David’s Tea and The Texter

Posted by Bruce on December 16, 2012
Tea House Chatter

Wow, so we are knee deep into December and for some reason, even with my Christmas DVD and Holiday TV watching I’m just not quite there yet.  I’m not sure what it is.  I think it may be because I am knee deep in work and blogging and everything.  Do you ever wonder “How did I get here?” and with all the crazy business of working, texting seems to be your only way of communing with those who mean the most to you.

I was kinda feeling sentimental and a bit lonely this week because I have been so busy that I have not had the chance to really see anyone so far this December. Christmas is just around the corner and living in a big city can feel even more lonely because it seems like routine is so obscure.  I don’t mean the routine of work but the routine that is friendship.

When I was living in Belleville for a bit the one thing I noticed was, it was easy to get to know almost everyone that worked around you.  A routine got put into motion allot easier.  I can’t explain why but in the big city, with hundreds of passers by every single day, routine seems very out of the question.

Then something interesting happened.  I noticed  familiar person waiting for the bus, a couple eating at the food court, a guy rushing through the subway turnstyle, that familiar smile from the girls at “David’s Tea” a fantastic tea place in the mall that I work at.

Suddenly it dawned on me.  It’s there!  Routine!  Almost all the same faces coming and going to and from work and visiting shops that I frequent often enough to receive their familiar and friendly hello. There really is no difference between here and that small city 2 hours east from here, after-all.  We are all just moving around a little bit faster.

So as I am feeling a little tired and over worked and have barely even begun my Christmas shopping, it’s great to know I am not alone.  All the faces I see travelling and rushing and waiting and texting and sipping there herbal teas are all doing the same thing I am, trying to get in touch with the ones they love.  It was comforting.  It was so very small town.

As I ordered my “Hot and Thin” at “David’s Tea” along with a dozen other’s and got myself revved up for the second half of my long work day, I found myself texting like there was no tomorrow.  Touching base with the ones I loved.  I looked around and saw little smiles and grins from people getting messages on their mobiles.  The familiar face behind the counter said to have a great day and smiled.

I know one thing as I walked away holding my tea like sacred water, the wonderful girl behind the tea began to text someone…. and I hoped she would reach them and as I made my way down the shopping mall I found myself texting to someone I care about hoping for that enthusiastic reply.

David’s Tea

5 kisses out of 5


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