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Posted by Bruce on March 25, 2013
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Well as usual I’m late on my blog this week.  You wouldn’t believe how busy I’ve been.  It’s kinda perfect though however that I am late because today in fact is my Birthday and believe me I have been feelin the love this past weekend.

The clouds have finally rolled away and I have risen.  I am so happy to say good bye to 38!!?   Birthdays are the perfect time to start fresh.  To be able to shed the latex of the year past and roll on a new skin.

My flower has officially bloomed and I am ready for watering!  I feel like a caterpillar that has grown wings.  I am a drag queen with a new wig. I am a redneck with his first Canadian of the day!  It’s my day and damn it, it’s all about me!  I’m sittin by the phone just waiting for those calls to come rushing in! I’m checking out my facebook checking out the hundreds of pokes I’m going to get from my multitudes of friends family and admirers!

OK so this year it’s all about getting real and havin a fabulous time on my terms! It’s not every year a person turns 39! I have turned 39 four times as of today so I just know I’m going to get it right this time!

I don’t care what anybody says, your Birthday is a big deal. Unless of course you are a Jehovah’s Witness then I just have to say I’m sorry about that! There is something very magical about the way your year gets it’s start. Think about it, last year my Birthday was pretty much a flop socially and therefor my year was a flop.  This year I am really feelin the love!

I got to work on Friday and it seemed like any other day.  I love where I work the people are fabulous and it’s a whole new experience after the deep freeze of Holt Renfrew.  Just around three O’clock I was called into the office.  My heart began to race. The last time I was called into the office on the job was at Holt’s where I got served my “We don’t need you papers” “We don’t have a reason, we just don’t need you!” So clearly office calls are a tad stressful for me.  As I walked through the door ready to wipe the tears with my rainbow reusable napkin, I was shocked as the girls stood there surrounding a very fancy creme filled cake with all the trimmings and candles glowing like the Canada Day fireworks.   They sung out like little Who’s and I felt my heart grow four sizes that day!

I got home, ready to take a load off.  My Birthday weekend had officially begun.  What better way to really get it going but to head over to Oprah’s guilty pleasure, “Target” It’s so wonderful we finally got our very own Target!  Move over Canadian based companies the American’s have arrived.  Did anyone sign that treaty?  John and I moved briskly up and down the isles and yes we found many wonderful things.  John bought me Phil Collins greatest hits and The Dark Knight Rises. Which I think is just a remake of Anne of Green Gables.  We decided to grab some Swiss Chalet.  I don’t know why we did really the food is sewage and poor John and I were up at three barfing our guts out!

Unfortunately, I had to cancel with my Mom and Dad to go to Canada Blooms in the morning but by mid afternoon we were over the Swiss Chalet scoots and decided to head down to Canada Blooms anyway. Why let a sunny day go to waist.  It was fabulous and John and I got dirty in the sawed section and I had my very own hoe!

I couldn’t figure out what we were going to do for our evening festivities.  I was hoping to grab and drink somewhere, when I received a call from my buddy Ron. He and his partner invited us over for a cocktail. I was pretty happy about that and I thought what a nice way to continue my weekend in tribute of me.  I never mentioned my Birthday because well I didn’t want to be ostentatious!  When I arrived, I quickly learned it was a surprise party for me!! I was thrilled! John pulled it off! I had no idea! Non! Some of my closest friends were present! Ron and Alan immediately popped their cork for us all “Loosen Bros Riesling Sparkling” It was delicious! A plethora of wines were flowing and cheeses from around the globe! My good friends Laura and Dave brought the most fabulous birthday cake and the night was topped off with David Bowie”s new CD “The Next Day” which I got from my Buddy Phil!

Sunday came in a flash and again my pals at work loved me with gifts as lovely as frankincense and myrrh, the new Justin Timberlake and a wonderfully oranged vest and lunch to!! Thanks guy!

So here I am Monday morning, officially my Birthday! A little Mc D’s and the Toy Story Trilogy! Who could ask for anything more!!!

I hope all your Birthday’s this year are as fab as mine was! Keep me on your radar and see you next week.  By the way, the book I’m reading, I’m almost done. I’m looking forward to giving it my review soon!

Happy Birthday to Me!



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