack and it’s not just about the drinking.  The whole of his being is consumed with acting out, over indulging and being reckless.  I’m thinking something went very wrong in the development of a boy that became a man. That became a monster?

The revelation of the video of him cursing and threatening death. That is a man in real need of some help.  You don’t just get to that place over night.  I to have had some dark times. Thank God no one was taping me.

I think there are two things going on here.  First, he was hated from day one. I don’t know all the back story to figure it all out for you but let’s be real here, he was hated long before he became the Mayor.  Something just wasn’t right and the under current of the anti Ford campaign was strong, real and devastating.  The second is, Rob Ford should have never been Mayor.  Not because he was or is a bad person but because he wasn’t a good fit.

In every career one is suppose to ask themselves am I a good fit for this job?  If the answer is no then you don’t take the job.  I am the manager of a store that has been at the forefront of many world causes and life changing campaigns.  If I did not fully believe in those beliefs and causes then we wouldn’t be a good fit and as much as I would have enjoyed the job.  I would not have been able to really be the job.

Mayor Ford did not represent all of the people in this amazing city.  He did not really believe in the cities moral compass.  Imagine a man who could not find it in his heart to attend the Pride celebrations but could sneer behind closed doors smoking crack.  Put that statement with any social group “Ford could not find it in his heart to attend…. Please feel free to add your social group here!!!!”

It may be clear by my tone that I never voted for him.  I voted for the other guy but I also would never wish any of this train wreck on any man either.  At the end of the day I never bought into “Ford Nation”  And yes in my opinion he should step down.  But, we do need to relax on the witch hunt.

Let’s face it. Long before he was Mayor Rob Ford maybe he was just a guy wanting to make a difference.  Can we give the benefit of the doubt in that? Unless, of course we conclude he really is the great monster.

Sad and Angry.




A “Wynne”d for Change

Posted by Bruce on January 28, 2013
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As you may be able to tell from my writings over the past two years, I am NOT a political junkie.  Quite frankly, I really don’t care who is running the city, province or country as long as I can still check out the hotties passing me on the street without being thrown in the klincker.  I mean, everyone has to have a pass time and mine is admiring God’s creation as only I can….. and should!

Today, however, things for our province have become significantly more rainbow coloured.  The Liberal Party of Ontario has not only elected a women to run the party (the second time for them to do so) but more importantly an openly gay female (a MAJOR first for our country!) and to boot, as they are the party in power, our first gay woman Premier!  Talk about historical!

To think that some 30 years have passed since Toronto held the first pride parade, forward to today our province being able to say that we are the inclusive society that we have been attempting to promote ourselves as.  That is not to say that the battle has come to an end- in all honesty this is a step, a significant step, but still a step in the evolution of the human race in our little province.  Ms. Wynne has said, and rightly so that she doesn’t want the focus being on her sexuality and it shouldn’t.  A long time ago Pierre Trudeau commented to the fact that the government has no need to stick its nose in the bedrooms of Canadians, and neither does its citizens except on this point – as an openly gay man who has gone through life without “real” gay heroes to look up to we, in Ontario, now have one.  Kathleen Wynne, by virtue of who she is, is now the Premier-Designate of Ontario and a modern day hero to the likes of you and me, she is a human being, that is female by birth (through no creation of her own), well educated (through hard work and determination) that just happens to be gay.  In her new position, I wish Ms. Wynne well.

Sitting on this side of the t.v. screen though, I must admit, that I wish I had been there, to be one of the group that said we need to move the needle those few notches that it DID move last night and change our part of the world that little bit more for the good of all.  Maybe its time to become a bit more of a political animal if it means that some young man or woman in the future can feel a little more secure with who they are and not have to keep looking over their shoulder worry about their little secret getting out and ruining their lives.

We have been given this “Wynne”d for change – now it’s our turn to make one too!


ps: Thanks to JPS for helping me get this into cyber space!

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