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Bears in Excess

The terrible din of crowbars and sledgehammers wielded against wooden doors and marble walls. That’s what Peter Bochove remembers most about the night of Feb. 5, 1981, when police descended on four of Toronto’s bathhouses and rounded up close to 300 men. They were herded into the bathhouse lobbies, many dressed only in towels. Some […]

The Men’s Room

Brucesters! I kind of assume that most people know places that I blog about exist, like sushi restaurants, pubs, bear bars, leather clubs and such. But really, when you live in a place like Toronto you do tend to forget that some of these places are not the norm, as fun as they are. I’m […]

Do the Doo!

I can’t begin to tell you the importance of the right hairdoo. My head is my crown. I’m not saying not having hair means you don’t have a crown. In fact I think many, many men with no head hair are very sexy with the right amount of confidence. My one brother lost his mane […]

Catch Ya Later

I have been working at my shop for just about three years now and have been loving it and all the people I hired. We’ve had the best time but just like every good thing, like the seasons, it is all about to change. My travel to work daily is just over an hour but […]

Me the Caveman!

Hello Toronto!  What is the buzz?  I have to tell you it is awesome to be back blogging to you about my amazing city Toronto.  I hope you have been following my rants and raves on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook while I have been away from my blog!  It has been an absolutely crazy time […]

Sheila Strikes Again!

It’s incredible what a trip to a great salon can do! It’s so important to pick a place that listens to what you want. So many places try to make those important decisions for you. I knew Sheila was who we needed to see. I wrote about her shop just a few short weeks ago. I was […]

Oh Sheila!

After I finished up at the record store and the cheese place it was time to make my way home.  I had a great time but I was feeling a little tired and in need of some r and r. I stood on the corner of Broadview and Danforth in a daze.  I was thinking about […]

Filled, Fit and Fondled

The winter snow was coming down lightly and it wasn’t as cold as it has been.  The winter has been brutal this year.  I don’t recall a winter like this in years.  As a kid it felt like every winter was a blast of Arctic air from November to February.  I read a note that […]

When in Doubt Cut it Off!

For any of you that have yet to be convinced to visit my fabulous city, please don’t let the events of last week turn you off. Unfortunately every great city has to deal with people of this nature. It isn’t right but staying away in fear isn’t the answer either. I never like to be the […]

Lighten Up Already!

Well here I am, better late than never.  It seems to be my motto these days.  I never seem to find enough time in my day to get all the things done I want to, including this article.  Sorry for my tardiness, I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you again next Sunday! I don’t know […]