Dream Chaser “Nightmare!” The Final Curtain!

Posted by Bruce on October 06, 2013
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The week was long as I waited for the “Great Call” Steve from the U.K had called and left a couple of messages with Jude, my partner, that he wanted to speak with me about what happened at the A.C.C.

We were pretty convinced by now that our nightmare would come out to some corner weeping ending.

Steve sent me an email that he would call me the following day.  I had informed him I would be home and waited for the call.  I waited and waited and waited! It was my first day off in a bit so I was really looking forward to sleeping in and maybe later after lunch hit some fabulous coffee shop in some wonderful corner of the city.

By 6pm or so he still had not called. I was pissed to say the least.  I hate wasting away a perfectly good day off.  I dropped him a quick email and simply stated. I’m waiting for your call. Almost simultaneously my phone wrang.

“Could I speak to Bruce please? Hey it’s Steve. I’m calling from Moscow!” Which of course brought to mind a Michael Jackson song I love called “Stranger in Moscow” and began singing it inside my head.

He wanted me to go over everything that took place and so I told him and waited for the miracle.  Well he said “Unfortunately, we had bought the wrong package and it did not entitle us to see Sarah.” I thought hadn’t I heard this song before? I also thought “I hate when people make you regurgitate a story just so they can give you the same watered down corporate answer.

Kind of like those calls you get from Bell Canada. You know the ones. It’s obvious they are reading from cue cards and the voice on the other end sounds like the person is chewing gum and watching “Coronation Street” I do love that show!

He began to explain that the people who got to meet Sarah purchased another V.I.P package.  I thought in my head “Really, well good for them!” I thought. He seemed sympathetic but it was hard to tell through that thick U.K accent. The confusion on the “Ticket Master” website and the overall confusion at the show was not, however, something he was ready to take the blame for but it was obvious now he was trying to come up with a plan.

“How about I make sure you get two tickets and get to meet her after one of her other performances?”  I was stunned.  I asked him where is she playing? Buffalo Wednesday night. Boston! Chicago! “Can you get to Buffalo for Wednesday night?” He asked. “Um today is Monday” I said.

Well we passed idea’s back and forth and got a workable plan pulled together. Here is what it all looks like:

1. 2 autographed programmes from the show = Outstanding!

2. 2 copies of her CD Dream Chaser = Wonderful!

3. 2 limited edition Dreamer Chaser CD in velvet box and encased in a globe of the earth with authenticity cards both signed by Sarah Brightman!! = Tremendous!

4. 2 V.I.P Dream Chaser concert tickets and a meet and greet with Sarah Brightman!!!! = Nightmare Over!

Thanks Steve!



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