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Posted by Bruce on July 08, 2018
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Whether people like it or not we still live in a country that allows a person to pass their opinion on something that exhilarates them or pisses them off. This week’s blog is all about the latter.
I think in general I’m a pretty easy going fellow. I’m generally a pretty positive thinker and I don’t go out of my way to be an asshole but there is one thing I cannot tolerate, crap customer service.
I take the T.T.C every single day. Multiple times in a day. I’ve paid for two monthly passes since my moving here in 2005. One thing is for sure, the price keeps going up and the customer service keeps going down.
The company can give me every excuse in the book but those bus drivers are really miserable people. Now don’t start throwing insults just yet. I have also met a handful of people who really do an incredible job! There’s one fellow who is always cracking jokes every time the station announcements go off. It’s amazing. There have been a couple of ladies that really go out of their way to welcome you aboard. There’s another fellow who takes time to explain to the kids how the bus works. Sadly though these people are few and far between.
I’ve posted numerous concerns on the T.T.C customer service Twitter account but I’m told to call in my concerns. I wonder to myself what that Twitter account is for. Clearly not concerns! Anyway, I did what they asked and called in my concerns and I have to tell you the person on the other end of the phone sounded like she actually cared. She took the information and thanked me for my call. I know the driver’s job is not easy. Customer service is not easy, but it is what they signed up for and so it’s their lot in life so let’s step it up. The truth is it’s just not great. For the most part they are a visitor’s first “go to” once they have gotten into the city and start their touring around. The transit system here with all the construction is a nightmare. Hell I’ve been taking this system for more than a decade and with all the construction I sometimes have no idea where I should stand! Being abused by customers is never okay but I’d say most of us are just trying to get around and need some thoughtful help to do so. I’m in customer service. I get that customers can be demanding but that never authorizes a poor responses from the employee. And just in case you want to go there, this is not a white privilege thing as some idiots posted on my Twitter account. I can’t stand when people go to these cliches. I’ve seen time and time again people of minority being spoken to very poorly by the drivers and with there smaller English vocabulary, in some cases they literally have to accept the way they’re being spoken to. I even heard a supervisor talk disparagingly about those drunk Indians. It’s gross. People have mentioned that with my experience I should apply for the TTC customer service but unfortunately that’s not a beast I’d want to be a part of. I’m not sure who could fix their image problem but one thing is for sure, they could not pay me enough. I will keep calling and speaking on behalf of myself and people who may not feel strong enough to speak up for themselves. It is a problem and it’s time for it to be addressed! I’d give them 1 kiss out of 5 on customer service but I’ll check in again with you folks to let you know how they’re doing!



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A word from the editor

I’m grateful for my peaceful drive in my private car every day! And my commute is 15 minutes!
I give people credit that sit in Toronto traffic for hours on a daily basis. They are much stronger people than I.

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1st Annual Naked Issue

Posted by Bruce on July 01, 2018
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Let’s Get Soaking Wet

