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Posted by Bruce on December 15, 2019
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Let me just get real for you all for just a quick moment. You all know this last couple of years I’ve been going through alot of personal changes. I was in a relationship that in spite of effort from both ends of the supper table our differences of personality and mentality enevitably was its doom. I was needing change in my life. Big changes in lifestyle. Big changes in expressing who I had become.

Bruce in the City the man was coming of age and he no longer wanted to fit in a mold that was fashioned by somebody else. In walked Tony. One badass dude who I had decided after my very public breakup getting poked by him was just what my demons had ordered.

I needed to find my personal alleluia and my new friend Tony the badass body piercer was about to afford me just the right experience mentally and physically to give pain and heartache its fuck you. I thought the experience warranted a Q and A with Tony. Here it is. Rock on!

Bruce: You recently gave me my first nipple piercing. Tell me when this world of metal expression began?

Tony: I was interested in the tattoo world as a teenager and started getting piercings myself and after a while that didn’t satisfy my craving so in my early 20’s I learned how to pierce.

Bruce: What was it about piercing that captivated you?

Tony: Really it was about my satisfaction of doing something to someone else that could be non permanent and having it enhance and draw attention to the natural features of people , these day’s so much more.

Bruce: My first piercing was intensely significant. It meant something very profound to me. It was pain I controlled for a change. I wanted it. I wanted You to give it to me. I mentioned to you its significance and your understanding of that was totally Satan and I new you were the right piercer for me. “I will experience lifes pain but I am capable of healing from that pain” In reference to my Grandmothers death.

Tony: Its my favorite part of piercing people is making a connection with them, learning who they are sometime’s people have very specific reason’s for wanting a piercing and I am happy to provide that for them.

Bruce: Not long after I needed my second nipple pierced. Why? Because it was an insanely erotic and empowering experience the first time. I felt instantly bonded in comerodery with you, Tony. I mentioned to you it had an S & M quality in the experience. Not because of anything you did outside off just piercing me but so much from within me bubbled over like emotional lava. I felt a new fetish give birth into my life. Thoughts?

Tony: Yes definately some piercings are fetish related , some piercings were born of the fetish world.

Bruce: Spill it. What’s your favorite piercing to do?

Tony: My favorite piercing to do is the one on the client who is super happy afterwards and is smiling.

Bruce: Well in spite of the fact we barely know each other at all. I’m really satisfied you were who I chose to pierce me. You were professional, engaging and just enough badass to dignify this important life moment for me and I’m grateful. Its awesome you work along side your bro at Mike’s Tattoo parlor. How many years we talkin?

Tony: I have been piercing for just over 23 years and have worked with Mike in the past and have been working with him again for the last 10 years, it’s great working with my older brother , we get to hang out everyday and do stupid brother shit lol.

Bruce: That’s fucking awesome. Now for the big question! Now that we’ve done the QA, should I get me a PA…..

To be continued!

Author and Interviewer Bruce Christopher

Personal Assistant Justin Francis (Justice)

Editor & Publicist Bruce Law

Hair for Bruce Christopher by Nick Folco Providence Peterborough Ontario

A special guest writer articulates her take on being submissive. Thanks for your submission.

Strength in submission

The anticipation has my blood pumping; breathing is more rapid and there’s still a couple of hours to go.
Listening to music that would normally be associated with what might be on a Domme’s playlist; I realize how strong and amazing I feel from being submissive. I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling like a bad ass woman from tonight’s experience. I can be stronger and more confident at my job from giving everything over to Him.

It’s everything I need and yet I don’t know what is in store. My heart is racing now…. my brain is spinning… that’s how good it is without even being close. I patiently wait instruction while in an absolute state of serotonin overload – with each message another head rush. There’s still hours before we meet.

I slowly get ready, shower and shave – perfection for that is what’s expected I assume. I succumb to a glass of wine because I’m nervous. It’s freezing outside so I’ll be honest what I’m wearing is for warmth…. I transit so I can mentally relax…listening to that playlist the door man inquired who I’m to see and I wait. I’m buzzed through and enter the elevator; I enter the lair and I’m His.

He is kind but his energy is commanding. I’m sure he can tell I’m nervous he offers me a drink, and the chat is short. I’m naked within minutes;he is caring and astute.

From there… the time is ours.

by Dawn Quinn 

Sponcer Pop Music

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