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A Woman in Red

Hey Brucesters What a week! I was planning on beginning my month break from my blog when of course a bunch of cool stuff starts happening and bam, I want to write about it! I met a new friend at an event I was doing an article on and we seem to hit it off. […]

Bruce News! Holiday update

Hey Brucesters and B.I.T.C’s! Whats the Buzz? Looks like I’m not taking August off as I originally planned! There’s just too much stuff I want to write about! One in particular is an artist who’s music has literally blown my mind, both spiritually and physically and I’m going to review her latest album this coming […]

A Proud Understatement!

Brucesters! It’s Pride! For the past 20 years Cafe California has played host to an annual event unlike no other. The event has brought many shapes and sizes but I still like my medium sized white ones! Don’t get me wrong, I have tons of yellow, black, and tan in array of sizes but I […]

Make Em Laugh

Hey Whazzzuuuuuup Brucesters! My shits and giggles on funny dudes continues with this guy, Jeewan Gill. Now I gotta say he was all in my funny books until I learned he doesn’t really like Toronto. Stop me in my tracks! I mean, I love Toronto. The reason I got this blog going in 2010 was […]

3,2,1 Launch!

Brucesters! Tonights the night! I hope you tune in to a fabulous new show on CTV! Oh so Canadian and oh so exciting! I got a golden ticket to one of the hottest shows hitting the small screen. The Launch! Of course I say nothing about what I saw and all it’s exciting details but […]

Bearded Fur Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve in the city and around the world. A lot of hustle and bustle today. Then the quiet of one of the most significant nights on the planet. The year is closing in and family and friends gather to take a moment to forget the crazy of world politics and of wars and […]

A Provocative Encounter

Here are a few names I’d like you to remember as I begin to tell you about a play: Steven Elliott Jackson, Playwright Tara Mohan, Production Stage Manager Brandon Conclaves, Lighting Designer Sonia Valiant, Stage Manager Kwaku Okyere, Actor Conor Ling, Actor Tanisha Taitt, Director We’ve all been to many plays. They have become so […]

Let It Go

One of the best parts of Summer in the City is it’s concert series. I love seeing a great live performance. It takes on a different level mid listen when you know you’re going to be writing about it in a blog that coming Sunday. I want to be as impartial as I can be, […]

Time to Get Moody

With an incredible career spanning the 1960’s The Moody Blues have written some of the most creative pieces of music merging rock and classical works, creating a revolutionary collection of Rock Anthems that have literally secured an almost cult style following for decades. This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of those albums, “Days […]

My Very Sordid City

Sometimes I just feel like I have to pinch myself.  My life is nowhere near a perfect one, and certainly some would call it sordid but I would have to describe it as lucky and brilliant!  You know, just when I’m about to disappear into this big old city and say good bye to my very […]