I’m thrilled to bring to you my first naked edition of Bruce in the City! Now that doesn’t mean we’re all getting naked over here, but this blog is really about taking pride in the beauty of your natural state!
Wonderful and ever perfect nakedness. Every year in Toronto, literally thousands of beautiful people of every shape and colour gather at my favourite watering hole found tucked away in our very own oasis from the noise and crazy of the city. It’s known as Hanlan’s Point. Hanlan’s Point Beach was a traditional site for nude sunbathing for decades.
In 1999, Toronto City Council approved a one-year pilot project for a nude beach at Hanlan’s Point following a proposal by a naturalist organization and Councillor Kyle Rea. In 2000, the council extended the project for another two years. Finally in 2002, the clothing-optional beach was made permanent. Of course the council was met with heavy opposition from who else?… the conservative-councillors such as Giorgio Mammoliti. I just want to know how many friends this person has. I’m serious. Stuff old ideals, this would never be an issue in Europe. Dan sums up Hanlans this way. “Toronto’s own beach getaway that’s right in our backyard that feels like it’s hundreds of miles away. A nice place to spend a summer day hanging out with friends.” It was also an infrequent target of police crackdowns for nude sunbathing. Not to mention the raiding of fellows in the bush who may have been suspected of partaking in a bit of sensual negotiations. With one of the Fords back in the hive, Christ only knows what bullshit he is going to try and pull off in our diverse city. Certainly
In my honest opinion Toronto is only as diverse as you find yourself behaving under the thumb of it’s all too many religious groups. I hate to be a skeptic but I don’t trust this freedom as far as you can throw it. Hanlan’s official status has resulted in a distinct increase in ferry traffic, and fairy traffic it appears, is a profitable component of public and private sector advertising campaigns, since it draws visitors to Toronto. So basically freedom is money! Hence the new pot laws. They finally figured out how they could profit from the plan without the overwhelming backlash from those crusty old conservatives. Police and park officials now work in partnership with the beachgoers to maintain the friendly atmosphere. Well in other words, there are finally enough shootings in the city they can focus on that they can leave the peaceful naked people alone. Where would they pack their gun? Up their bum? In the cleavage? I could probably pack some heat in mine. I’ve got some serious man cleavage at the right angle. So get naked while you can and fight for true freedom not just religious freedom which, basically tries to handcuff all non believers. Clearly I’m over heated! It’s time to chill out, get naked, and I’ll see you and Hanlan’s! By the way it is clothing optional if you are more modest than most and that ok to!  If you happen to see me in all my wonder don’t be shy, come say hi! I’m either under a shade tree or at that fabulous little canteen just outside the beach area. Happy Canada you amazing people! Let’s get soaking wet!


A note from the editor

I give you credit, I would never have the confidence to utilize a naked beach. I’ll keep my suit on. LOL.

Mary Ellen Monk

Thank you to everyone who contributed photos for my blog this week. It was super cool of you. Not all photos were taken at Hanlans.

Photos by Instagram followers used with permission.

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Surprise Me

Posted by Bruce on March 11, 2018
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Before I get started I want to welcome back my wonderful editor Mary Ellen. You were missed. I hope you had an amazing trip. I was creeping your posts and it looks like you had a blast and your family too! So, yes, welcome home.
Today’s blog, I have to admit, has become one of my favourites. I was at my therapist’s office on Friday (yes, I have a therapist. I think everyone should have one) and after my hour with her I felt like I needed to take a nice long walk and mull around the get together. Toronto is a great place to roam around. It was a little cool but I had my favourite Roots sweater on and so I was ready to walk. I took a few photos along the way of Dundas Square, this cool looking condo just off Queen Street with the CN Tower in the distance, and a few other pics that I posted on my Instagram @bruceinthecity. It’s so relaxing just site seeing like a guest in this old city. It was in the middle of this stroll that I passed by an interesting looking restaurant. I had wandered into Queen Street West and this part of the city seems to have a lot of fabric places and sewing shops. It seems to be where clothing designers go to get the fabric supplies they need.
A little further west I passed by La Pallette. Oh so French. I checked out their menu which was displayed on a lectern. I peeked in the window. It had a relaxed French bistro feel to it. Maybe it was the colours? Maybe the window dressing? The sprawl of black and white photographs that seemed to be floating along the east wall? The kitchen was right out there in the open with it’s heavy metalled accessories. It felt a bit “Alice in Wonderland” to me. The bearded fellow behind the bar invited me in and to sit where I like. I chose a window seat which I actually regretted because it didn’t allow for me to admire the decor very well. The bearded fellow approached me and enthusiastically shared how the menu worked and what were some highlights and then he asked me about a beverage. I chose a Pinot Grigio. When he returned I hadn’t yet decided. I didn’t want to have to think to be honest. I looked up at his impressive beard and I just said surprise me. He looked a little surprised but I guessed that wasn’t the first time he heard a statement like that. He asked me if I had any allergies or if I was squeamish. I said no, but I lied. I was a little squeamish. After he walked away I thought okay, go big or go home. I was enjoying my pinot as I rolled around how bad could it be? The place looked pretty harmless. What could he bring me that would make me squeamish? You know when I review places, I like to be inspired. Either by the impeccable customer service or the food. Since my background deals in customer service that tends to be what affects me the greatest. But this day I just wanted to be orally satisfied beyond measure. Bring me something that would take me out of my body and spin me across the universe of flavours and savourings. I think it may have been his girth of beard that had me feeling so wide open to something perfectly new. He returned with plate in hand, placed it in front of me and began to explain the contents. It sounded like a bunch of pretty words from a bearded baritone and I was certain he said horse. Then he smiled and walked away. Did I hear him correctly? The plate looked wonderful. A lovely salad, side of fresh bread, thin fries lightly seasoned and the vinaigrette dressing was lovely. Little kisses of mustard on the plate and an egg yolk sitting on top of a lovely round of what appeared to be the “piece de resistance”, but oh my god, did he say horse? I’m certain he did. I did say surprise me, didn’t I? Okay, well I had to go for it. I wanted a brand new experience and this friendly man just put his best meat forward for me to try. I had to put it in my mouth. There was just no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I had to put it in my mouth. I’m adventurous. I can do this. I want to do it. I asked for it. I took my fork and took some yolk that burst over the top of this signature dish. I overheard reactions to him by other patrons. He’s a genius! He’s the best! He knows just what his customer needs! One woman pleaded with him to bring her back to life with the perfect drink. He did. It was called Hail Satan, some espresso based alcohol beverage! That seemed to give this woman that meg Ryan moment from When Harry Met Sally, I kid you not. This guy, whom the patrons called David, was like a local celebrity and as I placed that piece of meat into my mouth I knew I was experiencing something extraordinary. It was mouth watering and gentle as it kissed my tongue. My mind was having a moral struggle but my mouth said, “Oh yes, give me more of that outstanding piece of meat”. I found myself mixing the flavours going between the mustards and the leaf of the perfect salad and complimented by perfect thinly cut fries. The experience he gave me honestly inspired me to continue writing and to be even more brave in the future when I visit the restaurants in this amazing city and maybe once again dare to say, “surprise me”.

