Eagles Eye View

Posted by Bruce on January 20, 2019
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The first real snow and deep freeze has hit Toronto and already people have disappeared inside the tunnels and undercity walk ways to escape the grigid cold. I don’t know about you but I’ve got to dance! It’s the best way is to chase away the winters blues. I decided to go with some buddies of mine to retro night at a local leather bar. I don’t mean a Harley Davidson sort of leather bar but a fantastic gay club in the heart of Toronto’s Gay Village. An adult venue with dark, industrial decor catering to the gay leather & denim communities. The Eagle with all it’s rough looking edges is one of the friendliest clubs in the village. The heats turned up! The clothes come off and the winter chill is a distant memory for at least the next several hours. Where is this den of leather bliss? 457 Church Street, Toronto! That’s where. The bar tenders are heavily tattooed, bearded and non bearded sweethearts that service from behind the dim lights of the bar. I fell into a leather crush with one of them. After one two many cocktails I can’t recall his name. If I remember correctly it is more of a nickname than a real name. Hmm, I gotta find out. I guess I gotta go back don’t I? My friends and I had a blast and I’ll be sure to share our eagles eye view of our adventures on our next visit! I may be brave and hit up jock night February 3rd! You can check out my daily Instagram @bruceinthecity


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