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Posted by Admin1 on September 22, 2013
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DSC05531I am so surprised by the number of emails and posts I have received about my blog last Sunday.  Definitely my most popular blog since I started writing.

Although you also enjoyed the one about the Opera Company last Christmas and how they kicked my 82 year old Mum in law off their steps so we missed Santa Clause in the Toronto Santa Clause Parade. Oh did I mention she has dementia and in a wheel chair? Good times!

My story never touched their hearts, let me tell you. I got the old shove off in a lovely email I think I may have posted it for you all to read! Anyway! They are not on my list of things to experience in this fabulous city!  Which is too bad because I love the opera! But, I hate bad customer service more and I think it’s an embarrassment to a great city like Toronto!

I got the impression after reading all your “I’m sorry this happened to you.” and “Someone owes you $1700.” That you may like to know what has been going on since last Sunday with regards to this Dream Chaser “Nightmare!”

Let me just refresh the page by saying Sarah Brightman was so fabulous my eyes were filled with tears for most of her show! The set design was most spectacular and if you have the chance to see her just do it!!!! It really is unforgettable.

It was actually “Healing” If that makes any sense to anyone. Sarah’s voice, her music, the images were spell bounding and spiritually rapturous.

Unfortunately the co-ordinators of this spectacle seriously dropped the dream catcher!

A couple of things happened this week as I posted my blog around. The first thing was I received a Facebook message from the A.C.C (Air Canada Center) Letting me know they wanted my email address because they wanted to talk to me about what happened.

Which of course got me dreaming like a little school boy. You know those stories you hear about how Ellen or Oprah save the day by surprising you with the over the rainbow ending to a terrible event!

I was thrilled and sent them my email. Nothing. I never heard from them. I think why bother teasing me. Being a kid at heart sucks at times like this.

Then out of the blue “Jude” my partner, gets a call from some guy claiming to be part of Sarah Brightman’s World Tour (all the way from the UK) and says he wants to talk to me. Well we hit the roof. Well he hit the roof and then called me at work to tell me the exciting news!

He said change your shift because the guy will be calling Saturday mid morning to talk to me about what happened.

A girl that works for me generously switched shifts so I would be home for the call. So fabulous! A call all the way from the UK! How outstanding. Maybe our Anniversary would be saved!

The call never came. Well not while I was home. I waited as long as I could running myself almost late to catch my bus for work. Worst of it was we had plans for Saturday night we cancelled so I could take that call.

Finally later Saturday afternoon the “World Tour, guy” called our place again and asked for me.  Jude told him I had left for work. Jude tried to give him my work number but he said he was on the road or something so he could not write it down.

When Jude called me to tell me “The Guy” called my heart started pounding but all the guy said was I’ll send Bruce an email.

Hmm another email! Getting hold of someone can’t be this difficult. Ellen does it all the time. It doesn’t seem to matter where you are. That girl will find you.

I think about stuff like that. I could just see it now Ellen’s crew at my door with tickets to see some Broadway show. Our cats, dog and the bunny all running around trying to pack their little suit cases for the big trip and I am hiding my face thinking “Oh my god, Does this mean I have to fly!” Yep I think to much!

It’s no wonder I am up at 1:55 am writing this exasperating blog! LOL! Anyway, I never got an email today from “The Guy! It’s probably a friend pranking me like that episode of Will & Grace where Karen plays tricks on Candice Burgan? Burgman? Burgstone? Bergen! Bergen! I love her!  Anyway, it was a funny episode. I wish I could say the same about this.

I’ll keep you posted!


PS: Happy Autumn Equinox!!! I think I can feel some magic in the air!




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