The actual menu items:

P.S. I would have never tried this dish on my own and I’m so thankful David shared it with me. The entire experience had me floating home recalling every moment on La Pallette.

6 kisses out of 5


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

A note from Mary Ellen

I’m much more nervous than you about food. I would have heard horse and there would have been no way that it was going in my mouth. Dave on the other hand would have tried it. The man is a food connoisseur and will try anything once.
Good for you for being brave though!


Spring Rollin

Posted by Bruce on January 21, 2018
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This is still my favourite part of my blog. Just me getting out and trying out local spots and telling you how fabulous they are. Sometimes however, they can be not so fabulous.

When I was out this past week getting myself organized to write my first review of the year,  I decided to go to Spring Rolls by Thai Pan on the Atrium on Bay Street. It’s not really on Bay first of all, it is on Dundas. Not sure why my receipt said on Bay. Anyway, their all you can eat lunch costs $18.49. I thought a bit much; I’ve been to many sushi places and this price was a bit high for fast food sushi but I thought I’d give it a shot. Most of the time pop is part of the deal. I mean pop is so cheap, why stick it to the guest? And certainly not at $2.29. But I didn’t argue the price. The place looked nice enough so I thought why not. I needed to clean off my holiday palette with a little fresh fish. Sadly, the server was really slow and I watched people who came in after me get their food before I received my soup and a couple of dumplings. The bowl was not even half full and the dumplings were under cooked. And that I’m afraid was the highlight of the meal. There were so many obvious dishes missing that are usual items at other all you can eat sushi bars. I asked the server for sushi pizza for example, a dish that is pretty basic on many sushi buffet menus. He just shrugged and said we offer more dishes at dinner. Which, by the way, they charge over $26.00. I think it’s actually $28!! Of course don’t forget the coke at almost $2.30! It was a very disappointing meal and I’m pretty addicted to sushi, as a bud of mine joked on Tuesday. So really it has to super suck for me to complain. The other thing that really bothered me was the quality of the sushi itself. The rolls were messy and loose and the pieces of fish were shaved like they were trying to stretch it out in fear of running out. It was also embarrassing as my plates piled up on my table.  Just bad. My server tried his hand at a joke and so he gets a point for that but generally the experience sucked! Written without prejudice. Try it if you want. It is only my personal experience you know!

