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Posted by Bruce on May 08, 2016
Check it Out!


I couldn’t believe what I saw coming down the street.  It was a sight to see.  My day was just about as normal as it could be and then it wasn’t.  How ridiculous of me.  I got all excited like a prepubescent boy.  All of my childhood fantasies flooded my mind.  I used to run down the drive with my best pal Marcie in full-on galactic precision, escaping the original white walkers, singing the theme song loud enough for all to hear, “Da da, da da da da da, da da da da da, da da da da!”  Marcie was always Princess Leia, but really I would have worn the buns best.  I let her have it.

So cool the Storm Troupers were headed right in my direction.  I no longer embodied the mind of a 45 year old store manager waiving my free wine sample sign out on the street.  I was Luke Skywalker, defender of the force.  I had to go defend it.  Thank God I hadn’t had my break and was with my wonderful employee who said, “Go Bruce. Go get your Geek on!”  And so I did!!!

Apparently every year the comic world has a free comic book day and a motley crew of Darth’s defenders had shown up at Paradise Comics to help draw some attention to their event.  They had comic book artists working on their latest drawings and the street was a buzz with real die hard Star Wars fans snapping photos and bright eyed awareness that could be seen blocks away.  I have to admit I don’t collect comic books.  I never have, but this was all so inviting how could one resist.  You could take up to five comics, I think it was.  I only grabbed four.  I didn’t want to seem too greedy my first time out.

The store owner was behind the counter ringing in sales of the latest and hottest sellers and the kids were mesmerized by the presence of the white uniformed soldiers.  It was very cool for being very geek.  The characters are part of a group that travel the globe spreading charitable love wherever they go.  Apparently there are like 9000 members who volunteer and go to special events and help raise money for children’s hospitals and they recently teamed up with the Make A Wish Foundation.

With my four comics in hand (Doctor Who, Archie, Tick and Bongo) I returned back to earth to continue my good work here, selling fabulous wine to the masses but not without a photo op first.


I had a great time and for just a moment, felt like a kid again.  I think I understood why the comic book industry is for the young and old alike, for who doesn’t want to feel like a child for just a fleeting moment in time.  I may have found a new hobby to sink my imagination into!

Check it out!

This event totally got 5 kisses out of 5!


Editor Mary Ellen Monk


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