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Bears in Excess

Posted by Bruce on August 19, 2018
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The terrible din of crowbars and sledgehammers wielded against wooden doors and marble walls.

That’s what Peter Bochove remembers most about the night of Feb. 5, 1981, when police descended on four of Toronto’s bathhouses and rounded up close to 300 men.

They were herded into the bathhouse lobbies, many dressed only in towels. Some had numbers marked on their arms. Others would later tell of being pressed for the names of their wives and bosses.

The majority were arrested at the Richmond Street Health Emporium, owned by Bochove. It was so badly damaged during the raid that it never reopened. Exerp from the Toronto Star  NICKI THOMAS STAFF REPORTER
Fri., Feb. 4, 2011

Thank God Times have changed. It’s always important to remember so we never return to those dark days again.

Bruce in the City

Hey you sexy bears! It’s great to be back! It’s amazing to be connected with bears from all over the world and I love meeting you on my Instagram @bruceinthecity and here on my official blog Today it’s all about the bears!
I love giving you a birds eye view from my Canadian perspective. I’m a Toronto Bear Cub and telling you about the bears of the North makes me proud. Canadians and the US bears has shared a special friendship for a long time and we definitely love when you come to visit us! Recently I attended a super sexy event at one of Toronto’s most popular men’s spas “Spa Excess” when in my fair city it’s a very popular go to for the bear community. Their Bear events draw a colourful mix of fellows who leave their inhibitions at the door. This place is easy going down to earth and a great place to meet and greet and meat and greet!

“It’s so popular and so wonderful an evening, because a lot of people are alone and not many people come as a couple,” “It’s become like one big, huge family.” excerpt from the Toronto 2014, StarLaura Armstrong
Staff Reporter

The Bears in Excess event I attended there recently happens once a month along with Chubs at the Tubs where the alpha bears are out in droves.
The energy is great. There’s prizes to be won and money to be raised to help local relevant causes. This day was to raise funds, for a close friend of the organizer,who needed a serious life saving surgery.  I met bears from all over the world at the event including some of you fine mates from across the boarder! There’s like four levels  of fun in this spa and a bar to get you in the right frame of mind. The staff is helpful and the staffs are plenty! It’s great to see the Gay community embracing us more voluptuous Queers and it’s really about time being that full size is now in vogue. I hope this beautiful trend continues. Body shaming is so 1990’s! Come and be a saint or sinner at the next Bear event if your visiting Toronto. We just love you our bears from the south. Check out Bears in Excess on Instagram for current event info @bearsinexcess organizer @fluffyeric (Eric)
Have a great August! See you in September you sexy Bears!

Bruce in the City

The Men’s Room

Posted by Bruce on November 12, 2017
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I kind of assume that most people know places that I blog about exist, like sushi restaurants, pubs, bear bars, leather clubs and such. But really, when you live in a place like Toronto you do tend to forget that some of these places are not the norm, as fun as they are. I’m thinking this place I’m about to tell you about may be just one of those places. It’s called “The Men’s Room”. Now you all may be picturing a cigar shop or maybe a steam bath. This place however is just a bit more edgy than that. They just celebrated their fourth anniversary and I took a couple of buddies of mine and spontaneously crashed their party. Now the real reason I wanted to stop by is because I actually have purchased and received their flavour of service. Let’s just say it’s for the more open minded male that’s not inhibited and jailed to the confines of penal conservatism. They carry male related toys and jock straps and even beard care. Kilts and T’s and full body sculpting of the hair removal kind and hair styles and grooms of the head. It’s the hair removal and undergarments that got my attention along with their array of beard oils and beard products. They’re an interesting team of men who basically remove the barriers of sexual and sensual limitations really for gay or straight men. Although, and this is only my opinion, I don’t believe straight men are as creative in bed as their queer counter part. I think they could use a trip to the men’s room just to get them on board with post millennium sexuality. Times have changed and labels don’t always help to open the mind to sexual maturity and awareness. The Men’s Room is fabulous and fierce. I will continue to be a fan as long as they keep us boys body beautiful, inside and out. Happy four years boys!