1 kiss out of 5


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

The Men’s Room

Posted by Bruce on November 12, 2017
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I kind of assume that most people know places that I blog about exist, like sushi restaurants, pubs, bear bars, leather clubs and such. But really, when you live in a place like Toronto you do tend to forget that some of these places are not the norm, as fun as they are. I’m thinking this place I’m about to tell you about may be just one of those places. It’s called “The Men’s Room”. Now you all may be picturing a cigar shop or maybe a steam bath. This place however is just a bit more edgy than that. They just celebrated their fourth anniversary and I took a couple of buddies of mine and spontaneously crashed their party. Now the real reason I wanted to stop by is because I actually have purchased and received their flavour of service. Let’s just say it’s for the more open minded male that’s not inhibited and jailed to the confines of penal conservatism. They carry male related toys and jock straps and even beard care. Kilts and T’s and full body sculpting of the hair removal kind and hair styles and grooms of the head. It’s the hair removal and undergarments that got my attention along with their array of beard oils and beard products. They’re an interesting team of men who basically remove the barriers of sexual and sensual limitations really for gay or straight men. Although, and this is only my opinion, I don’t believe straight men are as creative in bed as their queer counter part. I think they could use a trip to the men’s room just to get them on board with post millennium sexuality. Times have changed and labels don’t always help to open the mind to sexual maturity and awareness. The Men’s Room is fabulous and fierce. I will continue to be a fan as long as they keep us boys body beautiful, inside and out. Happy four years boys!


Editor: Mary Ellen Monk

Its that very awesome time again when we find out who is this weeks Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week! It’s wicked to get to know my followers on a new level by hearing about what drives their passion. This beard is for the ladies! This dude is definably a passionate tattoo artist with a killer beard! This is Brian and he creates amazing body art in London Ontario.  I think he may be single ladies! If you would like more info on where this Badass Beard does his work just email me at and congrats Brian you are now entered for the year end prize!


Pet “Not So” Smart

Posted by Bruce on July 30, 2017
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Every summer for the last many years I take a little trip out to Peterborough to see the folks. They’ve retired so it’s a life of leisure for these two lovebirds. Not that they haven’t taken on little jobs along the way. Both my parents have enjoyed being crossing guards since retirement. My mom just retired from that this year. They’re troupers.
I do enjoy Peterborough. I’d go crazy if I lived there but it’s quite enjoyable if you know you can leave. While I was there recently, (yes I took my buddy Agnetha with me), we decided to take my folks to the local Pet Smart.  Agnetha’s eyes were dry and I wanted to get her some tears. The general customer service in this quaint bong of civilization is poor but you try to ignore it the best you can. The local food is always great. I guess with nothing much to do, people eat. People are quite large in Peterborough.
We hit Pet Smart late afternoon on the last day of my visit. As soon as we walked through the sliding doors a sales staff had their snake pulled out showing it off to everyone. My mom, being deathly afraid of snakes, almost passed out. Totally irresponsible to have that lovely and large boa right at the front door. There was no way to avoid it and I really felt that was unfair to shoppers who may be fearful of something like that. And I was pissed to have to see my mom go through that. I asked the person to put their snake away. Maybe keep it closer to the reptile area so people who are not keen on these stunning creatures won’t be forced to face them coming into the shop. Seems pretty reasonable to me. Of course I got the “that guy is weird” look from them but at least they moved their hostage. I’m not a fan of these kinds of creatures being in captive for the amusement of human beings. That was the best part of our visit sadly enough. I asked a young woman to show me where the dog tears were because my dog has protruding tear ducks and it causes her eyes to become a little irritated. It’s like $1,000 to get that fixed so we go with the tears instead. At least for now. She took me to an aisle and showed me a few products and I noticed it kept saying tear stains on the package. I said I wasn’t looking to clean tear stains off Agnetha I was looking to put tears in her eyes. She assured me this is what I needed. I purchased the tears and went out to the van to apply the ointment. A few quick drops and my dog started crying and her eyes went red. I knew something was wrong so I read the back of the box closer. Do not put in eyes, will cause irritation. What an idiot!!! I rushed back in with my dog to get something to rinse her eyes. They were so slow moving I couldn’t believe it. I told the girl, “Get me the manager” while my dogs eyes burned away. Idiots! After several minutes he finally arrived moving at a glacier pace. I explained that I needed water or something to rinse my dog’s eyes because the woman had sold me the wrong product, that I wanted tears etc. He actually said I was wrong and that this was the right product. I glared at him and said, “Read this”. I showed him the print that indicated not to put in eyes. “Now get me some water for my dog’s eyes.” He went into the grooming room and began talking to the woman who had messed up royally. They actually started laughing. I went in and said, “What is so funny and where is the water?” They just looked at me like I was speaking Farcy! Finally the woman says, “Well we have these tears you can use but we don’t sell it” so… see she knew enough to know that the tears she had for the dogs they groom would help but failed to know tear stain remover was not the same thing? I flushed my dogs eyes out as they looked on trying to avoid eye contact with me as if I were not even in the room. I have never been so angry. They were literally useless. Literally. The worst Pet “Not So” Smart experience I’ve ever had!

