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Posted by Bruce on June 26, 2011
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There are so many reasons to love Toronto.  This city is the muse to most if not all of my blogs.  However I also love my yearly exodus to a stunning lake called Buck.  For the last four years we (my partner and I) have been guest just outside of Huntsville to a wonderful summer retreat, “The Eagles Nest”.  Our very good friends R and A play host to a smorgasbord of BBQ and cocktails.  Not to mention all the fantastic sites offered in the cute little laid back town of Huntsville.

Buck lake is brother to many lakes that seem to pout into each other.  Vernon being the Father and rushing off into smaller siblings like Buck, Fox and Fairy!  Did someone say Fairy?  Oh by the way people one week and counting!

As we relaxed in the cottage with the rain coming down it was the perfect setting to enjoy a retrospective of Michael Jackson’s life in music, since it is the second anniversary of his death.  We mellowed some lovely wine and proceeded to enjoy some vintage video of the King of Pop.

This morning we’re hopeful the sun will make an appearance.  It’s almost as obscure as Prince, peeking out every now and again from the purple rain but I digress.  You would love it here, there is a little squirrel literally at arms reach taking some peanuts back to his nest.  A humming bird fly’s directly over head sipping from a humming bird feeder and R’s pet cat is playing around with the local wildlife.

I saw a squirrel eat a dragon fly this morning!!! I had no idea!  Killer squirrel on the loose. Maybe it’s safer in the city.  Your wondering I’m sure what this blog is about this week.  Well simply put, sometimes you just have to get away from the city you love so that you can fall in love with it all over again.  Getting away can rekindle a stressed relationship or give opportunity to start a new one.  There is something about a small town that reminds you to just slow down and smell the locals.

We went into a store called “Flotrons, Tweed & Hickory” a really cute shop that carried some of our favourite designer names, like La Coste, Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Bahama.  The tourists were out in full affect and so were all the locals.  Something about a plaid shirt that just sends me into erotic orbit!

Thanks boys for the fabulous weekend!

HEY! Here comes the sun!!!! Gotta Go! Have a great week!  I’ll see you next Sunday for Pride!

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