Editor: Mary Ellen Monk

Its that very awesome time again when we find out who is this weeks Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week! It’s wicked to get to know my followers on a new level by hearing about what drives their passion. This beard is for the ladies! This dude is definably a passionate tattoo artist with a killer beard! This is Brian and he creates amazing body art in London Ontario.  I think he may be single ladies! If you would like more info on where this Badass Beard does his work just email me at and congrats Brian you are now entered for the year end prize!


Do the Doo!

Posted by Bruce on August 27, 2017
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I can’t begin to tell you the importance of the right hairdoo. My head is my crown. I’m not saying not having hair means you don’t have a crown. In fact I think many, many men with no head hair are very sexy with the right amount of confidence. My one brother lost his mane many years ago and I actually think it really suits him and he’s much hotter with no mane.

Not that I find my brother hot but he does pull off not having hair on his head top notch, Ben Denzel. I think his bedazzled lady lover would agree. So recently as I was growing out my locks I felt like I was getting some mixed reviews on my Game of Thrones main choice. I mean the beard is always kick ass but one has got to be careful what they do with their head. I’m not saying everyone’s opinion counts. I do what I want but I do appreciate an honest opinion. Look at us. We were a mess!

So when in doubt, take a poll. So I did. The world spoke. Okay fine, like 20 people spoke and it was a majority. The long locks were just not cutting it. Now what the heck was I going to do? I had been going to this salon at Yonge and Eglinton. Sam had been helping me grow out those locks for a time and so I thought, you know what, he has got to be the one to whack it off. I rushed over with coffee in hand. Damn wouldn’t you figure, he wasn’t there. What a nightmare! When I decide to whack it off I need it done like ASAP before I lose my nerve. Two fabulous ladies were there styling away and I decided I was just going to have to trust my head in the hands of another.

I chose Farnaz. She has fabulous hair and she reminded me of a woman I worked with at that horrible jewelry company, Ben Moss. She was fabulous. Unlike the boss who was a lying cow and eventually got the boot. I should have sued the old Russian battle axe for the stunt she pulled but I’ll save that story for another time. So fabulous Farnaz! She had me at pompadour! She really did a wonderful makeover of my locks and spent an anazing amount of time letting me know her process. Brilliant! You must book a hair date with her if you’re in the Toronto area. She ended up doing

my partner too and he was thrilled with how she sculpted his over grown bush so flawlessly! Art is how she described what she does. You know what, I couldn’t disagree. Sorry Sam you’re always amazing but I needed it and you weren’t around!

Ray Daniel Salon & Spa

2300 Yonge St

Yonge & Eglinton Centre




Mary Ellen Monk



Catch Ya Later

I have been working at my shop for just about three years now and have been loving it and all the people I hired. We’ve had the best time but just like every good thing, like the seasons, it is all about to change. My travel to work daily is just over an hour but still difficult to make decisions to move because I’ve made some wonderful acquaintances and friends. I was just north of Lawrence Ave and the community there is amazing. The people in this neighborhood have such a wonderfully friendly, small town hospitality. I know we will both miss each other.

I was even invited to some local get togethers during my time at the shop which were so lovely. I won’t ever forget them. My team was so great too. I hired all of them. They were awesome if I do say so myself and I hope they continue to be their fabulous selves.

I loved the area too. I frequented many shops during my stay. I wrote about a few of them. The Abbott was one of my favourite watering holes. The ladies there were so wonderful. They do make some fabulous Caesars that is for sure! The head bartender is pretty cool too and has an Elvis/Blue Rodeo look about him and he’s funny.

Oh, and Bobbette & Belle! They had the best treats. Did I write about them? I’ve written about so many places I can’t keep track. I really liked the one manager that unfortunately left. She was very outgoing but I don’t think she was very happy. Retail places have a mad record of being able to hold onto good people. Of course I’m only guessing but I’m usually correct about these things. I’ve been around and back baby!

Don’t even get me started on Yonge Street Sushi! Super slow service but their sushi is fabulous. I went there way too many times. I will miss their terrible service and their great sushi! Okay, maybe they weren’t that bad but ya they were not great at customer service. But let’s keep our eyes on the sushi shall we!?

