Contemplations Over Sushi

Posted by Bruce on May 20, 2012

Ever have one of those weeks when you think you are minding your own business but somehow you end up getting dragged into someone else’s mellow dramas?!  Well I would say that was just the kind of week that I have had!  It seemed like no matter what I tried to do for good, turned all around to look all evil.

Before I tap into this I must get myself some much needed substance.  I am all ticked so I have been out walking the city for a good three hours.  I passed a cute little sushi bar called “Mong Sushi” and decided it looked inhabitable enough. I took my bitterness and made my way through the front door. Simple enough decor but done very cleverly as to give off a clean cuteness about it immediately. Just the atmosphere one needed, feeling the way I did.

It was very welcoming. Like meeting an old friend. The kind that didn’t burden you with mellow drama!  A lovely lady greeted me immediately and I was seated with haste.  She seemed almost taken back that I was dining alone.  As I pondered the menu, my mind drifted on the woes of some disappointments I had been lucky enough to come across this past week.

Well I think it all started when I had a daughter of a close friend of mine come to baby sit the new puppy.  All seemed well and she was amazing of course and I happily paid her for her time and even had a chance to catch up, since it had been a while since we had. She is just on the cusp of 18 and I think from what I could understand that her home life has been causing her some stress. Unfortunately her parents recently divorced and I think with all that drama going on around her, she just started bucking against her family dynamic.  All of the adults involved are friends of mine so of course I try not to take sides and give advice only when asked.

I have no doubt Miss 18 can be a handful but considering everything she has been through, I suppose I would be a bitch at times myself. I mean it can’t be easy to loose your (Father) and gain another parental figure in such a short time and be expected to be like yes sir no sir. I think I might be like ” kiss my ass!” but everyone is still responsible for their own behaviour so non the less, I think she needs to buck up and do her best to keep that chin up and try to show her Mom respect!

Anyway! I digress.  The baby sitting part is through and her plan to get home has surfaced. Now I have no plan for her but as adults with her in our care I was not planning on sending her on her way on the Go train alone so I told her to give her (Parents?) a call. As I stood there, I could see her disappointment when they said that in fact they would not be picking her up. I thought that odd since they had dropped her off. Anyway when she got off the phone we talked about how she would get home. I didn’t want her to have to spend the money she just made so I offered to take her to the Go station and pay for her ticket.

This is where the drama begins. I receive a text massage from the mother who started saying if her daughter was causing me drama it’s because we are not picking her up and she was being nasty on the phone to her about a ride. Well I was standing there for the whole call and, nope no nastiness!

I was puzzled and more than ticked that it was clearly becoming my responsibility to get her home and to suck up this lie of a text.  I tried calling to get some clarity on things which didn’t work and wow the hostility.  To make a long story short we are no longer talking! Can you imagine! Drama! You try to get a sitter for your pouch and end up smack down in the middle of a family drama that is really non of your business! In the end MOTHER did come pick her kid up and I deleted her from my facebook! The Mother not the kid! I’m still waiting for the apology!

My sushi arrives just in time as I am so angry that this all had to happen. I ordered the sushi pizza! Very good! I was having a little trouble with the chop sticks because they were the plastic kind and I like the wood ones.  I had a nice glass of wine hm, but I can’t remember what it was. Then my lovely server brought me my Mong Roll! It to was surprisingly delicious!  I could tell it was very fresh and I was super pleased.

As I nibbled, the second mellow drama of my week started making a front on my mind. Last week as you may recall, I visited a life long friend of mine who had survived cancer. I went ahead and blogged about it and stop the presses. I end up getting a very hostile email from another old friend who I think assumed maybe her name was brought up during the discussion in question. In fact not and I spent half my day deleting emails from her and taking insults and criticism from her. One might think she felt guilty by association but I don’t really know. I hadn’t heard from her in so long even with my attempts overs the years to get together with her. I even travelled all the way to her job one time which was no where close to where I lived unfortunately she was off that day but still she never made any effort to pull something together in the weeks following. So now I guess I was suppose to bow or maybe curtsy to her sudden emails to put me in my place. No that didn’t really work for me. I have spent WAY to many years taking crap from crap friends so with that she to was deleted from my facebook.

You may be reading this and thinking Bruce in the City is Bitch in the City but you know what? If this friend really had a concern why couldn’t she take that arm of hers and pick up the phone and give me a call. I would have been more than happy to talk it out and in fact I could have explained that she in fact was not the subject of our conversation and we could have made plans for tea ourselves!

I finished my Mong Roll and sipped the last drop of wine. The soft music in the background cooled the steam that I’m sure was coming out of my ears at the thought of all this unnecessary drama. The truth of it is I love those friends that I have grown up with. I’ve tried and I’ve cried over the years because no matter how I tried to fit into their little group, the truth is I never really did. They were relationships of convenience and of another time and as much as I wanted to keep that flame burning, they had all moved on. Too busy, wrong town, too much work? Funny when they are ready to blast you out they can certainly find the time. Well no thank you, no one put’s Bruce C in the corner!

I finished my lovely meal and as I walked out of Mong Sushi I thought “Sometimes You Just Have to Hit the delete button!”

I think I need a little get away!  Hmmm! Got my Via ticket! Now off I go!

Mong Sushi

5 kisses out of 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really loved it!

214 Laird Dr #101

Toronto, On


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