The Worst!

PS: My puppy’s eyes eventually calmed down. She told me she never wants to go to Pet Smart ever, ever again.


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

A word from the editor: Ahhh poor Agnetha. Sorry she had to go through such an ordeal. Glad she is feeling better.

Mary Ellen!

Zombie Disco

It was Yorkville’s yearly Ice Festival that had me at that end of town recently. I do love a good ice sculpture. This year the weather was a little dicey but chilled off enough to keep everything nice and frozen. It’s been a while since I have been to Yorkville. It’s not usually my scene but once in a while I like to see how the other half lives.

The rich are so odd! I want to be rich and odd. When you’re odd and you are poor people just think you’re nuts, but when you have money people think you’re creative, eccentric and even talented. Who else can get away with their shenanigans like the rich? They can post nudie pics all over the place and everyone cheers them on. I posted my butt on instagram once and my friends almost wrote me off for crazy. I don’t know why. I want people to get to know the many sides of me. That happens to be one of my better sides.
I found out another crazy thing the young and rich get up to, “Silent Disco”. I stopped at Hemingway’s with some pals for a few drinks. It was my first time at Hemingway’s and I really wished I could give it a stellar review! It was slow. The service I mean. Painfully slow. We were just ordering drinks and a few appetizers and the person tending bar was slowwwwwwwwwww! I felt bad for our server who was very nice and an actress apparently. How very Rachael Berry! I even had to check on our drinks right at the bar to help move things along. I think the worst part was that one person at the table waited for her meal for an hour and a half. I didn’t realize this was happening to her until she mentioned it. She was at the other end of the table.
Well, when I caught word of this I couldn’t let that go. I mentioned it to the server but she didn’t recall the order happening at all. Now you ask, why would my acquaintance wait so long for the meal in the first place? But to me that’s not the point. Maybe she is shy. Maybe she doesn’t like to complain. All I know is when someone begins to share their concerns, people should take it seriously and do what they can to help. I wasn’t getting the vibe that this was happening so I asked for the manger.
The manager did arrive and I shared the concern about the missing meal and this is were it got interesting. He began to tell me his story about being in the military and how he is so disciplined and that his team is just as disciplined. Now don’t get me wrong, I love myself a good man in the military, but I wasn’t sure how this was relating to the missing sandwich. Was he on sandwich detail during his time protecting our country?
With my most respectful voice I repeated, “But the sandwich still hasn’t arrived”. He was very intense. I felt like saying, “Sir, yes sir”. In the end the sandwich finally arrived at the two hour mark and didn’t appear on a bill so that was a good thing.
OMG! Then the place went silent. The rooftop patio filled with young and old of all backgrounds. Apparently it was time for “Silent Disco”. So for $35 each for a set of headphones apparently people can party together with the DJ spinning tunes directly into their head. It was like a scene out of some zombie apocalypse. We unfortunately did not have the fabulous $35 headphones, so we were treated to a room full of a hundred people all singing the latest tune, out of key, dancing in a room filled with nothing but their creepy voices. There were couples on dates not communicating to each other at all. Just singing with deaf ears because of the headphone pumped in music and were completely unaware that when you are unable to hear yourself sing the ability to sing in tune reduces by like 1000! It felt like one very perverse social experiment gone really wrong! I knew for the first time in my life what Hell might be like. Creepy! Maybe I’ll check them out on a live music night instead!



