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Posted by Bruce on July 09, 2017
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Toronto is awesome but even more so in the summer. When festival season gets underway the city wakes up to some of the greatest public gatherings the world has to offer. Of course, I enjoy Pride but this year decided to boycott the Parade. I believe everyone who struggles as a LGBTQ person has the right to march in that parade and no political group or movement has the right to block any supporter of the community. Everyone has the right to build a bridge but never to topple one down. It’s unforgivable in my opinion. I did however attend one of the coolest parties on the strip and that is the underwear fashion show at Cafe California. Every year for the last several years they played host to The Bay men’s garments, but this year JJMelon was the company and let me tell you sexy trendy garment fashion briefs. Their models were sizzling and the host Drag Queen Sofonda Cox was a lot of fun and did a great job filling the heels of the late great Chris Edwards who died suddenly while performing in a show Sept 2016.
If you are ever around for Pride it is worth checking out Cafe California on Church to see this really fun and sassy fashion show.
There are so many more great festivals going on all the time throughout the summer. I’ll be checking out The Taste if the Danforth in a few short weeks. It’s a delectable party of incredible flavours celebrating the culture of Greece.
I’ll be blogging about that soon enough so check back every Sunday for more great happenings in my fare city.
Just a quick note to you all if you are a business in the Toronto area and would like to be featured on my blog send me an email or leave me a voicemail with your business info and I’d be happy to stop by for a Bruce in the City visit!


Hope to hear from you soon! I’m gearing up for the fall season and I’d love to feature you!

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