Destination “G”

Posted by Bruce on February 08, 2015

Planning a party is never easy.  Never, never, never, but I do it because well, its fabulous to have  dinner parties or larger parties thrown for someone.  Picking the right place is crucial to a successful get together.  Wouldn’t you agree?  I was out a few weeks back with a girlfriend of mine having a few glasses of wine when I had mentioned I wanted to pull something together for John (my partner as you all may already know if you read my blog on a regular basis).  But anyway, we threw around a couple of ideas.  Maybe The Keg?  Maybe Café California?  Maybe just a quiet dinner at home?  Yuck!
She came up with a great place that I had actually been to years ago when I first moved to Toronto and pre-Bruce in the City!  John and I had taken my parents I think, for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  I recalled after, that it ended up being one of the first restaurants John had taken me to. Which made it that much more special to book a date at “Bumpkins” on Gloucester.
Now comes the tricky part!  Picking the date!  Well unfortunately a couple of our closest friends were going to be once again travelling the world so we decided it would be impossible to plan around their schedule.  I’m sure they were there in spirit as they drank cocktails in stunning and hot Mexico!  Hey, now that would be a freaking amazing birthday.  2016??
My girl pal offered to take care of the details.  I knew it would be in great hands!  After many phone calls back and forth to change how many people were coming it finally fit together.
We arrived on a cold winter night.  A snow warning had been issued for the Toronto area.  I was hoping it wasn’t going to ruin what should have been an amazing night.  Thank God it didn’t!  Everyone who we thought was coming came and that’s always exciting.
The restaurant was as wonderful as I had remembered.  Very Parisian, which was perfect because one of our guest had just returned from Paris and was telling us all about her love affair.  The “G” version of course!  I couldn’t help but think “Paris, the city of love”.  What a cliché but it had in fact happened to someone I knew.
John’s good friend and double bassist came with his stunning wife and we reminisced about concerts and choral performances we had done.  John of course being the great conductor!  His wife shared their story of how they came to fall in love.
There was a lot of love going around.  It must have been the atmosphere of the place.  The chandeliers, the soft music!  Again with the music right!?  The tapestries of reproductions of the great artists of Paris.  Our server was delightful and patient.
What can I say about the food?  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed every single thing they ordered.  The escargot, the frogs legs, the steak, lobster, soups and the list goes on and on.  Nothing was amiss. The chef has been there I understand for approximately 30 years!  (I had a few glasses of wine in me at that point and can’t quite recall.)
You really must take your sweetheart there.  In fact with Valentines Day soon approaching you better give them a call and book now! (416) 922-8655
Thanks so much to everyone at “Bumpkins”.  Where they don’t just have food down to a fine art but “Happiness” too!


5 kisses out of 5

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk






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