2 kisses out of 5

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

Alone in North Field

Posted by Bruce on November 20, 2016
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Well we are getting our first snowfall today.  I’m enjoying it from my living room window.  Sitting at my dining room table with my laptop and a really tasty  Riesling-Gewurztraminer from the East West series from Inniskillin.  A little jazz in the background and winter giving us a taste of her first white harvest.

What to write about.  Some people write to me or if they see me out on the street say, “Be funny”.  Some mention the thoughtfulness of my work and that certainly makes me feel good because I don’t always feel like I’m thinking clearly at all but my intention is to do so.

I guess I would be sitting alone in north field if I didn’t say something about this whole election thing.  I’m not really a political guy and so I haven’t really wanted to pipe up where I have little knowledge and certainly politics is one of those things in my opinion that is all tied up in oil, religion, greed (of some form or another) and control.  I know, without giving meaning to do so, I have cast my opinion on the state of politics around the globe.  I just know that we are now in the year 2016 and we still haven’t learned a damn thing.

Imagine all we have.  Still we can’t seem to share it effectively with our neighbour.  I think anyone who thinks the government is on their side is living in a fairytale, even more than myself.  I’m not saying it’s all bad, but let’s face it, you’re not getting up everyday and thinking how can I serve the public today and make all my decisions based on saving the world.  If that were the case there wouldn’t be any crazy drivers, fights on the subway or groping people on the bus.  It would be us against no one.

Even the existence of religion is really a dinosaur.  If 90% of the worlds people believe in some form of religion, then why are we in such a mess?  They are all suppose to teach love, tolerance, etc.  We go to our houses of faith and two minutes after we leave we are the self centred suckers we were when we went in.  I was raised in a religious home and I don’t see that it has done anything for anyone really.  It’s a nice idea but as long as people are running it, it’s doomed.

I love the idea of it.  There is a higher power floating around out there that will forgive us of all our wrong doing.  Well doesn’t that make it easier to be an asshole?  If we are so busy waiting for the next world, why give a shit about this one and the people in it?  Oh yes, because we fear the big power in the sky that will punish us if we are not good.  Isn’t it enough to see the pain face to face that we cause on each other that we shouldn’t need the threat of a god to set us straight?  Are we that self righteous?  We are!  That’s the problem.  I hear all the time people expecting this higher power to get us out of the shit we got ourselves into.  Get a grip!  No one is getting us out of the shit we caused but us, so we better grow up and face the hard facts that we have really fucked things up.

All this mess with the Trump thing?  We did it!!!  Yes, every one of us!  We acted like we gave a shit and we didn’t.  We dropped bombs and took what wasn’t ours and enslaved people by the masses.  What do you think is going to happen?  Now don’t hate me but we have all had a hand in making the word a shitty place but we can still change the direction we are going.  This is not a blame game.  This is a wake up call.  We have become the worst version of ourselves and we were doing so well.

We have to stop indulging in the train wreck and start shouting out the good in us all.  You know during the election everyone was much more interested in the terrible Trump tweets than the positive tweets coming out of Hillary’s camp.  It’s simple and we all know it.  I am not saying anything new.  We all love the drama of the devil.  I’m not saying Donald Trump is the Devil.  What I am saying is that negative is our Devil.  We want to see the mighty crash and burn.  Why do you think we love reality T.V?

Now unfortunately it is not a person but a country that is on its way to extinction.  If you guys don’t come together somehow you leave yourselves wide open to all kinds of infiltration.  I certainly hope that is not the case. If you’re not them, then you’re us.  Meaning we are all pretty poor in comparison to the small elite at the top.  Imagine what we could do if we stopped obeying their fear and we said, “Not us! We chose to love.  We chose to talk.  We chose to unite and learn.”  I know, crazy idea.  Who needs it?  Well, by the look of things, we do.  We’ve tried all the other ways.  Let’s face the music and each other and understand that as long as the powers keep us scattered, we are not able to make any real changes for good.  You don’t really want to shoot your neighbor in the face just because they think differently than you, do you?

