Couture For Cash….The Joy Experience!

Posted by Bruce on August 11, 2011
Local Talent, Wicked Wednesday!

It’s amazing to think I have been living in this amazing city of Toronto since 2005.  Wow time flies by.  I’ve met some great people I’m happy to call my friends and one in particular is such a Joy.  I met her about three years ago.  We worked together at Holt Renfrew for a couple of seasons and we managed, with our busy schedules to build a special friendship.  She was the eye-wear specialist for the store but of course had a much broader knowledge of the fashion world.  It wasn’t  long before her love for fashion became a passion on it’s own.  She decided it was time to make her move. Though it was difficult to say good bye I’m excited to tell you about her dream come true.

Joy started her own business just over a year ago on line called “Couture For Cash”.  Who doesn’t love couture and who doesn’t love cash!!!! Well it seems everyone because it has struck a fashion high note.  Taking your collection of high end fashion such as  Gucci, Prada, Hermes, LV and YSL and turning it into cash by selling it on consignment for you. No worry, no fuss, if only everything could be this easy. She pays out 60% of the selling price to her clients and sells all over the world. Her turn over rate is extremely successful and her outstanding personal style and class assures her every client that their goods are in good hands! I am thrilled to watch her business grow and wish Joy all the joy imaginable

Toronto is full of talented people.  Over the next few months I will, with great excitement introduce them and their passions to you.  Check out “Wicked Wednesday” to meet the people that shape our beautiful city.  I hope you will enjoy them and promote business and talent within our own  city!

How to get to Coutureforcash?
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