Golden Age

Posted by Bruce on February 18, 2018
Check it Out!

It was so great getting out today under some much needed sunshine. My parents came into the city to treat John to a lovely birthday breakfast. We haven’t seen them since Christmas. Time goes so quickly. Anyway, we were trying to decide where to go. There’s a lot of great breakfast places in the city. Where in the city did we want to go? John suggested Golden Griddle! Wow, if you live in Ontario (I’m not sure about the rest of Canada) “The Griddle” was the go to breakfast place in the eighties and nineties before all of the other trendy places started popping up all over the place. In my heart of course, nothing can beat a mom and pop breakfast spot but if you’re going to do this corporate/franchise, it certainly was the place to go. There were several around the city for many years but they do seem to be disappearing. We happened by one today on Laird Avenue in the area known as Leaside. We were feeling so nostalgic! My dad turned the vehicle around and shazam, we were transported back in time when Madonna still wore bangles and there was a group of the same name. The buffet seemed as wonderfully displayed as I remembered and the place was bustling with patrons. The omelettes were freshly made right before our “hungry eyes” (another 80’s reference there). The coffee was still as perfect as I recall from years ago. The price for the buffet was $15.99 which I thought was reasonable for the selection. We chatted about the usual, the weather and that spring would be back soon. I also mentioned that I needed a birthday card for my grandmother who was well into her 90’s now. It was just a harmonious and relaxing environment even though it was packed. Everything was hot and our server was so old school. You know that kind of friendly that makes you feel like you’re visiting a small town eatery where everybody knows your name! We really enjoyed it. It felt like we stepped back to an easier time when blowing bubbles in your chocolate milk was still the highlife of your meal. The eighties weren’t exactly the golden age but it did give us the Golden Griddle! Thanks Mom and Pops, it was great seeing you! Let’s do that again sometime! John really enjoyed himself. It was simply lovely.

5 kisses out of 5


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

Word from the editor:
I’m glad you got a chance to get out with your folks. I always enjoy seeing them.
Just a reminder that I am away for the next two weekends as we are headed south for our cruise.
Mary Ellen

OMG! I’m so jealous right now! I’ll miss you! Damn who’s gonna fix all my spelling and punctuation mistakes?!?! 😩😉😘

Cheers Bruce.

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