I have to give a shout out to a few other places that knocked my sox off while working in the neighborhood. The Sushi Bar, Aroma Espresso Bar, McCoy Burger (from my home town of Oshawa), The Friendly Butcher (Cute guys slapping meat on a patio grill? Hello!), Salt Cave, Patisserie Sebastian, Pistachio, Valentina’s Body Bakery!! All fabulous places to try out when in the Lawrence Village!!

Do you remember growing up with your local corner store? Well the family that runs the corner store just up the street from my shop are so great. I mean they never gave me a break on a nickel but who can blame them. Money makes the world go around. They did give me some flowers once. That was very sweet. Toronto is such a cold ass city! It’s so nice to make a friend or two along the way. Okay “friend” might be pushing it, but at the very least politeness does go a long way in this burnt toast town.

My clients were the best, which truly makes it so difficult to go. Everyone, for the most part, was just as sweet as anything. It’s truly not easy to go. But you know when your customers are closer to you than your own friends are, it’s important to make some healthy work life balance decisions.

Plus, I’m super excited to get to meet all the new people and the store itself is busier, and you all know how I need to keep myself busy. A good business move I think. Personal happiness and some healthy challenges? It’s a good thing. With being closer to home too I’ll be able to get out to more fabulous places to write about.

Well everyone I knew, and even some that relationships will continue, it was amazing serving you these past several years. I’ll miss you guys and hope we bump into each other again.


Editor Mary Ellen Monk

Thoughts from the Editor: Good luck on your new adventure! Are you close enough now to walk to work? I know you are on the weight loss journey, just like the rest of us, so wondered if extra walking to work might help. I walk 4-5 kms every day on my lunch hour. It’s the only free time I get away from my boys because they are in school, so I take advantage of it.

Love you!


Me the Caveman!

Posted by Bruce on February 05, 2017
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Hello Toronto!  What is the buzz?  I have to tell you it is awesome to be back blogging to you about my amazing city Toronto.  I hope you have been following my rants and raves on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook while I have been away from my blog!  It has been an absolutely crazy time since the last time we met.  The world was spinning with one less dictator and women still had the right to their own vijajays!  What the freak happened?  Well one thing is for sure, in all the crazy that is this blue marble spinning, one better take some time to distress and bloody well relax.  That’s just what this season of Bruce in the City is going to be all about.  Relax, detox and if that doesn’t work bitch about it until someone listens!  I’m going to do what any well mannered Torontonian would do, start with getting us back to some R & R!

I have to be honest.  I may have had a few freaky deaky days this winter where my stress levels were a little more than off the charts.  It’s true.  I, calm demur as always, and the level headed one.  Never overreacting and taking life in stride and by the balls.  Nothing phases me.  I’m not one of those who lives in the land of hysterics and blocks people on Facebook or threatens to leave social media every other day.  No, I with a vast amount of poise and dignity keep it real.  Face the day with my hat on straight and stand up to those who would have varying states of opposite and unacceptable opinions. I know thyself and embrace the days challenges with everything that says, “This is a guy to be proud of”.  I know it’s truly amazing and yet I have to tell you it is so stressful keeping up to the high status like spot in the world you have placed me.  I mean I’m the morning coffee man, there with you as you swallow your joe before facing another day.  This is how I know that before I jump off the deep end of irrational behaviours, one must book themselves for an outstanding spa day.  Or at least a spa hour.

I had the most wonderfully relaxing and health beneficial moments on Thursday evening.  It was my last day of work before my day job holiday, which I am enjoying as we speak, and I decided I would try out a little place up the street from my shop that’s called Salt Cave.  I had no idea what it was but the owner had been working on his building for many month updating it and such and he would stop into my shop and tell me a bit about what he was up to and he mentioned this salt cave thing.  Well I wasn’t really interested to tell you the truth; it sounded a bit hocus pocus for me.  Oh, “Hocus Pocus” I love that movie!  So anyway he got it done just recently and so when passing by the other day I thought what the hell I might as well stop by and poke around.

It is on the lower level.  They have an organic food place up top and I’m curious to try that out too at some point.  But anyway, I went down the stairs and just like in Gremlins when that dad goes into that Asian artifact store, this too had the feeling like I was entering another place and time.  A gentle, older Asian woman greeted me.  She actually looked at me like I had entered by mistake and was going to tell me the pizza place is on the corner but when I began to inquire about the salt cave she (with some apprehension) showed me around.

