Commiserate with Me

Posted by Bruce on October 21, 2012

I shake my head back and forth! I really do sometimes. I am a T.T.C traveller. For the most part I’m OK with that. It’s usually a very simple practice. I stand by the designated sign and some form of transport gets me where I need to go.  The whole process is pretty well calculated and for visitors to the city it’s a great way to get around.

The idea is people get on the bus. Move down towards the back to make room for new arrivals. As I take my seat at the back of the bus, making my way to the Lower East Side, I watch the other travelers all squished up together by the front entrance. I can’t understand it. There is tons of room here at the back of the bus. They are looking back here. Do I smell of freshly stepped in dog crap? No. This is the pattern I see on the bus everyday!! I see people unable to get on the bus because other people won’t move back. Even the bus driver says “Please move back.” They all just stand there. Starring at the open space without moving into it.

Their eyes are wide starring off into la la land with no thought of the poor traveller that will now have to wait for the next bus and hope the travellers are less self absorbed to let them on and move to the back of the bus. Does this happen everywhere?? I would love to know!

However, ever moving forward. I finally arrive on Queen Street. I’m hungry and just dying for a fabulous glass of vino.  I text John earlier in the day to say let’s meet somewhere for a glass of wine and commiserate.  John was just finishing up at his new place of work and so was I. It was time for a taste of spectacular.

We walked a mere 100 steps when we passed by a cute little place on the south east corner of Queen and Logan, “the” John had this new spot in mind all day. I looked in and at first I thought well maybe we could walk a bit further and see what else is going on but this super cute young lady met us at the open door, Laura Anne. “Will you be coming in.” She said with a smile. How could one resist a cute little greeting like that.

We made our way inside which took all of about 10 seconds. It’s a cute little place and almost every table was seated. Now when I point this out it was after 9 pm and dinner rush was well over. The inside was simple but very comfortable and the music selection was Spanish fab. She handed us the menus and off we shopped. We started with the Geretto an Italian Pinot Grigio. It was lovely.

Then we hit the wall. We will have “A” No? “B” No? How about “C”? No!! Ok give us a few minutes then. She was as helpful as she could be but because we were really arriving late most of their entree’s and apps and soups and things were sold out. So, we tried again! We will have “D” Oh dear!!! Why don’t you tell us what you do have?

Laura Anne, very kindly and apologetically went through the items that were still available on the menu for the evening. We have a good laugh and even the owner Andrew stopped by the table to offer his apologies. Apparently they had just had a surprize big day. The place has only been open since March and we happen to come on the day the place came of age. He was very nice and we finally got our requests to the chef.

We had Lobster Bisque to start. This soup was wonderful!!!! Seriously, wonderful! John had the Strawberry and Spinach salad with his dinner, which was Pork Medallions. He offered me a sample and yes it was love at first taste. Our host and server stopped by to see how everything was. She looked proud. She should be! She was the perfect face to a perfectly wonderful eatery.  I ended up having the Mozzarella di Bufala Ravioli. The sauce was perfect, tangy with a spicy back taste. It went perfectly with my Chianti from Tuscany. Well no wonder it was so fabulous. We ended up being the last guests and so we decided to opt out of desert to not keep Laura Anne from enjoying her Saturday night.

In spite of them not having many items we wanted to try, the evening was just what we needed. Certainly after that annoying but trip. We will be back to dine again for sure. I have a few friends in mind that we have to take. I think they will love it to. The piece of resistance had to be when “I will survive!” in Spanish sounded in the room, well we knew right then and there we had found one of our favourite places to dine!!!!

Now back to reality and back onto that damn bus!

the Commissary

889 Queen Street East

Lower East Side

south corner of Queen and Logan!


5 kisses of out 5!!!! Really wonderful!

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