Dame Good Time

Posted by Bruce on April 19, 2015
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Just an absolutely brilliant performance!  That’s really the only way to begin this week’s blog.  John and I got tickets (with another couple) to see Dame Edna and though we had seen video and You Tube footage, one could not begin to understand how incredibly talented this entertainer is.CClQ6ffVEAAX0X5
We arrived at Il Fornellos before the theatre rush which wasn’t really planned but hey, good on us. The décor was boring sheik. Nothing to write a blog about but we weren’t there to eat the décor.
We ordered the lamb.  I never really have lamb because the sound of it is somewhat barbaric.  I see a cute lamb in my mind and can’t help but think of that lovely children’s nursery rhyme  “Mary had a Little Lamb”.  Very sad really.  I think next time I’ll order the salad. There are no cute rhymes about that!  It was super delicious however and lord knows I love my meat.  So I guess I’ll rethink that last decision.
Dame Edna people!  When we got into the Princess of Wales theatre a lot of memories of past occasions came flooding into my mind that John and I attended.  Lord of the Rings, Evita, Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia; such a great place to see live theatre. Apparently it’s getting ripped down for condo development.  I’m sure Diana would be thrilled.DSC06910_copy
From the first moments of the show I could not stop laughing.  Dame Edna was simply marvellous.  Her quick insults were that of a young girl no more than 16 and her falsetto was crisp and clear and full of vile things to say.  No wonder I’m a fan!  I literally had to hold my cheeks as not to burst.  Our friends also looked as though they were really getting a kick out of the show.
Quicker than a blink it was intermission.  Oh the pain in my face from the laughter.  We decided to go for a glass of something before the second act.  We all made our way to the bar!
We got some Dame Edna Champagne.  It was lovey.  The second half of the show was just as brilliant as the first part.  I don’t really have a bucket list but if I did I could certainly check it off the list.  There was only one idiot in the audience that literally did not crack a smile.  I’m so glad I never came with him! He wasn’t there for the second half thank God!DSC06915_copy
Well the show was coming to a head and with it more wit and wisdom from the Dame.  I caught a Gladiola!  I was just disappointed I was not chosen to be ridiculed by the lady!  I even bought a special shirt that read “All Day. Everyday” hoping it would catch Dame Edna’s attention.  We were in the fifth row!  What a perfect double date situation!  Just a Dame Good Time.
5 kisses out of 5

Dame Edna


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