Awesome.  There are two rooms built.  One for a small group of people and one if you decide to go it alone.  Spaces filled with sand and dimmed lighting and salt I assume all on the walls.  Some lawn style chairs that are there to make you feel weightless I understand, and even a tent and beach toys and books for one to read.  I assume the toys are for children if families use the cave.

The salt is blown into the air and the lights are dimmed and the beautiful music plays in the background.  One hour in the salt cave is like spending three days by the ocean.  I was so relaxed I’m certain I farted.  I literally fell asleep in 10 minutes of being in the cave.  It felt cool yet warm inside the cave and the world was swept away.  The salt cleans the lungs and helps the immune system as well as conditions the skin and hair.  I actually own a salt lamp which I mentioned on my Twitter the other day.  It purifies the air in your home by getting rid of positive ions in the air.  What an outstanding way to start a holiday or as I like to call it, a staycation.  With all the nuts that’s going on I’m not even joking when I say you guys have got to distress yourselves.  The hour was only $35 and there is more to this place then just the salt caves.  Apparently $35 is an amazing price.  Some better known spas apparently charge quite a bit more.  I am going to try out their massage frequency thing next.

Check it out!!


Mary Ellen Monk

Sheila Strikes Again!

Posted by Bruce on May 03, 2015
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11164699_10155517573880521_3590530586739227190_n10423304_10155521688220521_8764121588617414835_nIt’s incredible what a trip to a great salon can do! It’s so important to pick a place that listens to what you want. So many places try to make those important decisions for you. I knew Sheila was who we needed to see. I wrote about her shop just a few short weeks ago. I was telling you how incredible the experience was for me. Well! I’m just going to keep this weeks blog short an sweet and let the before and after speak for itself! My partners Mom!Oh Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Thank you Sheila. You outdid yourself!


Broadview Ave. @ Danforth Ave.

Phone number (416) 463-7423 

Editor: Mary Ellen Monk

Stay tuned next Sunday for my review of

“The Super Funk Band of Awesome”

(a few members of the band)


Oh Sheila!

Posted by Bruce on March 30, 2015
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After I finished up at the record store and the cheese place it was time to make my way home.  I had a great time but I was feeling a little tired and in need of some r and r.
I stood on the corner of Broadview and Danforth in a daze.  I was thinking about cheese and the great cd I had just picked up.
Have you ever felt a tug in your core before?  You know that feeling like “I should go that way” or “I shouldn’t eat that week old tuna in the fridge”?  Well I was getting tugged on the corner of Broad and Dan!
It was that tugging that made me do an abrupt left to cross away from where I thought I wanted to go.  I love following my instincts.  I am always open to some new adventure here in the city I love.
I was tugged across the street and in the direction of south.  I took about 50 steps when the tugging pulled me into a spa and salon that was in pitch darkness.  I tried the door anyway.  It opened to my surprise.  I investigated and there were three people straightening around.  They were sweeping and dusting and primping.
I apologized.  I realised they were closed and I was interrupting their clean up.  Almost in unison they said, “Come in”.  Big smiles. The most welcoming of smiles.
What a fabulous space.  I was in need of a “new do” and they were willing to do me.  I was impressed. They opened their doors wide to me and sat me down in the chair for a grooming.
A little snip and some celebrity gossip.  I was in heaven.  I can’t really explain it but all joking aside I was drawn to their little shop around the corner.  I had passed many salons that day and none of them impressed me.  This one was calling me from 50 or more feet away. 10432037_604115346370486_1605243930_n
There was a wonderful aura about the place.  I was so relaxed and at home.  The two ladies that were there, “Sheila” the owner and “Farzana” her assistant, were extremely attentive.  I felt like I had been going there for years even though I had just met them.
After my perfect cut, dry and style Farzana took me on a tour of the place.  Not as small as I expected.  There is a tea and beverage area for relaxation before or after your appointment.  There is a massage and spa section.  Apparently the massage therapist has magic hands.  In the back yard there is a garden that will be set up for BBQ’s and other social gatherings for relaxation once the weather improves.  If ever!
They offer a special discount too if you bring a guest.  Which I thought was wonderful.  The whole experience was perfect.  You know I’m all about my hair.  I am a fan of this lovely salon and spa for sure and will be back often.
Thanks ladies for treating me to such a spectacular experience!

