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Posted by Bruce on August 12, 2018
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There is a service that many people, young and old, rich and famous, and some with none of those titles at all that enjoy the talents of a stylist to help create their perfect image for any business to casual lifestyle. Although the word stylist gets over used these days at places like Holt Renfrew, there really is a talent that’s required to pull this task off with finesse and artistry. Don’t be fooled by the difference between a sales shark and a talented stylist. I met such a woman this month at a concert for one of my favourite music artist. I had to know more about this talented fashion artist and so with further ado here is my one on one with Nelly Akbari.
Bruce: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. I loved Lydia’s look at her show recently and really felt your influence of style really marriaged with her music perfectly. Are you a local stylist?
Nelly: Well thank you. I am a fashion stylist in Toronto yes.
Bruce: Did you always call Toronto home?
Nelly: No, actually I am originally from a suburb north of the city
Bruce: What brought you to the big city?
Nelly: I attended Ryerson University for their fashion communication program.
Bruce: I’ve never heard of that before. What were you hoping to do with your professional life by taking this program?
Nelly: Well specifically with the dream of becoming a fashion stylist.
Bruce: You’ve always dreamed of doing this then.
Nelly: Yes, for sure.
Bruce: What are some of your biggest accomplishments so far?
Nelly: Well throughout my time in school I landed an internship with Flare Magazine, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and my current agency.
Bruce: Wow not a bad resume straight out of the gate!
Nelly: Thank you and these internships helped me make amazing connections that helped me build my career and make all of this possible.
Bruce: That’s very impressive!
Nelly: Thanks and in 2016 I relocated to New York City for 5 months and there I was able to be a part of amazing projects for Vogue Italia, Zara, and Interview Magazine.
Bruce: That’s Fabulous! I love New York. I write for a magazine there. Everything is everything is New York! But I digress! How
lucky is Toronto to have you back! Are you back?
Nelly: Yes, currently I am back in Toronto.
Bruce: Excellent! You seem like you have a pretty full calendar.
Nelly: Definitely. I’m working full-time as a fashion stylist consulting on wardrobe for fashion, commercial, T.V., and music clients.
Bruce: I know getting this interview was a bit of a challenge because of your long days and late nights. Working with music artists specifically, what’s that like?
Nelly: Personally, I love the experience working with musicians – that collaboration process with another creative individual creates the most amazing looks.
Bruce: Well you’re very talented and I’m very happy you agreed to chat with me. I know you’re running off to another event so all the best and I can’t wait until we cross paths again.
Nelly: Thank you Bruce.
Bruce: My pleasure.

You can find Nelly on her Instagram @nellyakbari or her website @ https://www.nellyakbari.com/

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Just a Thought

Posted by Bruce on January 31, 2017
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I would be lying if I said I knew much about the Muslim faith and it’s people.  I have read some of the Quran, of course not making me any further knowledgeable about the faith.  One thing I know, killing anyone because they are unlike yourself is in my mind one of the most evils possible.  No chance for growth, no chance to learn, no time to grow.  I’m outraged really to my core as I watch people use their faith to bring destruction and devastation.  As people of faith, it may be time to accept there is evil at foot for everyone; Muslim, Christians, Jews and all faiths that offer so much beauty to the diversity of our earth.  There are those who use religion for one purpose, to destroy.  My heart goes out to the Muslim community not just for the tragedy in Quebec but around the world who’s faith has been so misunderstood and mistreated.  We have all felt the hand of hatred whether it be Christians killed for their faith, the horrific history of the Jewish people, and now the Muslim people are being slaughtered and treated in a way God would be horrified.  If we truly believe in LOVE than there is no other choice but to come together like never before.  Accept our differences. Denounce world leaders who want to segregate us because it’s that segregation that makes us weaker.  You cannot take down millions of people choosing LOVE no matter what.  Their voices would pale in comparison to all our voices and they know that.  If we think we can stand alone, even those with the choice to have no particular faith, Love is the faith and it is time we all talk .  We all grieve together, cry for each other, talk to one another!  We’ve tried everything else.  Now it’s time for LOVE!

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Alone in North Field

Posted by Bruce on November 20, 2016
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Well we are getting our first snowfall today.  I’m enjoying it from my living room window.  Sitting at my dining room table with my laptop and a really tasty  Riesling-Gewurztraminer from the East West series from Inniskillin.  A little jazz in the background and winter giving us a taste of her first white harvest.

What to write about.  Some people write to me or if they see me out on the street say, “Be funny”.  Some mention the thoughtfulness of my work and that certainly makes me feel good because I don’t always feel like I’m thinking clearly at all but my intention is to do so.

I guess I would be sitting alone in north field if I didn’t say something about this whole election thing.  I’m not really a political guy and so I haven’t really wanted to pipe up where I have little knowledge and certainly politics is one of those things in my opinion that is all tied up in oil, religion, greed (of some form or another) and control.  I know, without giving meaning to do so, I have cast my opinion on the state of politics around the globe.  I just know that we are now in the year 2016 and we still haven’t learned a damn thing.

