From the Ashes

Posted by Bruce on September 06, 2020
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Just when I think I’m going to struggle to find that new great story one shows up that inspires me. In this case, it’s a gangster turned successful fitness man-beast that reminds us it’s never too late. His name is Mark Cleary. Reformed gangster.

He spent much of his youth wondering where he would sleep at night. In jail or in his own comfy bed. Though he admits there were elements of excitement that encouraged this dark lifestyle, Mark rose from the ashes to become one of Ontario’s hottest fitness coaches.

With a new dedication to boxing, health, and fitness, Mark utilized his mental strength and outstanding physical prowess to create “Mark Cleary Fitness”. He celebrated five years sober these past months and enjoys a colorful relationship with his equally fit and beautiful partner.

As one of the hottest and in-demand coaches in the industry, his Instagram boasts over 62,000 followers. Mark Cleary’s training focuses on diet, pad work, speed drills, boxing and conditioning.

He’s trained with some of the great including Bobby Roode of WWE fame. I plan to train with Mark and I can’t wait. When asked about his own boxing career Mark says “It was an awesome feeling getting the opportunity to fight against the best of boxers around. Boxing helped change my life and helped me build a successful personal training business ” He’s badass, sexy AF and a beast among men.

It reminds us all that it’s never too late. At a time in the world when there is so much negatively and gloom its incredible to see this amazing man and inspiration to thousands of fans around the world. Congrats on your incredible rise to physical superiority in your personal and professional life.



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