Good-bye 2013!

Posted by Bruce on December 29, 2013
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Holy crap! What a week! Where was I? Oh ya, trying to find my way in the ice and snow! I can’t believe the week my city has had. First Rob Ford and then the ice storm of the century. Then more Rob Ford and his bleeding heart. Argh!

I found it so irritating that he found this horrific time for photo ops and instead of calling a state of emergency, Why? Because then he would have to surrender that much desired power to the Deputy Mayor! Dick head! So as the city and surrounding areas froze and continue to freeze their asses off, the Mayor bleeds for us all to get our power back on. It was funny his family was out for one day and he was on the news looking like he lost his most trusted pet.

The other thing that drove me nuts was that all the news and Ford appearances were all like “Get to a shelter near you. Don’t do this and don’t do that!!

PEOPLE, THE POWER IS OFF! THEY ARE NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE! Were the announcements for the benefit of the people with power so it looked like Rob Ford and The Wynn people were getting the job done! Where the freak was that idiot “Dictator” of ours “Harper” I watched the news! Did I miss it?

Still a big shout out to all the folks that came from everywhere to help and continue to help us all out of this Christmas chaos!  Hey maybe if Ford didn’t slash slash slash! We could have helped ourselves but what do I know, the only news I truly enjoy watching is Sue’s Corner cuz “That’s how Sue sees it.”

On the brighter side of the holiday season, this damn year 2013 is finally coming to and end. Allot of good things happened this year……..OK so 2013 is coming to and end and with it, hopefully, an end to the Ford bullshit and an end to personal poverty brought on by my amazing dog Agnetha. Who cost me a small fortune this year. Thankfully she is doing much better!

What else happened! Oh yes the Senate Scandal! That’s all I have to say in regards to that.

We lost some good ones along the way! Corey Monteith, James Gandolfini, Margaret Pellegrini, Roger Ebert and Paul Walker just to name a few.  They will all be missed by the world.

As for me. I think I’m finally going to crawl out of my Torontocoma and see the city on New Year’s Eve.  Maybe I’ll bump into a few of you!

It’s amazing to believe I am going into the fourth year of my blog “Bruce in the City” Have I learned anything? Not really but I have had one hell of a time writing for you all.  I still get a thrill knowing someone out there is reading the stuff I write!

This year I am adding a new header called “Caught in the Act” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going out looking for bad behaviour but if it does cross my path, I’ll be snapping a pic and writing about it on my blog spot!

I wish I had my camera the day that person left her dogs in the snow pile!

Well “Bruceters” Until 2014 have a safe and happy new year!!! I promise to continue to entertain you with my words and this year, I’m planning to get back out, onto that stage again to.  I’m looking forward to this new year. Lord knows 2013 was not a friend of mine!

Hugs and Licks




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