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Posted by Bruce on March 29, 2020
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A few years back I featured a singer-songwriter, pianist, and guitarist from Toronto right here on my blog. Her name is Sara Wilkinson, and what a pleasure it was to feature her. I just think she is incredibly brilliant. You can imagine how excited I was when I received this in my email.

Dear Bruce in the City
Hmmm… where to begin? So much has happened since we last spoke! I finished recording and released my album “Willingly,” in January 2018. After a three year process it felt so good to finally be able to share it with the world. “Willingly” is currently available for purchase on my website: sarawilkinsonmusic.com as well as on Spotify & iTunes. “Willingly” comments on letting go and what it is like for us as humans to put everything we have on the line, while not knowing what we might get in return. It is very dear to my heart. 

After releasing “Willingly,” I flew to France where I auditioned for “The Voice France.” I was able to make it to the second round, but unfortunately not onto the show. I then returned home where I completed my second year of tree planting in BC with my love, Kyle Mooney. 
After the completion of the planting season, we hit the road and headed east for my first fall tour across Ontario & Quebec. The tour was a success! Our last stop was in my very own hometown of Acton where I performed at The Erin Roots Festival. What a perfect way to finish the tour. 
After the tour, we moved back to Toronto to attack music in a way I never had before. I reconnected with my amazing band consisting of Alex Purcell of The Purcell Project on guitar, his wickedly talented brother Robert Purcell on the drums, and non other than Duncan Stan on the bass. They have been with me from the beginning and were with me throughout the entire process of “Willingly.” I feel fortunate to have such solid and talented musicians to work with. Together, we played venues such as The Hideout, Lee’s Palace, Hamilton Pride, Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival & The MOD Club with RAW artists Canada.
While reconnecting with my band an unexpected and incredible opportunity landed in my lap. I was offered a position to teach music & music theatre to children in Amman, Jordan with Stardust Academy. After many a discussion with my partner, we decided to move our lives to The Middle East in pursuit of new experiences and more adventure. We have been here ever since. My contract would be finishing in the next couple of weeks, however, due to the ever growing Coronavirus situation, our school has been closed and our performances cancelled : (
As for now, all we can do is wait for new developments. As soon as The Jordanian Airport re-opens, we will return home to Toronto. I have been writing tons of new material, and am itching to get back into the studio to record my next album. This one will be a comment on everything I have learned and experienced since “Willingly.” I have fallen in love, I’ve turned 30, I’ve gained knowledge and been blessed with amazing experiences, not to mention moved to and lived in an entirely new country. I cannot wait to share this with the rest of the world. 
My most recent project is called “WILKINSON WEDNESDAYS.” The project began back in September when I first moved to Amman. The premise is that each Wednesday, I will post a video of either an original or cover, live or pre-recorded song and post it to my YouTube channel. I wanted something that would allow me to stay engaged with my fans even while living so far away from home. The project has been fun and a success. I’m actually releasing my 18th Episode Today!
Well, that pretty much sums it up, lol! Please send me your questions whenever you get a chance. I cannot wait for our interview together. 
Lots of Love,Sara

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