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Posted by Bruce on July 28, 2013
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photoI got up Wednesday morning and decided I needed to take another subway ride down to the John Street Market. I’ve been enjoying helping out my buddy sell his produce and this week I was promised sunflowers from his farm “Fiddlehead Farm!” I know they keep getting plugged by me! Well it’s worth the plug!  Well this week I came across something else to go crazy for “Cupcakes!”

When I visited New York City a few years back, mental note to self, must plan another trip soon. I had the chance to visit Magnolia Bakery. Of course made famous by the hit series “Sex & the City” I had never tasted such fabulous cupcakes, until now!!

I stopped by another wonderful booth at this up and coming trendy little market.  The business was called “Have a Cupcake”. It could have been called have another cupcake because there is no way you can only have one.DSC05319

I love people who own their own business’s because they are people, people. They love to chat and get to know you. What brings you by? How’s your Summer going? it’s humane and wonderful. That real personal touch that corporate business loses along the way.  Not always of course but most of the time in my experience.

I decided to try out one of her cupcakes. Outstanding! Oh my god so outstanding. Your probably saying “Who, cares? It’s just a cupcake.” No not just a cupcake! A fabulous melt in your mouth “Cupcake” A “I am proud t live in Toronto” “Cupcake” A ” Pass me just one more “Cupcake” A “You have to try these immediately kinda “Cupcakes” So good!

I asked her if I could write a little something about her cups, and she eagerly accepted the offer. Then I got a freebie!!! Mmmm so good! she seemed a little shy when I asked to take a photo but I explained it was for a little series of mine called “Breath of a Dream” Where I share the story of an entrepreneur’s dream come reality.

I felt bad because I kept all the cupcakes to myself and didn’t even share them with my buddy! I am a horrible cupcake hoar. I know he reads my blog so all I have to say is I owe you a cupcake!! 🙂

She has a really cute website which I will add to my blogroll. I love meeting kool people and meeting her was truly “Kool” she has a lot of heart. Something I am sure goes into every single cupcake she creates! All the best, Rashel!!

PS: I’ll be sure to be in touch to order me some more!

Have a Cupcake

5 kisses out of 5

phone: 416-783-4555




So I know I said I was going to take August off but with several requests to keep it going through out the Summer I have decided to do just that! Maybe I’ll take a Christmas vacation this year from “Bruce in the City” We shall see! Until then keep enjoying my blog and drop me a line. I would love to hear from you!

Next week: “Addicted to His Sugar!” My final entry for my series “Breath of a Dream”

Also! What restaurant gave us the cold shoulder? That blog August 12th!!

And!!! Check out my blogroll for some great shops and restaurants to visit while in Toronto!!

OK, that’s from me this week! Have a great week see you next Sunday!!


Oops one more thing! Remember my book club? It continues this Tuesday. What ever happened to that J.K Rowling book I was reading? Get the read on that read, Tuesday!



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