Four days I won’t soon forget.

Posted by Bruce on February 22, 2011
Holiday Stories

  As you may have noticed I decided to hold off on my Sunday blog until today because I didn’t want to be premature with my Happy Family wishes!!  For once in my life I am right on time!

I wanted to tell you something that I think has changed me forever.  One of my relatives was recently admitted to the hospital to receive a triple bypass.  I wouldn’t say I was extremely close to this person but was worried enough to want to stop by after the surgery to make sure she was doing ok and maybe spend some time with her that had gotten lost over the years.

When I first arrived she was asleep, as you can imagine it had only been two days after her surgery and sleeping would be the thing to do.  I quietly woke her and she smiled.  I wasn’t sure she knew who I was so I made sure to remind her. 

After our first visit that day it was obvious company was what she needed and so I decided to visit her everyday until she was well enough to go home or at least be moved to the rehabilitation area where she would have access to more people and way better food.

As the days past I know we formed a new bond that time had faded from my mind. The time we spent together reminded me of how much she meant to me.  She shared her stories of her youth and mine and told me lots of juicy details with regards to my Mom and Dad.  Stories that could not be told by just anyone.

You see what I realised, was this relative, being of a certain generation, was able to unlock the past like no one else in my family could ( maybe excluding my Grandmother who would carry a similar historical key.)  It occurred to me just how important our time spent together really was.  We laughed and cried but most of all we remembered. 

You see she is a piece of a puzzle that cannot be replaced if left for missing.  Only she holds the stories of people and places of days long past and if we forget to listen we could miss those stories and in turn miss pieces of our own puzzle.  It may have only been four days but I’m really glad I got to spend them with her.  Now she is back home and I look forward to seing her this summer.

If I had any advice I could give that could really make a difference it would be this.  When a friend or loved one is in the hospital go see them. It can make all the difference to them and their recovery but more than that it can make all the difference for you. 

You might be amazed at what there is to learn from someone needing to be heard.  I have few I would call family and I love them all today and am so humbled to have them in my life.

Happy Family Day

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