Filled, Fit and Fondled

The winter snow was coming down lightly and it wasn’t as cold as it has been.  The winter has been brutal this year.  I don’t recall a winter like this in years.  As a kid it felt like every winter was a blast of Arctic air from November to February.  I read a note that it was colder than Mars the other day.  Crazy!

Regardless I always love the first few days of a new year.  It always feels so hopeful. I suddenly feel like I want to spend time on my own.  After all the hustle and bustle that is the Christmas season it’s fabulous to just disappear and enjoy some much needed quality time with self.

My new year began just as it should with a new hair style, a new pair of boots and a trendy new Sushi buffet!!  I started with the boots. A man has got to have a great pair of boots.  Mine were a sexy brown leather high tie boot by Rockport.  There is an amazing “Rockport” outlet at the East York Town Center.  No one seems to know of this little mall but there are some great deals there.  If you know how to shop.  And Brucesters, I know how to shop!

The second must do is the do!!! I stopped at Afif Hair  Beauty Salon and met a really cool woman there. I asked her what she thought of my Pompadour. And she was actually honest and said it was making me look older than I was. She said you don’t want to look like your over 35 do you? Of course not I said with a wink and a smile. She started her snip snip here and her snip snip there and before I knew it I was Toronto fabulous and trendy once again!

It’s not a day out without a good meal so my first 2014 lunch out came in the form of some raw fish! The restaurant is called Itamae Sushi. It’s brand new! I strolled in from out of the cold with my new Rockports in toe and outstanding new spikes and was quickly seated.

I just love a fabulous Sushi buffet!! It was so clean and inviting. All the girls we so polite and attentive and the menu was a little tablet that you touch the screen to place your order.  So perfect for a man on the go.

Now filled, fit and fondled I think I can truly embrace 2014 with everything I’ve got! I hope your new year is going spectacularly so far and as we ring in the new year let’s spread love, joy, peace and a good make over to as many ugly people as possible!

I just love you all and can’t wait to write for you every Sunday!!!!



East York Town Center, 2-45 Overlea Blvd, Toronto

Itamae Sushi, 747 Don Mills Rd, North York416-422-1860

Afif Salon Hair & Beauty, 2485 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2H6, 416-488-2161

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