Crooning at the Cafe!

Posted by Bruce on December 19, 2010

  Set on the corner of Fabulous and Scrumptious, Cafe California is simply outstanding!  Each season this intimate space sets the perfect mood for gathering, relaxing, romance and decadence!  Whether it be teasing it’s patrons with the annual underwear show or hosting some of the most important fund-raisers in the community, Cafe California never fails to enchant it’s guests.

I only have to say two words to anyone who has gone there for a cocktail or  dinner party, Leticia and Vince.  Just the mention of their names brings a smile from ear to ear.  They are the true reason people go back week after week and year after year.  They own and operate Cafe California and they are simply brilliant and true icons in the village and in this city.  Although they would humbly decline the title.

 They really know hospitality on a personal and sincere level and I have never encountered such outstanding service anywhere else, well maybe at Disney World. They are the example of what business should be in this city. Their menu is always current and ever evolving and the dishes are small works of art.

The hosts, waiters and everyone in between are happy —  I mean really happy!  They love there jobs and love to make their guests smile. I have a wonderful story about an engagement that took place there which I will share at another time but let me say they won the top prize for making it the most perfect night! Thank you, Richard! They are family and it speaks to Leticia and Vince’s passion and heart!  It reminds us all that it is possible to run a successful business and yet remain committed to kindness, which is so lost from the work place anymore. 

All I know is  this, I don’t want to eat where I am just a check and a credit card.  I want to go to Cafe California where the patrons matter and the heart gets just as full as the tummy.

I have been asked to perform there next month and I am so honoured to do so.  Crooning at the Cafe, what a perfect gig! I hope to see you all there and I will no doubt eat plenty as well, because  I just can’t say no to their fabulous menu!

538 Church St.

Toronto, ON

M4Y 2E1

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