That’s what the powers want you to believe.  Now the dangers we live in are real but we cannot stop it by dropping bombs and lighting nukes.  We make a change everyday when we say hi and smile at those who look different from us.  Don’t worry if they don’t say hi first.  Just say hi.  You will be amazed at the response you will get.  If I’m wrong then I would bet there are no gods out there looking over us because the 90% of us who believe that our god intervenes on our behalf will be pleased to see we finally gave a shit about the absolute basic foundation of mankind, love.

Do what you want but this new world we are now in needs a whole lot of love right now and it needs to start within.  Imagine the world if it only had one kind of flower, one kind of cat, one type of tree.  It would suck!  Open your minds and hearts.  This is our home.  Let’s stop being assholes and embrace the beauty of diversity.  People are so afraid of stepping on peoples feet but you can stand on mine and I’d be happy to share my life experience with you if you are willing to know me better.


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

Word from the Editor: Very well done!  I think it hits the nail on the head.  It isn’t about who is running a country… it’s about how the people within that country treat others.  One bad leader shouldn’t be able to change a nation of people who are normally kind at heart.  People need to stick together and fight for what is right and noble, not what sells papers or lines pockets.

Killer Cab

Posted by Bruce on September 11, 2016
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I would have to say this summer was one of the oddest summers I have ever had.  The things that happened to me and what I got into couldn’t possibly be real.
Hi I’m Bruce in the City and I’m made for T.V.

John and I had some very good friends of ours visit from the States again this year.  It’s always hard to know what to take people to see when visiting Toronto because everyone has such different interests.  When I went to New York, I was like take me to the peelers!  Alas, not everyone finds that form of entertainment appealing.

We decided to take them to the next best thing, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with live cast.  I thought it was wicked.  Although, and this in no way is a sexist comment, but they had Rocky played by an actress.  She was great but have you seen Rocky?  It’s a bit of a golden bathing suit must.  Ok fine, I just wanted to see the hottie in the small eenie weenie golden bikini bottoms.

The couple that came to see us are hilariously funny in my opinion.  Out of the two I would have to say Paul is the funniest.  Sorry Chris, you’re funny too but that Paul, stop my nerves!  Bloody hilarious!  He is somewhat specific on the things he enjoys but very accommodating to try out whatever has been put on the slab.  I don’t think he was overly excited to see Rocky.  As a perfect guest though he agreed and there we were sitting in the darkened Bloor Street Cinema about to take in the irreverence of such a show.

For those of you who have never been, they actually use live props etc. and one can find themselves covered in toilet paper or candy or even water at any given time. Which is what happened to our poor guest Paul as a very full glass of cold water came speeding directly at his face. It’s almost like they knew he really didn’t want to be there.

It was an okay performance, but poor Paul soaked to the bone graciously laughed off the experience and knew from that moment on he was in for a bumpy ride.
Peelers anyone?

Of course it seems as though the story has come to a close but alas not on this occasion.  We went out for a few needed cocktails and then were good little boys and decided to call it a night.  We had another big day planned for them the next day so we needed our beauty sleep.  Well, they needed more than me but who was I to argue.

John and I grabbed a cab which was pretty normal for us.  We have our TTC passes but when it’s late (and it was) it’s easier to hail a cab. We, of course, were so tired having had consumed a few cocktails after the performance.  We got into our Beck taxi, which is the cab company we always take, told the driver where we were heading and began reliving the evening with some tired chat in the back seat.

As we began rounding a corner I noticed quickly the car wasn’t following the curve.  I screamed, “Holy Fuck!” and the driver was woken by my panicked yelp.  That’s right he fell asleep!  Let me just say that again, he fell asleep!  Our car was headed right for a threesome of parked cars and we were going about 30 clicks.  Neither John or I had belts on and the driver swerved to the left to avoid a head on collision.

Thankfully he missed the parked cars.  He barely knew what was going on as he was still coming to.  I yelled at him to let us out of the car immediately.  He was still trying to drive at this point but I insisted he let us out.  I got on my cell on the side of the road and if you can believe it the driver was trying to make us pay for the fare.  We were both in shock and I told him to be quiet, I was calling the office.  He kept saying, “pay me, pay me” and in my shock I said that he better shut up, he almost killed us.

