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Posted by Bruce on January 17, 2016
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Sometimes getting up the creativity to get this blog written is a bit of a challenge.  Every week since 2010 I have entertained you with the cutest little blog in the hemisphere.  Now I could do You Tube blogs and do jumping jacks but I prefer the written word.  So while some of my counterparts are now famous millionaires I will continue to do what I do best, write about the best subject I know best, me and my shadow.

With Ground Hog Day fast approaching, I think it’s the perfect time to talk buffet.  Oh come on, who am I kidding?  Any time is the right time to talk buffet!  Buffets are actually difficult to come by anymore.  Everyone has been suckered into boutique eating.  You know a very little amount prepared by some kid who has gone to university for food.  There is one place in the city, and the guy is like 22 or something, and he has gone to school for a bit and worked for a short time at a higher end place and has now opened an Asian style cuisine and the plates start at $100 and go to $300.

Now I have to admit I don’t know much about the talents of such things but whether I’m looking for top notch or low end I am more inclined to appreciate a full plate as oppose to a one item fare.  Call me the closet redneck, but I love a good buffet.  Rednecks like buffets right?

Anyway, I found a fabulous buffet.  Now Chinese buffets seem to be everywhere but not a lot of them are very good.  Of course when I say Chinese buffet the bygone comes to mind but there are others.  We get so used to being attracted to the loudest option and not always the best.  It seems to be human trait.

Last week I mentioned of course that I had gone to Peterborough where my folks have decided to be, for now.  It is my yearly pilgrimage to the “Homeland” to the city in the woods.  “LOL, city… cute” but anyway, a cute place nonetheless and a city.  I can tell you these little cities to the east have some of the greatest buffets and not monster corporations; more mom and pop eateries.
My Mom and Pops decided to treat me to “Hong Kong Buffet” and it was excellent.  They had everything you would hope for in a buffet of this style and more, including sushi, dumplings and homemade sweet and sour sauce which I think truly makes all the difference.  The one thing I really enjoyed was the chicken balls.  They were more chicken than ball which is a welcomed change from the over breaded type.  Anything to save a buck but this place, total yum.
Now I know it’s an hour or so to Peterborough from Toronto in non-rush hour traffic, but if you are looking for an outing and want to get out of the city this little spot may be jus what you are looking for.  I’m not going to even mention the price.  It’s too good to be true really and like “Wolf Blass” wines, I’m sure as soon as the place gets on the map it’s ever so delightful price tag may increase.  I do hope not.  Time will tell.

Hong Kong King Buffet

724 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON K9J 1Z3


5 kisses out of 5


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