Dining on the Danforth

Posted by Admin1 on May 22, 2011

What is it about some friendships that seem to last forever and those that seem to vanish as quickly as they appear?  I have been asking myself this as I spring clean my friendships. 

I think it’s very important to evaluate your relationships from time to time because even the best of relationships can begin to become baggage if not nurtured properly.  What better time than the spring to clean house and clean up some weathered relationships.

I have been very busy lately with a new spring workout at my gym “Good Life” and deciding over the past few weeks whether I would be continuing this blog or not and one thing occurred to me as I began getting back into shape “physically” It also snapped my emotions into high gear.  Getting the muscles going can really clear the head and I started thinking about my life and my friendships as I worked my legs to tears.

What makes some friendships survive the changes in your life and why don’t other’s?  I’m thinking about all the good friends I’ve been lucky to have over my life so far and everyone has changed my life in some way.  Whether for good or bad I wouldn’t change one experience with anyone of them. 

I have one good friend that has been in my life for some time and we have seen plenty of changes in our lives but no matter what hard times we have seen we have been able to make this friendship last.

Over the past year we have experience some of our hardest tests but as we sat together this week on the Danforth enjoying some Greek cuisine we couldn’t stop the laughter that we had experienced since we were kids.  She had never tried saganaki so that of course was our appetizer and after many caesars and a perfect lunch all the drama from the last year seem to melt away as did the burning cheese.

We have not been able to spend quality time together over the past year because life just got in the way.  The ending of relationships, the birth of new ones, our calendar was just to full.  The eatery we chose to feed our friendship was the perfect setting. 

Warm yellow walls set with wonderful paintings all around and tables full of happy patrons set a mood of celebration of a friendship rekindling.  Everything was just perfect including our patient server who spend a good two hours with us.  Yes he was tipped well!!

I still don’t have the answer at why some friendships last and some just don’t but I will say I am really glad this one has stood the test of time. 

Your a keeper, I’m glad to see I am to xo



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