The driver didn’t stick around he took off hoping we were too shaken to get his car number but I got it and called it in and had him pulled off the road.  It was surreal.  The scene playing over and over in our minds.  I explained what had happen to the operator at Beck.  I asked for another cab to pick us up and if you can imagine they made us pay for it.  We almost were in a serious accident caused by their driver falling asleep at the wheel and they didn’t even give us a courtesy ride home!

The amazing thing is this isn’t the last of the wicked weekend with cab drivers from Beck.  Now we take many cabs from this company weekly and I think it’s a company’s responsibility to offer a safe and secure driving experience.  I think their response to what we went through could have been handled better.

I have to be honest, last night when I was in one of their cabs again I asked to get out because the driver was nodding off.  What the hell? Anyway we will continue to use this company but they really need to get their act together.  I just have to ask where are they getting these guys?  I have seen some serious changes in the last six years.  They had better get with it if they don’t want Uber taking their business.

Until next Sunday!!


Edited by: Mary Ellen Monk

Gay Ole Time!

Posted by Bruce on July 03, 2016
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This week has been crazy fun! Let me just get that out there. Pride month has been a fabulous success in the city. Of course I got to take in Café California’s Men’s fashion under garment show (undies supplied by The Bay, Men supplied by God only knows) but unfortunately the show did not live up to it’s hype this year.
There were many empty tables and the new management and staff were pretty cool at best. Ok, so I have to admit, I remain a fan of Leticia and her husband who owned the place for I’m guessing 20 plus years! They really knew how to put on a party but you can tell the new owners are out for the big gay bucks.
They cut the three course pre fix meal down to two courses leaving off the best part… dessert! They of course charged about the same price. My food came with a side of what I could only guess was pubic hair. It certainly was a short and curly. To top it off when I brought it to the bus boy’s attention he proceeded to wipe it off with his finger. Now Lord only knows where it was before it hit my plate but I never saw anyone ever use their finger to remove a possible pubic hair from a dinner plate. He walked of with my plate and about 10 minutes later our server stopped by to quickly mention she would comp me a drink for the hair raising trouble. A manager never bothered to stop by at all. Utterly unacceptable!
They had a raffle going by which you could only get a raffle ticket if you purchased their $6 fun and furious mixed cocktail. Mine was basically a ball of uncrushed ice with some berry squirt on top. Terrible and no options for non drinkers so they never got to play. Tacky and irresponsible!!! Not to mention an obvious cash crab! I’m almost certain that’s illegal but don’t quote me. The good news was our buddies Ron and Allan won the draw so that was a bonus.
Unfortunately the boys were nothing to write home about. Who am I to talk. I wouldn’t be caught fully dressed on that runway let alone in my gotcha’s! Really though, they didn’t look like they wanted to be there and unlike all the other years they didn’t even make contact with the audience at all. Well just to this one girl in the window seat. They must have been straight. There was one model who came up to us after the show to ask if we enjoyed it and we lied. He was too cute to break his almost naked heart.
Here was the kicker. As soon as the show was over they had another seating which is normal from past events there. Our show ended at 7:30 p.m. The next show was to start at 8:30. John went to order some dessert and our server actually said well we really needed to clear out for the next show. What!%$#@$%#%$#! Between us all we must have spent like $400 bucks and we can’t even see the F&^$67$n dessert menu? Now I was just pissed to the nine’s!
I smiled and calmly said it would be nice to have dessert!!!! Now here is the best part; our server knew I was blogging about the event. This was the best they could do? I feel sorry for the poor buggers who weren’t blogging. This was the worst experience I have ever had at any restaurant in this fine Gay city. I will never go back! Like never ever!
Ron and Allan did there best to avoid a scene but I’m certain they could not have been impressed either. They’re world travellers. How could this measure up in anyway to the outstanding shows and events they must get to enjoy around the gay cities of the world?
In short Café California 0 kisses out of 5 on this one! It’s was definitely no Gay ole Time!!
I hope you all have an amazing Pride day today. Did I mention I’ll be in the Parade? No bitches I’m not a float! Look for me on the double decker bus for Proud Anglicans! Lost of love and kisses and never let hate fade out your rainbow!!
P.S.: I had to ask my server for that free drink! It was an ill tasting Caesar!

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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