Christmas? I’ve had my Phil!

Posted by Bruce on December 25, 2012
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It all started with a text.  “I’ve got something to tell you.” It read. I was working my six days a week, nine plus hours a day as Christmas Day headed steadily before me. When you read a text like this, it’s easy to think the worst.  “The apocalypse is here!” I was on a quick break at work and took that moment to find out just what my friend wanted. “Phillip Phillips is going to be at the Pickering Town Center!”

How fabulous! I just think he is amazing! I should have placed bets on the fact that he was going to win American Idol, when he sang “Thriller” in his own swagger, I knew right then and there he was headed for the crown. “Do you wanna go see him?” “Ah, is a frogs ass water tight?” I thought! Of course I had to rearrange my work schedule, I mean it wasn’t just a performance but a chance for a meet and greet, with autograph!!

After only some minor begging to my manager the switch was made and it was off to P.T.C for some Phillip Phillips.  The day of the performance I was suffering from a self inflicted dehydration problem. The night before I stayed over at my girlfriends place and in all the prep to meet Phillips, we might have had one too many Caesars and one too many hours on the Michael Jackson “Just Dance” game! Of course we stayed up way past our bedtimes and I had forgotten to take her two year old and six month old into consideration in the early morning wake up call. You just don’t wake up and go. These kids want breakfast, changing, attention!!! It’s a nightmare.

Once we got them all settled in to the family van! Horrific, my girlfriend and I were off to see the wizard! Actually if I had to be honest her kids are pretty fabulous and it was a hoot playing  Dad for a day.

I headed str8 for the nearest tea shop, which at P.T.C it is “Teavana” I felt like a cheat but they didn’t have a David’s Tea so I gave these tea baggers a dunk.  I spun into the shop and declared “I’m hung over, fix me!” The fabulous girls and one Asian guy were busy dunking, pouring and serving and I needed to get me one of those beverages toot sweet. She got the bucket of tea cent and wooshed it across me nose. Apparently it is the perfect hang over remedy. All I remember is that it was a white tea, at about five bucks a pop but it worked!! I had three that day while waiting for Phillips! I spent fifteen bucks on tea! I must have been hung over but it was well worth it.

I was thrilled when “Bruce in the City” got the star treatment from security at the mall and roped me and guests our own section just beside the stage! It was only right, we did wait nine hours!! Horrific!

As far as this whole Christmas season is concerned all I can say is… I’ve had my Phil!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


5 kisses out of 5

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