Force of Will

Posted by Bruce on January 14, 2018
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Hey Brucesters! To keep with the spirit of my love for beards and my love for artists, here is one sexy fellow you just have to meet. Will Wilson is a 30-year-old Queer artist based in Toronto. He has worked in the photography world for a decade, previously volunteering with TIFVA and TIFF. He has also worked for Henry’s and Vistek, leading photo imaging stores in Ontario. In addition, Will has been a part time actor, as well as a PA for a few reputable and talented casting directors.

After gaining this experience, he has now enrolled at George Brown to continue his studies in photography.

In getting to know Will over time, I learned of some very real losses he has faced over the past three years and he has truly been an inspiration of strength and determination to many friends and fans alike.

I’m definitely a fan and have been personally inspired by him. It is a true force of will as he focuses his love and passion to express himself from behind a lens.

Will is an avid traveller, having ventured to 20 different cities in 2017. Incorporating travel, he is focusing on his career as a photojournalist. Currently his work is being displayed at one of my favourite hot spots in The Gay Village, “Pegasus on Church”. Will has some other venues lined up and I’ll be sure to let you guys know where and when.


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