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Season of the Stylist

There is a service that many people, young and old, rich and famous, and some with none of those titles at all that enjoy the talents of a stylist to help create their perfect image for any business to casual…

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Bruce News!

Join my instagram today and say hello! @bruceinthecity Bruce in the City

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Just a Thought

I would be lying if I said I knew much about the Muslim faith and it’s people.  I have read some of the Quran, of course not making me any further knowledgeable about the faith.  One thing I know, killing…

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Alone in North Field

Well we are getting our first snowfall today.  I’m enjoying it from my living room window.  Sitting at my dining room table with my laptop and a really tasty  Riesling-Gewurztraminer from the East West series from Inniskillin.  A little jazz in…

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Happy Mom’s Day

Always an unwavering gentle strength that changes the world….. Mom xo Bruce.

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Follow the yellow brick road…

Screw that follow me instead! ON TWITTER!! B.I.T.C  

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Deep Freeze

Well Happy Family Day everyone! I was going to write my blog yesterday but I figured today being Family Day would prove to be the perfect day. However with this deep freeze our family day has gotten postponed. Not to…

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Happy New Year! from BRUCE IN THE CITY! See you Jan 4th 2015!

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Trick or Treat!

From Bruce in the City.. Have a spooktacular Halloween!! xo Bruce

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This Sunday on B.I.T.C find out where my “Taco Time” is (Will and Grace) and What is my alias?  

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