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Posted by Bruce on January 26, 2020
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For 40+ years, brothers Chris and Ted have been thrilling their guests with some of the most delicious deli food, and I would arguable say in Canada. Their historical deli is located in Oshawa, Ontario, and I’m actually from Oshawa, born and raised. I’ve been going to Teddy’s for well over 20 years. That being almost half their business life, so I would say I know a thing or two about this eatery.

The one thing that’s most impressive, aside from the crazy-amazing food portions and food quality, is that the waitresses have worked there for literally years. The place is about as loyal as they come. These ladies work hard, and the fellows in the kitchen are machines, just pumping out that food without any delay or hesitation.

All the food served is prepared daily on the premises. They make their soups from fresh ingredients every day! They grind their steer beef daily and roast their meats. That’s the reason their hamburgers and sandwiches are so brilliant tasting. 

They make the salads fresh and make their own dressing, and they even bake their pies right in the kitchen, and they are always fresh, delicious, and huge!

The strawberries, in their strawberry pie, are so incredibly beautiful, it’s a feast for the eyes before the tummy. It doesn’t matter when you show up; it’s a homecoming every time. It’s all about a family atmosphere, and though I’m not a big fan of children, they welcome those screaming little buggers with open arms! Outstanding! Check it out, or you’re missing out on a deli experience like no other. I guess you could say; I’m a fan.

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