Imagine all we have.  Still we can’t seem to share it effectively with our neighbour.  I think anyone who thinks the government is on their side is living in a fairytale, even more than myself.  I’m not saying it’s all bad, but let’s face it, you’re not getting up everyday and thinking how can I serve the public today and make all my decisions based on saving the world.  If that were the case there wouldn’t be any crazy drivers, fights on the subway or groping people on the bus.  It would be us against no one.

Even the existence of religion is really a dinosaur.  If 90% of the worlds people believe in some form of religion, then why are we in such a mess?  They are all suppose to teach love, tolerance, etc.  We go to our houses of faith and two minutes after we leave we are the self centred suckers we were when we went in.  I was raised in a religious home and I don’t see that it has done anything for anyone really.  It’s a nice idea but as long as people are running it, it’s doomed.

I love the idea of it.  There is a higher power floating around out there that will forgive us of all our wrong doing.  Well doesn’t that make it easier to be an asshole?  If we are so busy waiting for the next world, why give a shit about this one and the people in it?  Oh yes, because we fear the big power in the sky that will punish us if we are not good.  Isn’t it enough to see the pain face to face that we cause on each other that we shouldn’t need the threat of a god to set us straight?  Are we that self righteous?  We are!  That’s the problem.  I hear all the time people expecting this higher power to get us out of the shit we got ourselves into.  Get a grip!  No one is getting us out of the shit we caused but us, so we better grow up and face the hard facts that we have really fucked things up.

All this mess with the Trump thing?  We did it!!!  Yes, every one of us!  We acted like we gave a shit and we didn’t.  We dropped bombs and took what wasn’t ours and enslaved people by the masses.  What do you think is going to happen?  Now don’t hate me but we have all had a hand in making the word a shitty place but we can still change the direction we are going.  This is not a blame game.  This is a wake up call.  We have become the worst version of ourselves and we were doing so well.

We have to stop indulging in the train wreck and start shouting out the good in us all.  You know during the election everyone was much more interested in the terrible Trump tweets than the positive tweets coming out of Hillary’s camp.  It’s simple and we all know it.  I am not saying anything new.  We all love the drama of the devil.  I’m not saying Donald Trump is the Devil.  What I am saying is that negative is our Devil.  We want to see the mighty crash and burn.  Why do you think we love reality T.V?

Now unfortunately it is not a person but a country that is on its way to extinction.  If you guys don’t come together somehow you leave yourselves wide open to all kinds of infiltration.  I certainly hope that is not the case. If you’re not them, then you’re us.  Meaning we are all pretty poor in comparison to the small elite at the top.  Imagine what we could do if we stopped obeying their fear and we said, “Not us! We chose to love.  We chose to talk.  We chose to unite and learn.”  I know, crazy idea.  Who needs it?  Well, by the look of things, we do.  We’ve tried all the other ways.  Let’s face the music and each other and understand that as long as the powers keep us scattered, we are not able to make any real changes for good.  You don’t really want to shoot your neighbor in the face just because they think differently than you, do you?

That’s what the powers want you to believe.  Now the dangers we live in are real but we cannot stop it by dropping bombs and lighting nukes.  We make a change everyday when we say hi and smile at those who look different from us.  Don’t worry if they don’t say hi first.  Just say hi.  You will be amazed at the response you will get.  If I’m wrong then I would bet there are no gods out there looking over us because the 90% of us who believe that our god intervenes on our behalf will be pleased to see we finally gave a shit about the absolute basic foundation of mankind, love.

Do what you want but this new world we are now in needs a whole lot of love right now and it needs to start within.  Imagine the world if it only had one kind of flower, one kind of cat, one type of tree.  It would suck!  Open your minds and hearts.  This is our home.  Let’s stop being assholes and embrace the beauty of diversity.  People are so afraid of stepping on peoples feet but you can stand on mine and I’d be happy to share my life experience with you if you are willing to know me better.


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Word from the Editor: Very well done!  I think it hits the nail on the head.  It isn’t about who is running a country… it’s about how the people within that country treat others.  One bad leader shouldn’t be able to change a nation of people who are normally kind at heart.  People need to stick together and fight for what is right and noble, not what sells papers or lines pockets.

Happy Mom’s Day

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Always an unwavering gentle strength that changes the world….. Mom




Follow the yellow brick road…

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Screw that follow me instead!






Deep Freeze

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Well Happy Family Day everyone! I was going to write my blog yesterday but I figured today being Family Day would prove to be the perfect day. However with this deep freeze our family day has gotten postponed. Not to mention I am down with a cold. Let me just say Happy Family Day and leave it at that for this week. Let’s face it with this cold, outside and in I haven’t been going anywhere this past week!

See you next Sunday!



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Happy New Year!



See you Jan 4th 2015!

Trick or Treat!

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10171723_10152788325315979_460366146540367561_nFrom Bruce in the City.. Have a spooktacular Halloween!!




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