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Posted by Bruce on May 22, 2016
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We finally got to see it! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2! It was amazing! I usually don’t start off with the obvious end to the blog but I just couldn’t keep this to myself. It was honestly a fabulous continuation to a story that frankly everyone fell in love with so many Greek moons ago.

The original film was not expected to do a lot at the box office. It was a summer space filler at the theater on most accounts by critics, but I just love when the critics are wrong. I think the critics have become too jaded in their expectation of content anyway. It all has to be so raw and deep and brooding to catch their attention and get any positive result from them.

I think my favorite reviewer is Eli Glasner because he is critical but can still appreciate a simple story with some old Hollywood optimism, as long as it’s done right. The original Greek Wedding was a triumph for summer movie going as well as Nia Vardalos the creator of the movie. She pretty much had her creative hand on the whole thing and it was fabulous.
The second film in the series, so far, is splendid. I laughed and cried my ass off. You know what else I loved? She doesn’t go to the cursing thing to make a joke. It doesn’t need it. It’s funny. Period! I like me some swearing but I get so tired of the “F” overkill on everything these days. Why do we need it? Who gives a “F”? There are places where it works but most of the time I feel like some writers are like, “Ok it’s time for the “F” bomb just in case we are losing our jaded spoiled audience”.

Nia’s movies are special. Classic romantic comedies that the whole family can enjoy and that is so rare anymore. There is enough hard core entertainment out there. It is refreshing and relevant for an artist to do what no one else is doing just so a movie going audience still has a choice on what kind of entertainment they wish to pay for.

Aside from Nia, who was so wonderful in the movie, the cast themselves were really on mark. Andrea Martin, a true Canadian comedic icon, was so funny. Just her very presence on the screen made me laugh. Her timing is perfection and the way she delivers a one liner? Forget it! Fabulous!
I had an opportunity to meet Nia many years ago when I worked for Holt Renfrew as a Sales Supervisor. Not a lot of fond memories of the place but I did meet some wonderful people and Nia was one of them. She was so down to earth and stunning. I spent some time with her helping her chose some items for gifts if I remember correctly and she took my compliments with real humbleness.
In fact I said a couple of things on twitter to her many years later and she actually remembered who I was! How cool is that? Celebrities are usually not that aware. She is special and I just admire her like crazy. Well not like a crazy… Well ok awkward! I joke but the real point of this little article is that when you have the chance, and if it is still playing in your neborhood and you love a true feel good romantic comedy, take your wife, your gay partner, your sensitive husband or your depressed 30 something aunt and you guys will have the time of your life.

If you have missed it in theaters I will keep you posted immediately when it is available for sale because this is a gift that keeps on giving!!



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