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Posted by Admin1 on August 27, 2017
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I can’t begin to tell you the importance of the right hairdoo. My head is my crown. I’m not saying not having hair means you don’t have a crown. In fact I think many, many men with no head hair are very sexy with the right amount of confidence. My one brother lost his mane many years ago and I actually think it really suits him and he’s much hotter with no mane.

Not that I find my brother hot but he does pull off not having hair on his head top notch, Ben Denzel. I think his bedazzled lady lover would agree. So recently as I was growing out my locks I felt like I was getting some mixed reviews on my Game of Thrones main choice. I mean the beard is always kick ass but one has got to be careful what they do with their head. I’m not saying everyone’s opinion counts. I do what I want but I do appreciate an honest opinion. Look at us. We were a mess!

So when in doubt, take a poll. So I did. The world spoke. Okay fine, like 20 people spoke and it was a majority. The long locks were just not cutting it. Now what the heck was I going to do? I had been going to this salon at Yonge and Eglinton. Sam had been helping me grow out those locks for a time and so I thought, you know what, he has got to be the one to whack it off. I rushed over with coffee in hand. Damn wouldn’t you figure, he wasn’t there. What a nightmare! When I decide to whack it off I need it done like ASAP before I lose my nerve. Two fabulous ladies were there styling away and I decided I was just going to have to trust my head in the hands of another.

I chose Farnaz. She has fabulous hair and she reminded me of a woman I worked with at that horrible jewelry company, Ben Moss. She was fabulous. Unlike the boss who was a lying cow and eventually got the boot. I should have sued the old Russian battle axe for the stunt she pulled but I’ll save that story for another time. So fabulous Farnaz! She had me at pompadour! She really did a wonderful makeover of my locks and spent an anazing amount of time letting me know her process. Brilliant! You must book a hair date with her if you’re in the Toronto area. She ended up doing

my partner too and he was thrilled with how she sculpted his over grown bush so flawlessly! Art is how she described what she does. You know what, I couldn’t disagree. Sorry Sam you’re always amazing but I needed it and you weren’t around!

Ray Daniel Salon & Spa

2300 Yonge St

Yonge & Eglinton Centre




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