5 KISSES out of 5

Sheila’s shear art & spa

750 Broadview avenue

Toronto on


Editor: Mary Ellen Monk


Filled, Fit and Fondled

The winter snow was coming down lightly and it wasn’t as cold as it has been.  The winter has been brutal this year.  I don’t recall a winter like this in years.  As a kid it felt like every winter was a blast of Arctic air from November to February.  I read a note that it was colder than Mars the other day.  Crazy!

Regardless I always love the first few days of a new year.  It always feels so hopeful. I suddenly feel like I want to spend time on my own.  After all the hustle and bustle that is the Christmas season it’s fabulous to just disappear and enjoy some much needed quality time with self.

My new year began just as it should with a new hair style, a new pair of boots and a trendy new Sushi buffet!!  I started with the boots. A man has got to have a great pair of boots.  Mine were a sexy brown leather high tie boot by Rockport.  There is an amazing “Rockport” outlet at the East York Town Center.  No one seems to know of this little mall but there are some great deals there.  If you know how to shop.  And Brucesters, I know how to shop!

The second must do is the do!!! I stopped at Afif Hair  Beauty Salon and met a really cool woman there. I asked her what she thought of my Pompadour. And she was actually honest and said it was making me look older than I was. She said you don’t want to look like your over 35 do you? Of course not I said with a wink and a smile. She started her snip snip here and her snip snip there and before I knew it I was Toronto fabulous and trendy once again!

It’s not a day out without a good meal so my first 2014 lunch out came in the form of some raw fish! The restaurant is called Itamae Sushi. It’s brand new! I strolled in from out of the cold with my new Rockports in toe and outstanding new spikes and was quickly seated.

I just love a fabulous Sushi buffet!! It was so clean and inviting. All the girls we so polite and attentive and the menu was a little tablet that you touch the screen to place your order.  So perfect for a man on the go.

Now filled, fit and fondled I think I can truly embrace 2014 with everything I’ve got! I hope your new year is going spectacularly so far and as we ring in the new year let’s spread love, joy, peace and a good make over to as many ugly people as possible!

I just love you all and can’t wait to write for you every Sunday!!!!



East York Town Center, 2-45 Overlea Blvd, Toronto

Itamae Sushi, 747 Don Mills Rd, North York416-422-1860

Afif Salon Hair & Beauty, 2485 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2H6, 416-488-2161

When in Doubt Cut it Off!

Posted by Bruce on June 10, 2012
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For any of you that have yet to be convinced to visit my fabulous city, please don’t let the events of last week turn you off. Unfortunately every great city has to deal with people of this nature. It isn’t right but staying away in fear isn’t the answer either. I never like to be the voice of doom but hey let’s face it, peace and happiness is always a gamble.

In saying that, I firmly believe there is one thing in life that should, with no excuse what so ever, ever ever ever be a gamble. A trip to the salon!!!!! I have never been more serious!  Anyone who knows me at all, know my hair is my crowning glory. I have been blond, black, short, long, shaved,low,high and one thing is for sure, when done to perfection peace and happiness are not far behind!

I wrote a blog sometime last year about a wonderful salon in Yorkville. Well of late I have had very little reason to get to that neck of the woods and so sadly I have had to find another salon and this is not an easy task! Not to say there are not many wonderful salons in Toronto but finding just the right salon is also about finding just the right hair stylist.  Different strokes for different folks right?

Over the last many months I have stopped into several salons and as you may have noticed they didn’t make it onto my blog.  Now, there was one really great hair stylist, believe it or not at Zellers! I was in a pinch!!! But seriously she was wonderful but unfortunately Zellers is closing up shop to make way for Target. Very exciting and bittersweet all at the same time. She moved on and I lost her business card.

I find myself unhappy with the last several cut and styles so I was letting my locks grow out.  This week, I had made my way to one of my favourite strips here in the city “The Danforth” I love that strip! It’s better known as Greek Town! I have spoken about it before. However I normally go there for the food and to make a stop at this cute little pet store which I am going to tell you about in an up and coming blog! This day however I was just window shopping and looking for the next little shop to talk about.

