Fade to Black

Posted by Bruce on December 22, 2013
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It’s Sunday evening. Anyone out there? The ice storm of the decade has now it Toronto and we just got our power back.  I just got a call from my store. Their power just went out. They are concerned. I am wondering how many people are in the dark.

Saturday was scary.  We went to bed as normal. Then we were woken to screams coming from the hall. Women’s voices and men yelling to. What was going on. We were in the dark. The hall outside our apartment was in pitch darkness. People were stuck in the elevator?

I called the Police. I didn’t know what was going on. Was anyone hurt?  They asked me what was going on in the hall. I said I didn’t know I was woken by screams.

We could not see anything out our door peep hole! Scary. What was happening?

After a while, once the chaos seem to clear in the hallway we decided to go to bed.  The storm was still storming and we had work the next morning.  The condo got cooler and we added sheets and put on much needed PJ’s.

The next morning I called my folks because my cell was on it’s last line and wanted them to know we were without power but we were ok.

How were all our friends? Would my store have power? Will we all have power for Christmas?

It was a mystery that I had no answers for.  I couldn’t shower so I washed by the sink in freezing water.  Enjoying however the scent of my honey soap I bought at work the other day.  Simple pleasures go a long way when one is stressed.

When I finally got to work the power was on. It was a relief because I would put some warm water through my hair and freshen up a bit better.  My staff were calling. Some had no power some had no way of getting into work. Some were just scared looking for someone to talk to.

In spite of the storm my store was surprisingly busy. I guess with most of the city out it was a safe haven to come, get warm and do some shopping. We are known for a our personable customer service so I think our neighborhood was relieved to know we were their for them.

We heard many stories of trees through car windows and broken trees and cold houses.  My place was still powerless so I understood. I was worried about my partner and his Mom. Were they getting colder?  What were they going to eat?

I finished my shift to find out our power had come back on at home. I was relieved. It wasn’t soon after I arrived home, which took me forever that I got a call from an employee from her cell phone.  “We have no power.” She said.

She sounded a bit shaken.  I told her to finish things up. Set the alarm and head home. I’m sure their travel was going to be worse then mine since I left at 5:30 and they were getting out of their at 7ish.

Needless to say we will have to see where this is going to end up. I’m just praying for everyone and hope the people and the city I love so much are going to be ok.

Hang in there!

Caring thoughts

Bruce in the City.

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