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Posted by Bruce on September 16, 2013
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DSC05527I have to take this one nice and slow because what I’m about to tell you is of a horrific disappointment to me and my partner.

I bought us V.I.P tickets for Sarah Brightman’s Dream Chaser World tour back in April of this year. He saw the tickets available after the organizers of Sarah’s world tour date had been changed!

The ad advertised the “Dream Chaser” V.I.P package. We hit the links and 1,2,3 our tickets were purchased! A crazy amount of around $1700 but anything for my man and hey we never go anywhere so why not?

We quickly in all the excitement read what we were going to get with this amazing package. An autograph copy of her cd x 2. May I add the deluxe cd! A meet and greet with Ms. Sarah and a reception before the show. There were other things on the list but getting to meet Sarah was the kicker for us and the perfect way to celebrate our 8th Anniversary together!

It took for ever for the big night to arrive. We waited for the longest time to hear anything about where or how to pick up our tickets so we decided to call.

Of course we spoke to the Air Canada Center and explained that we had V.I.P tickets to see and meet Sarah Brightman but we had yet to hear anything and it was now the end of August.

Apparently they would send us an email closer to the date.  We finally received two discs in the mail but neither cd was signed. In fact they were not deluxe versions of her CD and they were still in the plastic.

We assumed we would take them to the show where she would sign them after the show at our meet and greet.

The big night finally arrived. We had no idea where to go but we took a cab to the A.C.C! We went to the first window we saw to pick up our tickets. We were so excited. Sarah Brightman is Jude’s favourite artist in all the world and to be able to give him this was like a real dream come true. I’m not made of money and to put that kind of money on the table, made me proud and I hoped would really hit home how much he means to me.

As we waited for the lady behind the glass to locate our tickets, time started to march on. The show starts at 8pm and it was now 7:15pm. They couldn’t seem to locate our tickets. We were starting to feel a little nervous. After about 20 minutes they realized that we were at the wrong gate.

The lady took us to gate two. We were dropped off their where no one seemed to know what to do with us. We waited there with other guards and A.C.C employees for another 10 to 15 minutes before they realized the table was directly behind a pole about 5 feet away from us.

It was now 7:30pm.  We approached the table where two women were standing. They asked for our photo I.D and info for the tickets. Jude and I were really starting to feel excited since it seemed we finally found someone here that new what they were doing.

I have never bought V.I.P tickets before so I had no idea at all what to expect.  They told us there was a reception down the winding stairs.  We really didn’t know what that meant but we thought how fabulous.  We made our way down the stairs after we bought some collectables.

When we got to the reception a lady offered us a glass of champagne. How fabulous we thought. There was a little table with some snacks on it and we assumed it was for us to have with our drink. There wasn’t really anyone around other than one server and a bar tender.

We had no idea what to do. Were we aloud to eat the food? How much were the drinks at the bar? There were no menus and no pricelists.  We could only assume it was going to be very expensive so we didn’t order any other drinks. Well not completely true I got Jude and coke and when I went to pay the bar tender he said no it’s ok. I told Jude and we thought “How nice they offer free pop, maybe so people don’t drink and drive.”

We finished the little snack and the drinks and off to the concert we went. I kept teasing John. Your going to get to meet her!!! I thought he was going to pass out.

Sarah was brilliant. Really brilliant and our seats were wonderful. I took some great photo’s and we were having the time of our lives. I got thinking where would we go after the show to meet her.

At intermission we went out and asked a man at a help desk where the V.I.P people would go to meet Sarah Brightman? He had no idea so we went back in to take in the rest of the wonderful concert. We decided A.C.C was a very unorganized place and we were happy we figured it all out kinda my accident.

The end came so quickly. We were just over the moon in the spell of “Dream Chaser” We were certainly chasing a dream.  Actually it turned quickly into a nightmare.

As we followed the others to the area where we had learned we were to go to wait. We heard the one organiser say “Only those with a red wrist band should be here.” That was strange because Jude and I had green!

I looked around at the others and they seemed to have two bracelets, one green and one red. Jude looked at me confused and I said don’t worry I’ll ask. I’m sure it’s just more unorganized confusion. I pointed at my wristband for the lady below to see. She quickly said “Ya sorry you need a red wrist band.” I felt my gut rock.

I showed our V.I.P card that hung around my neck like everyone else had. I said to John don’t worry. Then another co-ordinator said she would be right back. That they had two many people seated waiting then they had on their list.  I felt nervous but confident they would get it sorted out.

The entire evening was a confusing mess that worked out in the end so I thought this was just another glitch! The lady moments later came to us and said “I am so sorry but you did not buy the “Dream Chaser” package, You bought the “Angel” V.I.P package. This package does not entitle you to meet Sarah Brightman.” I looked at Jude and he looked like he was hit by her tour bus!

I said this must be a mistake we bought them on line with Ticket Master and it said meet Sarah Brightman the V.I.P package.  We were clueless to the fact there was another V.I.P package. I just looked at her and said but we spent $1700 for what a glass of champagne and some apps to eat?

At this point we got kicked in the gut again when she told us “Well no it was the V.I.P package that gave us a reception and open bar starting at 6:30. We sent you an email at 3:30 today giving you the details.” I was aghast. I wasn’t home at 3:30 and we did not see the email. We had no idea the bar was an open bar and we never even had a drink other that the stupid champagne.

Plus they took so long to find out where we were suppose to be we missed the reception anyway, really.  I said to her but I can’t understand why it said meet Sarah Brightman! How can this be happening. We are celebrating 8 years together and this is just a nightmare. She tried to look sincere that she felt bad but we could tell she was just trying to get rid of us because she had a meet and greet to get to.

I can’t tell any of you reading this how broken hearted Jude and I are about this. If I knew believe me I would have bought the other package.

Moments later she came back with two concert programs sign by Sarah herself. Talk about pouring alcohol in the wound. She said in her best sounding sincere voice. How about these as our way of saying we are sorry.  I felt like I was going to puke.

We were sick with upset. Literally sick to our hearts and our stomachs.  She smiled and off she went. I started to cry. I felt so bad for Jude. I wanted him to have this. I wanted him to know what he meant to me. I wanted to give him this gift full of love and humility.

Now I was feeling totally humiliated as those around us looked at us like we were dirty little liars that were just trying to get to see some celebrity singer.

I said to Jude I wanted to leave immediately. I was angry and humiliated. I was heart broken.

It was a very quiet ride home. I was in shock. We were both in shock we dared to speak to each other. It was as if all the struggles we had been through and all the nightmares we have dodged over the past 8 years were solidified in this huge mess of a dream.

We went right to bed and I have to tell you, I had nightmares all night about getting kicked out of the A.C.C and we slept through to 12 noon completely exhausted from the experience that had slammed us the night before.  You know I wish I was exaggerating but these feelings are raw and real and we will never forget the Nightmare that was Sarah Brightman’s Dream Chaser World Tour.

Sarah was incredible and we know if she had any idea that this happened to us she would have let us in.

Heart Broken in the City!





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