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Posted by Bruce on April 03, 2020
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As promised funny man Panda and his hilarious antics are here. The 3rd of every month join me here and enjoy Pandas crazy gifs made just for you. Forget the bullshit out there. Let’s just fucking laugh.


My name is Andrew, but you can call me whatever it takes to get my attention! 
I’m never really sure what to write in these things which is surprising to most people.
I’m just a young man who likes to make people laugh and lend a helping hand where and when I can. Most of my favourite pass times are physically exerting. This helps to keep me in decent shape and I love helping get others motivated and inspired to become more active by sharing these activities.

Anyways, one question I get asked is what made me start working out and what am I working towards? 
All it was for me, was one day I was just looking at myself and I looked up to check myself out in the mirror and thought “I need to buy a mirror”
But seriously, I wasn’t happy or unhappy with what I was looking at. A decently strong, faster then most, hardworking, honest pale white man. 
Once I said that to myself, I decided to actually be honest with myself and checked myself out again… Still no God damn mirror! 
So I made a trip to the Home Depot to buy one and when I was finally able to check myself out in that mirror, I said

“I’m not happy with how I look actually. Small chest, no abs, can see most of my ribs… we need to do something about this Drew!” 
My girl at the time kinda gave me a look of disappointment, and embarrassment as the Home Depot employee asked me to put my clothes back on and leave the store! 

Anyways, that day I set some goals, took some pictures, and made a promise to myself that I was gonna put on some muscle and get better at every single thing I do! 
And that’s the answer for what I’m working towards…
Consistent improvements! 
Consistent improvements everywhere.
Improvements in my health.
Improvements in my mental health.
Improvements in my relationships.
Improvements in my career.
Improvements in my goals.
Improvements in my Improvements.

So long answer short for what got me started and what I’m working towards is…

I wanna be the best me, I can be for myself. And for those I’m fortunate enough to have in my life💙


One day I was at the gym and me and Bruce just casually nodded at each other.
He was thinking “wow that guys in shape” 
I was thinking “that’s a sick beard” from Viking beard club. 
Anyways, we ran into each other after our workout and and he reached out to me to ask how to achieve a more toned core and what kind of exercises I used. 
I gave him some advice and tips and we became friends! 

After a few months me and Bruce got talking about some similar exercises to tone and strengthen your core. Bruce then asked if I would help him out and show him a few things!
I didn’t even hesitate to say yes because he went out of his comfort zone to ask for help in really getting out of his comfort zone… I RESPECT THAT! 
After just a few sessions I was very impressed with Bruce’s ability tee if what I know and practise myself. Can actually transform someone like Bruce! I know it can, it can do it for anyone because it’s just three things: 1. Consistency 2. Effort 3. Diet.
I look forward to training Bruce again once everything is back to normal. But for now I hope everyone stays safe and remains healthy!

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