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Gay and Glad

There it was like a beacon of hope for countless gay people who just wanted to fit in, feel safe, and learn more about themselves. The year was 1970, one year before this big old bear poked his head out of his mother’s purse. Glad Day Book Shop was creating a place of refuge in […]

Bitter Sweet Summer

What was that anyway? Was that really summer. My ass it was! I can’t believe that it pretty much rained every God forsaken day in this bloody city. One trip to the beach this year. It couldn’t have happened however at the right time. My good buds came from New Hampshire for a little get […]

Do the Doo!

I can’t begin to tell you the importance of the right hairdoo. My head is my crown. I’m not saying not having hair means you don’t have a crown. In fact I think many, many men with no head hair are very sexy with the right amount of confidence. My one brother lost his mane […]

Wine with Erik F “It’s a Cock Fight!!”

Hey, all! Here is a beautiful white I’ve been dying to do for awhile now. I first came across it last year that I bought on a whim because it sounded very interesting. Let me tell you this wine has it all and can be stored for a long time. Let me just go to the […]

Journey with Germani “Tacos”

Hello BITC readers! When Bruce and I were talking about my recipe contributions, we were united in that we wanted to share approachable and fun recipes.  Nothing overly complicated or frustrating to prepare because everyday life can have lots of its own challenges. Making dinner after a long day at work can really help to […]

Double Header

Oh God, I love the spring so much!  I just feel so much better when that sun starts shining and the days grow longer!  The spring season has really started with a bang.  My hunt for the “Great Caesar” continues and a new pal is hooking me up to some fabulous places.  It just doesn’t […]

Caesars at The Brownstone

As promised, my search for the best Caesar in the city continues.  A buddy of mine said this was just an excuse to drink and well hell, maybe he’s right, but I figure I have so few crutches I can afford at least one.  Well, aside from my obsessive compulsive issues I’m practically perfect.  Therefore the Caesar […]

Wine with Erik F! The Easter Edition

Hey, everyone! So I got a lot to share with you guys! (I’m also aware this is a bit late sorry thank you for baring with me!) I’ve been to 3 different wine tasting event in the last week and have tried many wines! Some that are amazing, some not so good, some in the LCBO, some […]

Wine with Erik Cabernet!!

Hey everyone! I’ve got a great wine for you guys to try this month! This wine is from a well-known producer and some of you might have had wine from them before, but this particular vintage was so fabulous I just had to talk about it. Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, California – […]

Totally Baked

It is no secret that I love, love, love, my treats!  It’s also no secret that I have been trying to get some much needed weight off.  I wouldn’t say I am a large person by any means.  I mean, I think I hide it well but the truth is at a young and fabulous 40 […]