Good Will? Good Luck!

Posted by Bruce on January 12, 2014
Check it Out!, Customer Service Watchdog, Really?

I like a nice pair of designer glasses or the newest trendy bit of condo home décor as much as the next but the truth is I also enjoy a good deal.  For good reason to I just can’t keep up with the Jones’s.  Sure between my partner and I we have accomplished some good stuff. We bought a cute condo for two (or three) a few years back and with careers back in tack things are feeling good but the truth is we, like most people make our way in the world one pay cheque at a time and plan the best we can for the things we want to add to our lives!

As you may know (or not) we have several pets and they do exhaust our furniture and have, over  the last few years have gone through at least four sofa’s, four or five living chairs, rugs, tables etc but our love for our pets has come with a healthy price tag so we do what we can to keep our place fresh and fabulous.

I have been looking for a few major house hold things over the past several months.  Our stove died so we are looking for something that will get us out of the hell that is microwave pizza and have been doing some price shopping when I get the time to window shop.

Our wonderful cats, who we refuse to declaw because we feel it’s cruel have ripped the heck out of our fairly new leather sofa.  That hurt, let me tell you, but alas we love our animals and like the joy peoples children bring them, our pets have a similar affect on us.  Unfortunately we can’t afford to keep replacing our couch every year even though we have been doing so, so what to do?

I decided to take a trip to, of all places, The Good Will. Hey why not?  I have found some fabulous stuff at The Black Market on Queen Street and St. Vincent’s so maybe I would have some luck at the Old Good Will.

I stopped at a local coffee shop before making my way to the place known for it’s “Will” power.  As I looked around the shop I was actually forlorn when I saw the prices of the used goods I was seeing.  I wasn’t really impressed to be honest.  I watched people shopping who were clearly in need and this was their only shopping option.  It’s easy and kinda fun to check out these cheep and cheerful places but I noticed something pretty disturbing.

The place wasn’t cheerful and the prices were ridiculous.  They had a chair (a very soiled chair) with a price tag of $70!!! Can you imagine asking for $70 for a very used chair.  I watched people in real need pass the chair by. Not because it was used but because they just couldn’t drop $70 on a chair.

I watched many people putting winter jackets back on the wrack because they were asking $40 for a used coat. A freaking used coat! There was a couch $80!!! Are you hearing me? $80. When I asked why the prices were so high.  They said we have to pay our overhead.  I thought that was interesting considering they receive everything for free.

After pricing these items, couches, chairs, tables, dressers, everything was so over priced.  Winners has overhead to pay but I find that their stuff is much better priced and they have to pay for their goods in the first place.

I went over to target also to see what they were charging for their stuff. I found a brand new chair for about $100. Only $30 bucks more than the soiled chair at Good Will!!! How is this possible?  I’m going to tell you one thing, my stomach turned and I was angry.  Good Will my ass.  Anyone who can afford a $70 chair isn’t going to go find it at Good Will and I’m only guessing but someone on a fixed income that is struggling way more than I is going to find $70 ALOT to pay for some comfort.

I was truly offended! I am going to continue this investigation because it was so obvious these people in need are truly being taken advantage of. I decided to ask a person while I was at Good Will if I could give $50 for the chair and it was a point blank “NO”! So some person comes in off the street with $30, $40 maybe $50 in pocket but there is no room for negotiation.  You can go to Ben Moss Jewellers and nickel and dime their diamonds but you can’t get $20 off an old chair, what the….

Good Will? Hmm doesn’t seem so to me in this case. Now I’m not saying Good Will doesn’t do some good but I can’t say I agree with the absorbent prices they are charging for the goods they receive for nothing.  I have given over the years to the Good Will. If I knew how they were screwing the poor I would have handed my clothes to the guy on the street because guess what? Once they get to Good Will he may not be able to afford them.

Shameful! Totally shameful!!! I am going to visit your shops again and again and I am going to get down to what is going on here. It’s not right and it’s not ok. Clearly I left empty handed that day.  I won’t be dropping off my stuff anytime soon I can assure you that!!



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