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Posted by Bruce on March 10, 2019
Check it Out!

Well the day finally arrived. I had my ticket for the fetish fair and I was all pumped to experience something way outside my comfort zone. A buddy of mine who has much more experience in the fetish world came along as an unofficial body guard. Literally! The event was taking place at The Phoenix. An amazing club and concert venue. The security and staff were exceptional and very inviting. I’ve seen a few concerts there and they are always thorough yet welcoming.
Men and woman from all over gathered in the bag checking area inside the club. They began checking their bags and winter gear and began dressing up with their night’s fetish ensembles. All kinds of amazingly strange outfits. Some looking like people from the Blue Men theatre show, others covered in latex outfits. There were a lot of fellows in leather, and jock straps were plenty. The event was being hosted by North Bound Leather, Toronto’s number one fetish and leather boutique.
You are probably wondering what I wore. Well I was pretty tame compared to others but I did have on the new collar I had purchased for the event and a leather bracelet I wore on my right arm (which I found out after meant I was submissive). Lol, I had no idea! No wonder all those big muscle men were looking at me like I was a piece of steak at a summer barbecue.
I have to admit the attention was nice. The DJ was awesome. Trance and dance grooves thumped from the amazing sound system.
As I investigated the corridors and rooms in the theatre I felt like I was in an episode of Queer as Folk, which was actually filmed here in Toronto. I honestly wish I could tell you in greater detail what fetishes I was observing but I think this time pictures will speak louder than words. I can tell you there was hot candle wax and wipes happening on the main stage. In one room people seemed to be admiring each others get ups and in another there was this stand that both men and woman were propped up on experiencing various physical stimuli. Did I mention this was not an exclusive men’s event? It was really exciting to see woman in dominant roles with men and other woman. The sharing of power and sensation. Both Anna and Peter from North Bound Leather were there. It was difficult to get a photo with them as people had them surrounded. I felt like I was trying to get a photo with David Bowie and Grace Jones. I never did get that photo. Better luck next time I guess. I did have a blast and met some really great men and women that in spite of the ongoing misunderstandings by more conservative people, these folks were a really engaging group of people. I’ve never met so many friendly people in any other club environment. No bullshit. No attitudes! Just people expressing themselves sensually, powerfully, and organically with one another. Would I go again? If I did I would certainly wear a better outfit! Stay tuned to find out!
Hey maybe you can look into your own relationship and think a bit outside the box. Have you ever thought what it might be like to spank your big tough husband or let him blindfold you and tickle you with ice and hot wax?
Life’s too short. Have fun with each other in a safe environment. You just never know how close the experience will help you become.

Kink on you crazy sexy people!

Bruce in the City

Editor Mary Ellen Monk

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