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Posted by Admin1 on January 18, 2015
Check it Out!, Hmmm Good

10623901_1521627588117699_1902169640_nYes, bring on the January thaw!  What better way to do that but to call up some buddies and find a quaint café to enjoy some lunch and then take in a good movie.  But who was I to call?  Spending time with friends is a complicated matter.  Especially when investigating a new place to cop a squat.  Some people enjoy visiting the same places over and over but I am just not one of them.  I would rather visit a new café every week and a new restaurant at least twice a week.  I don’t know why.  I suppose it’s my love for food and drink.  I just love putting tasty things in my mouth.
This of course is the time of year one starts to pay attention again to what that should be.  Spring is just a stones throw away and lord knows these winter rolls have got to go.10899298_1618091125086853_1107569980_n

Mmmm, speaking of rolls and such, I found a place I wanted to check out called Coquine L’Express!  They have fresh bread and rolls delivered daily.  They have quiche and coffee and hot chocolate.  They have treats and tricks and all sorts of mouth watering things.  They are just off the beaten path and tempting you from the bottom of Manor Road. We arrived about 3:30 and my partner and I let ourselves in.  The atmosphere was warm and inviting, the music was soothing and right.  Music is a big deal for me.  If the music sucks in an establishment it kills the whole feeling for me.   If I’m at a Tia place I love to hear music from the culture.  I don’t want to hear Britney Spears. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Britney, but there is a time and place.  I love when you hear artists from different countries and regions when dining out.10903646_632458483532433_458814038_n

The music was perfect and the décor was hip Parisian; a little feast for the audible and visual senses.  Our buddies had yet to come.  They are very punctual.  We had just enough time to order some hot chocolate when they arrived.

They, being men of the world have seen many cafe’s from all corners of the globe so this was just another ordinary day to them, but none the less they were pleasantly surprised at it’s lovely and romantic feel.  There was a stunning Cock just inside the window.  I guess for luck or success?  It was quite big and colourful! You see that a lot in Toronto. I’m certain I’ve mentioned the Cock thing before. I wanted to touch it but given my luck I would have knocked it off the shelf so I was a good boy and sat down to enjoy my timely arriving beverage.

We hadn’t seen our friends since Christmas so it was hugs all around and time to catch up!  It was then we learned one of them had taken a nasty fall down a flight of stairs over the Christmas season.  Like a big flight of stairs. Alan Then we learned he had also been hit by a car!  Or almost squished by one.  I just can’t recall right now but it made for some great story telling!  He was a great sport about it and even took an action shot!  He is hilarious and even his near death experience resulted in a tale perfect for comedy night!  After the shock wore off of course!

We ordered some quiche and salad with a fabulous sandwich on a baguette.  It was delicious and of an inviting size.  Sadly the full kitchen was already closed for the day but what was available was plenty.  Our friends handed us some tickets.  Yes!  Dame Edna tickets!  I can scratch that of my bucket list!  I think she is soooo incredibly talented!  This is her farewell tour and we are going to be there!!  Well not until April but the news was a perfect way to warm up our Winter woes!

Of course as I enjoyed the company and the food and the décor, I just had to get some pics.  I’ve posted some on my Instagram account so feel free to check them out! I’ll be back for sure.  Once they have the patio set up I can see us returning for more wonderful conversation and stellar food.  Who am I kidding I think I’ll stop by Monday for another Bruce in the City experience!

Coquine L’Express

4 kisses out of 5 (they get the additional kiss when they open the patio, wink!)

Ps: The movie we went to see was “Into the Woods”! Up until the first ending it was pretty cool. I have no clue what happened after that. What a mess! 2 kisses out of 5!


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