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Posted by Bruce on October 04, 2015
Check it Out!, Help and Support

It’s that time of year when we all get back into our routines now that the summer is behind us.  Your kids may be back in school.  Your summer holidays are a distant memory.  Classes are well on there way at our local colleges and universities, not to mention the boardrooms are full blown planning for the year end and the coming year.

I’ve been chatting a bit lately about balance and what better way to find balance in your life from the noise and 9 to 5 but to give back.  Back in the summer I was talked into helping out at a build for Habitat for Humanity.  I have to be honest I wasn’t thrilled to do it because who are we kidding, I can even fix the little broken things around my home.  But on one of the hottest days of the summer I went with pink hard hat glowing to a Habitat build. 11753706_10155867348055521_3351534996762202295_n

It was very cool to see this group of people engaged in an act of kindness and whether you are a supporter or not of this particular charity the point is get out there and get involved and help out.  I was painting walls that day and it was an excellent experience.

There are all kinds of opportunities to give, you just have to look for them and choose what works for you.  Thanksgiving is upon us so what better way to be thankful but to give to those who have less than you do.  It will, if anything, bring some of that balance back into your life!


Habitat for Humanity

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