“Fonda to Victoria… right here in Toronto!”

Posted by Bruce on August 24, 2011
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Welcome to Wicked Wednesday!

What a busy week so far and I’m just in the middle of it! TIFF is just around the corner and already the city is buzzing with Star Twinkle!

She is cute!  She is sweet! She is talented!!! And, she is at the precipice of a life so desired by many young women her age.  What makes a star?  Allot of push. Yes. Allot of courage, maybe.   Talent?  One thing is for sure, Victoria Duffield has got “it”.  If you have not heard of this singer and dancer, you will!!!

I had the privilege of meeting this fresh and fabulous new artist this week and she was enchanting!!!

Stay Tuned!


From new artist to a classic Actress, Activist, Philanthropist, Author “Jane Fonda” made a quick stop to the Manulife Center Chapter’s/Indigo  bookstore Bloor Street to promote her new book “Prime Time”!

You know, you just know when you are witness to a star with significant Hollywood history that has travelled the road of self discovery.  We all, I think at every new decade, spend most of our energy trying to define self. I can’t imagine doing it in front of a million people.  Not that I have not tried, with the singing thing and the writing thing and don’t forget the comedian thing and oh yeah the stripper thing…. no not really but the truth is when you get to hear someone as significant as Jane Fonda speak of her oustanding life, it’s encouraging to know that even within her great success and fame, she to has spent a life escaping the demons and trudging up those hills to come to that place where she can stand in front of her audience and tell it truthfully and with great conviction, just how it is to just be.

No matter your age! No matter your back ground! No matter your limitations or privileges, You are outstanding at every stage and at every age.

Thank you Jane I appreciated the reminder!

I can’t wait to see her at TIFF, I just know her new movie is going to be Oscar worthy.  And why not she is a never ending energy ball of truth, strength and exquisite wit!


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