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Posted by Bruce on December 12, 2011

First I gotta ask, does anyone have a membership at a Goodlife Fitness?  If not then I guess you will just have to decide after reading my blog this week, whether or not you should. I’m not one to complain, ya right and I have honestly tried my damnedest to avoid spilling the beans on this organization but I just have to!

I have been a member since 2007.  I realize it’s only four years but I think I may have a knowledgable opinion about this outlet they call a gym.  My membership allows me to go to any gym in Canada and that is probably the best part about the place. When one gym is getting really bad you can go to another one until that one gets run down or the customer service issues drive you out.

There I am enjoying some heat in the sauna after one of my many work out when the door swings open. An employee looks around at me and the other patrons who are trying to relax and out he goes. I guess to make sure none of us have fallen from heat exhaustion.  About 5 minutes later the same guy swings the door open again and has a quick look around.  We thought it was kind of strange since he was just in there looking around. After another couple of minutes the door swung open again and there he was.  Looking.  With a grin he asked if we were all doing ok.  We sorta replied but mostly were getting pissed that he kept letting all the heat out.  I was annoyed. I thought if this idiot comes in one more time, I was going to complain.  Of course a moment later just as we all settle in for some heat that freakin door swung open again!!!!!!

I thought to myself, what is the deal!!!? What the hell was he looking for? After he left I asked the other guys. What is this dork looking for?  Apparently the word in the club is that he is very homophobic and he is always trying to catch guys jerking around in there. “WWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTTT! This was absurd to me.”  I said.   And no one has complained?  I mean if he feels left out, he could always stay a little longer. Of course I joke but seriously.  Is this his job? To hunt down possible inappropriate behaviour at the local gym sauna??  I get it. I think everyone get’s it. No funny business in public places but I had to wonder was there a women’s locker room Gremlin to keep all those randy ladies under control.

Of course as I made my way to the front desk, I stopped to first let them know what had happened and to inform them that this apparently is an on going thing at this gym! And were the female patrons lucky enough to be subject to one homophobic, cop as well. I thought either someone doesn’t have enough to do or someone is going out of there way to find trouble. That was enough to make my blood boil! as I reach my low boiling point I realize quickly that I was going to get nowhere with these part time pin ups so I decided to give Good Lifes head office a call.

Has anyone tried calling them????? Case in point! If you can’t hire people, professional people to do a great job. Then at least hire someone to answer your calls at your head office.  I personally think the guy was checking out my junk drawer and I was highly insulted he never even complimented me on my good form!

How about a tip from my blog to you!!! Get your kids off their ipods at the front desk and hey how about less fowl mouthed music on your intercom and leave the locker room to the lockers!

Here comes the kisses!!!! Out of 5

Goodlife needs to get a life 1 kiss!!!!

Hey next week, I cant wait to tell you about the $160000 trainer!!!! Yep! See you then!

Sorry for the late post. Had a party today!!!! Also a shout out to “Saphire Lady” you were missed on both accounts!!!! xo

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