There he stood before me “Salon Elias” Sexy, Sheik and Masculine! Just like me! Would I take the risk? You know some of these places look good and then they scalp you. There is a salon on Church Street, I won’t be cruel and mention the name but run for the hills. Seriously, after my hair cut the guy actually said “There, now you look like Justin Beieber!!!! I answered back “Sir I’m a 41 year old man. Do I look like I’m wanting to look like Justin Beiber? Of course he blamed it on me and my lack of communication! Can you imagine me being accused of that? So I ran and never returned back to that terrible excuse of a salon.

Wow see how a bad experience can come back to haunt you. That is why customer service is my passion and writing about it my guilty pleasure! I digress!  Back to the present, I decided to take a risk! There were two very friendly guys (One the owner and one “Mitxay” a Top Hairstylist) working on a couple of clients and there was no hesitation for a welcoming hello. On a scale of Hot or Not, they were Hot!! Unfortunately they were booked solid but built solid to!

Surprisingly Mitxay offered to squeeze me in. He asked if I could return in about a half hour. I was  impressed. I wasn’t dressed all that great and with baseball cap on and a can of coke in hand he made me feel like I had been a client of his for 20 years! That is what it’s all about! It’s a strong first step anyway. The final test would be whether or not he could actually do my hair to my liking. I’m picky and I know what I like!

When I returned from my half hour walk about, he was ready and waiting.  Even with his pinched time he decided a fresh hair wash and treatment would be the perfect beginning. Those hands! Forget about it! I feel Pretty, oh so pretty I feel pretty and whitty and…. well we all know how that ends!  As I sat in his chair he asked me what I wanted. I said “I have know idea!” He raised his shiny cutters and with a wink and a smile exclaimed “When in doubt cut it off!”

What a great cut and style! Not too much taken but just enough! Not to pricey but just enough! This family owned salon will be my hair retreat villa until the great Greek Gods say otherwise! Thanks so much guys for taking me on such short notice. I promise to call ahead next time! I’ll see you in a few weeks!

5 kisses out of 5

Salon Elias

799 Danforth Avenue

Toronto On


Lighten Up Already!

Posted by Bruce on November 01, 2010
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Well here I am, better late than never.  It seems to be my motto these days.  I never seem to find enough time in my day to get all the things done I want to, including this article.  Sorry for my tardiness, I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you again next Sunday!
I don’t know about you but lately I have been feeling like I am chasing my tail.  There is so much to do and so little time.  Everyone wanting a piece of your day and nothing left for Self.  Our 9-5’s are promoting work life balance but I am not so sure we are succeeding at more personal time.  Let’s face it; life isn’t getting any cheaper and with all these taxes that are getting shoved down our throats it’s a wonder we can take any time off at all.
Wow, I’m sounding like a bitter Queen!  With that in mind I decided to take action and book myself “Self Time!”  No friends, no work, no writing, no singing, just me and myself but what would I do to relieve my stress but not get myself into any trouble?
I decided to book myself into rehab.  Well hair rehab.  It was time for a “Due” update so that was just what I was going to do! Hmm, now  to the next  problem, where would I go to have this act performed on me? I had recalled a cute little salon in Yorkville that I had past by on my way to meet friends one night.  It had my name all over it.
I was nervous actually!  Yorkville can be a bit intimidating but I deserved this and I wasn’t going to let my nervousness  change my plan.  I made my appointment and off I went.  I  had a bit of contact with one of the owners and hair designers  earlier this year and thought he would be the best man for the job.  I pulled together my self confidence and one amazing bottle of vintage and walked up the long flight of stairs to utter fabulousness.
Steven (the owner and stylist) was there to greet me and made me feel very welcome.   I offered the wine and he smiled and said “let’s get this thing popped!”  After my first sip and my first snip I knew this was going to be a fantastic visit!  He noticed how nervous I was and said “You need to lighten up already!” and with that, on went the purple goo!
How exciting my “Me Time” had turned into a new friendship, a great Merlot and a great shade of blonde!
So I lightened up as he suggested and had a great time! Everyone there that day was very cool!  Yorkville, not so intimidating anymore!
Thanks, Steven!
Jean Pierre and Kristensen Coiffure
29 Bellair Street
Toronto, ON M5R 2C8
(416) 960-0335

edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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