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Posted by Bruce on July 07, 2013
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What gets your juices going? What’s your dream? What is the one thing in the world that fills you with joy and ignites passion? I have been asking this question allot on my blog lately. I’ve spent most of my life working in the retail world. I gave allot of my own energy and talent to someone else’s dream.  And as you know, if you have been keeping up on my blog, I have decided to say goodbye to retail and begin pursuing my own dreams.


It’s the main reason why for the next few weeks I am going to be dedicating my blog to the celebration of peoples life dreams and aspirations. Of course I will then share my new found passion with you.

First on my list “Breath of a Dream” I like to call it, is a place that lives east from Toronto in the farm lands of Prince Edward’s County.  It’s name is simple. It’s vision, natural earth, sustainable land. It is simply known as “Fiddlehead Farm” Their philosophy is pretty simple “Organically Grown!” I have to admit I have been trying to visit this gem since last summer but of course with my busy hectic life here in the city I never had the chance to escape to this tranquil land.


Now of course behind the beauty that is Fiddlehead Farm is a couple “Steven and Heather” and their small team of players that work the land and host the vacation east wing of the farm house.


I was taken on the grand tour of how it all comes together and in the end ends up on your dinner plate.  As I walked the fields and listened to Steven describe and let me sample the fresh organic produce, I could see his passion grow with every word.  It was incredible. In just a shrt season he with the help of his team have produced some wonderful harvest.

Before my tour began of course I was settled in to my east wing holiday suite that is available for rent year round. Seriously, you can rent the holiday suite and sty with your special someone or your children for a fabulous country home experience.  I just loved it. I will be making Fiddlehead Farm an annual holiday destination.

Ok so after I got settled in the east wing and of course got the grand tour of the land, I have to admit meeting the farm animals was so thrilling. I quickly shed my city frock for my rubber boots and baseball cap and head down to the pig pen, where again they are treated with such care.  Their organic feed and fruits and veggie diet was actually in allot of cases healthier than most of my food choices. The pigs put me to shame! Thankfully I didn’t have to scoop pig poop!!

Well as I promised I got my knees dirty. I worked in the sunflower gardens that greet you on your arrival at Fiddlehead Farm. All it took was two ice cold beer, how butch. A fancy yellow pair of work gloves, not so butch and my shirt thrown to the wind, very sexy! I wasn’t bad for a city boy! Of course in fabulous fashion I completed one long row and then went for an afternoon beauty nap!! It was the most peaceful after siesta I think I have ever had. The East Wing is perfect for one but I’m certain even better with more! My host’s woke me to a wonderful dinner. All the food was produced and harvested on the farm. i asked them how many weekends were still available for renting and I think just Labor Day so you better touch base with them A.S.A.P if you want the summer experience at Fiddlehead!

Now I gotta tell ya. This is not a bed and breakfast. You literally live there for your appointed time. The town is just a short drive away and it is spectacular. The Sandbanks is just a stone thrown and who doesn’t love that Provincial Park so it’s just a wonderful place for the whole family.

This Queen doesn’t drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH yes he does!!! As my host drove me through the acres of land I was amazed at the great potential for future projects. I know of one very special plan that the science fiction guru’s will love…and maybe by the time this blog is posted it to will have landed. I will have to get back to see for myself!!! Before we headed back my host turned to me and said “OK, now you can take us home.” Oh no no no I just don’t drive R.T.V’s!! But he smiled and said “Yes you do.” and I did all the way back to the farm house!!! Outstanding! I was a farmer, well, and then I cried because well I was just so excited! Oh leave me alone!

Night falls quickly when your having fun and morning came early. I was excited because today I was going to my first farmers market. Don’t get me wrong, I have been to farmer’s markets but not from this point of view. Knowing what I know now brings a whole new perspective on what it takes to get that whole operations organized! It takes allot of hard work and just the right amount of rain and sunshine to get everyone’s crops perfect. Fiddlehead Farm does it without any aid from chemicals hormones and antibiotics to get their goods on the table. It can be done people!

Before we left for the market I had a chance sit down with Steven. I wanted to get a feel of what all of this really meant to him. What turned his dream into a reality? And here is what he told me.

“Fiddlehead Farm is an ecological farm operating a five acre market garden.  We strive to better our local community, environment, and taste buds through sustainable farming practices that nourish the soil and all that depend on it.  We distribute our produce through our CSA and Farmers’ Market locations.  Our farm team is here to help you eat well and live tastie” Steven.

“We also offer weekly vacation rentals in the East Wing of our 160 year old heritage manor home. This is an opportunity to experience living on a functional ecological farm while enjoying our proximity to Prince Edward County’s natural, agricultural, and viticultural wonders.” He proudly continued.

It’s wonderful what they have done from a simple dream! Isn’t it?

Please check out their Website,facebook page and Twitter!!

You have to experience “Fiddlehead Farm” for yourself! You will love it!




Live Your Dreams!!!


This blog is dedicated to the memory of my Aunt Tanna, miss you always.





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